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If you're anything like me as a sewer, your fabric stash is out of control. I've had fabrics literally haunt my dreams if I didn't get them when I first saw them so I have quite the build-up at home.

Here's your chance to use up those materials and get something in return: The Fabric Stash Challenge from Pattern Review. If you're not a member yet, the Pattern Review website is a great community of more than 65,000 sewers who help eachother out with sewing questions, techniques, and machine, book, and pattern reviews. They even have meet-up events for members to great sewing-related destinations.

This year's Fabric Stash challenge runs from February 1 to March 31. First prize gets a $150 gift certificate to G Street Fabrics and second prize gets a $125 gift certificate. The winner is the person who has used the most fabric during the contest period. There is also a random prize winner, drawn from all contest entries (excluding the 1st place winner). Here are the basic rules to enter:

) Sew an item (usable or wearable) using fabric in your stash. It counts as stash if you had it in your possession for at least 6 months (so prior to August 1, 2009). If you aren't certain when you got the fabric, your educated guess is fine; the concept is to exclude more recent purchases, not track exact dates.

2) Any sewn item is allowed (clothing, accessories, home dec, pets). However, each individual project is limited to 5 yards eligible for contest entry. (Curtain sets count as one 'project'. Slip covers count as one project per piece of furniture.)

3) Points will be awarded based on the total yards sewn up by each contestant during the contest. Each yard sewn earns the participant One point.

4) Any item entered must have been made entirely in the contest time frame (no earlier than February 1st 2010, and finished and reviewed by the end of March 31, 2010 Eastern time). Item must be completely finished (ok if you have to press or wash it still) to count.

For a complete list of rules visit the contest's website. Or, view the contest entries so far for some inspiration.


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cloudyhn writes: I tried. New members are not allowed to join the contest. It has to be at least 3-month member
Posted: 11:37 pm on March 22nd
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