make jewellery from old CDs

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Photo: Bärbel Born

You will need:

old CD or DVD with printed back side

(your own homemade CDs wont work because the unprinted backing will peel off)

old scissors


permanent stamp pad (StaZon)

heat gun

small hole punch

optional: permanent markers



  • stamp with permanent ink on the silver side of the CD.
  • heat the image with the heat gun carefully, you only need to warm the plastic
  • take care the area is well ventilated
  • if the plastik is very warm, cut roughly around the image. Then- bit by bit- cut more and more accurate to get a more detailled shape. (photo 4 and 5)
  • reheat the CD if necessary, it is important that you only cut if the pastik is warm to prevent cracking.
  • if plastic is still warm you may punch a small hole, but only a SMALL one will work!
  • color the image if desired, but take care not to smear the stamped image with the permanent markers.
  • you may use the charm on card or as a pendant, have fun



Hot tip: To get a nice back stamp the image a second time on the BACK of some sticker paper, cut out and peel of the back, attach to tha back of the charm.



PS: This will work with any scissors, I prefer the cheap ones because the become blunt after cutting a lot CDs.


Have fun!


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Comments (1)

fairysale writes: Hi!

If anyone finds some weird descriptions in my tutorials... feel free to comment. English is tricky for me, as german is for you ;-)
I can learn from mistakes, but I need to be AWARE of them :-)

Hugs, Baerbel
Posted: 2:34 am on June 30th
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