Project Runway - The Highs and Lows of Fashion

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Mila wins this week with her take on sportswear.
Ping is send home while partner Jesse survives another week.
Ping and Jesse had a difficult time working together on this challenge.
Mila wins this week with her take on sportswear.

Mila wins this week with her take on sportswear.

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This week, designers were paired up and asked to create a high-end signature look based on their personal style. They were given $500 to spend at Mood for this challenge. Later it was revealed that each team would also have to create a "look for less" using the signature look from another team as inspiration. What did you think of the designs? Did the judges get it right this week?

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Anthony Williams & Seth Aaron Henderson



Anna Marie Lynett & Emilio Sosa


Janeane Marie Ceccanti & Ben Chmura


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Comments (4)

ALVAHEADWEAR writes: When are they going to do a Project Runway for Menswear?
I love the show but too many dresses gets a little tedious.

Posted: 7:33 pm on April 9th
irishwings writes: Yes,the judges got it right.I liked Anna Marie Lynett and Emillio Sosa's dresses.they had a bit of a different concept in the cut of the dress.Ping Wu & Jesse Le Noir-the little blk dress is so versatile from work to evening.Top it with a blazer by day and a beaded shawl by night.Also Jesus Estrada & Amy Sarabi baggy pants and top look very comfortable to wear.They look like youth with style.I wonder if I had to do this would it be so easy? I see talent guys-kudos to you all.
Posted: 8:36 pm on February 3rd
elily00 writes: Seriously! How incredibly boring most of these looks were! I also think Amy & Jesus should have been in the top- both of their looks were great! I was very surprised, especially considering Heidi's love affair with harem pants... Glad Ping went home, it was time, I just wish they had showed us more of the outfit. I didn't enjoy the winning look, but it's just not my taste at all.

Posted: 8:34 pm on February 3rd
sewright4you writes: Where is the color? Even thought the judges hated Anthony's and Seth's designs, at least it had some color. When are these designers going to get away from grays, blacks and browns? I wish one of the next challenges was to design anything that is not black! Also give me 50.00 worth of fabric and I can sew something wonderful. These designers with their "look down their nose attitude" shows me their lack of character. Us "poor" folks is what can keep you in business!
Posted: 8:54 am on January 30th
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