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Everyone needs hand towels.  These are easy and fast to make.   And the fact that you created them makes the gift extra special.  



                                              *Photo: Home spun fabric 44" wide.

Supplies for two towels.

Fabrics: 3/4 yard of  42-45" wide absorbent  cotton

              fabrics favorites: 45' wide Home Dec or Home Spun fabrics 

 Trims:    1 1/4 yard  of Jumbo RickRack, crochet lace or  eyelet trim.                     

(Double this amount for two rows of trim,) 


  TOWEL INSTRUCTIONS   *Photo: Home Dec fabric 44" wide.

1. If fabric ends are uneven trim them. 

2. Fold fabric in half lengthwise and iron a  center crease.   

3. Cut on the center crease creating two towels. 

4. Hem sides. Fold over the side edge 1/4'' press and fold again. Stitch.

5. For the front hem (bottom edge)  fold up 1'' , press and fold again. Stitch. 

6. For the back hem, fold hem up 1/2'', press and fold again.  Stitch.

7. Stitch trim onto towel.


Any questions please e-mail me peganders.etsy.com  click on CONTACT ME.


Gifting Ideas... present the towel rolled up with a bow,

                        wrapped  around a bottle of wine,

                        covering a food (cookies, pie, casserole...) or

                        Keep this one for Yourself... You deserve  a gift too... show off at your party.        


Use Lite heat n bond (follow package instructions) to fuse cute fabrics to the towels.

Top with decorative stitching.    

HAPPY STITCHING (and shopping too!)


more photos....  http://peganders.typepad.com/blog/


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