Book Giveaway: Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cure

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cure (Lark Crafts, 2010)

Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cure (Lark Crafts, 2010)

Photo: Lark Crafts

We are giving away five copies of the great new book Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cure (Lark Crafts, 2010) by Jade Sims. This book brings you step-by-step projects from some of the top craft designers around, and offers suggestions for charitable organizations which might benefit from your handmade projects. You can download a free project excerpt from the book to learn how to make a sock monkey here, and enter below for your chance to win a copy of the book.

To enter, FIRST CHANGE YOUR AVATAR associated with your CraftStylish ID from one of our stock images to one of your own. It can be a picture of you, something you made, or even an illustration. If you already have an avatar with an original image, you can enter the drawing now by simply leaving a comment.

To change your avatar, click on "Mine" above. Next, click on "Edit My Settings" in the upper right corner of the window. Then, click "Change Your Profile Image" and upload the image of your choice from your computer. The image can be up to 4 MB or 1,200 pixels.

To enter the drawing, leave a comment displaying your new avatar.

Leave a comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 pm, August 31st, 2010 —and you could be one of the FIVE lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced on September 1st.

Good luck!

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Comments (95)

deepa123 writes: I appreciate these comments. From
Posted: 12:11 pm on October 20th
tequello writes: What a great way to gain inspiration.
Posted: 1:02 am on September 7th
deepa123 writes: Good. Keep it up. From
Posted: 1:04 am on September 6th
SarahL7 writes: awesome

Posted: 12:00 am on September 1st
SilksWithAttitude writes: Love Silk, Love Books, Love Taunton Press - Threads to be specific. Life is good in Silk!
Posted: 11:55 pm on August 31st
daspears writes: Love the idea/concept behind the book- would love to win a copy! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!
Posted: 2:12 pm on August 31st
catsgarden writes: I would love a copy of this book!
Posted: 12:24 pm on August 31st
blessednotlucky writes: My daughter and our girlscout group could use this one for ideas this year!! Sorry I could not change the avatar, tried for the last 30 minutes and it won't download.....
Posted: 12:52 am on August 31st
sunnyc writes: What a great idea! Book sounds really good.
Posted: 11:59 pm on August 30th
Mimi310 writes: I would love to have this book.
Posted: 4:15 pm on August 30th
junctioncats writes: Like everyone else, this book looks fabulous and I would LOVE to have a copy! Please sign me up!
Posted: 1:13 pm on August 30th
fibercrafting writes: This looks like a wonderful book and a great inspiration! I would love to make the craft projects and share them with others. Thank you for the opportunity.
Posted: 8:53 am on August 30th
ce53 writes: I'm interested; sign me up, too, please!
Posted: 11:43 pm on August 29th
ZoiHoku writes: Wow! This would be amazing to own! Thank you for the opportunity....ssign me up!
Posted: 7:14 pm on August 29th
streamlined57 writes: I would really like to have one of your books, please.
Posted: 6:15 pm on August 29th
sewing_teacher writes: The sock monkey is so cute and you could create other animals from the basics. I look forward to trying this with my middle school students.
Posted: 5:33 pm on August 29th
47cats writes: I would love to have that book. My new pic is of my grandson...curly hair and all.
Posted: 12:45 pm on August 29th
dlipsky writes: What a great book! I would love to have it!
Posted: 12:41 pm on August 29th
Bettsi writes: Okay- it worked! I finally "fleshed out" my profile! Hope I win that book!
Posted: 12:09 pm on August 29th
anttibear writes: What a wonderful idea for a book ... it will keep on giving!
Posted: 11:15 am on August 29th
Catlynn writes: Just in time - next month, my sewing group will decide on our group projects! We would love to have this book
Posted: 11:12 am on August 29th
CandysTrinkets writes: This book sounds wonderful! I have been looking for some new ideas for items to craft for chariry.
Posted: 9:47 am on August 29th
threadlove writes: Lovey of you to give away a book that will perpetuate the giving cycle. Our small guild of giving ladies in our local area could use this one in our library.
Posted: 9:32 am on August 29th
rosemaryschild writes: What a wonderful book to have! Thanks a bunch for such a great giveaway!
Posted: 8:58 am on August 29th
gerrietutty writes: What a super giveaway. And what great posts on here. Looks like this book will be great for anyone, and of course I hope I am one!
Posted: 6:52 am on August 29th
DIYTextile writes: I'd love to use this book for project ideas to share with my students. Part of the mission of the school is recycling and another is giving back to others. I love the ideas behind this book and will gladly share this!
Posted: 6:25 am on August 29th
ladydragon52 writes: I would love to have a copy of this book! I lead a crafting group at our Temple & we are always looking for great new projects to do. We do at least one project each year that we can donate to local causes. This year, I'd like to make the Sock Monkey project with adults & kids for our local Children's Hospital.
Posted: 4:25 am on August 29th
ea writes: Wonderful book. Would love to have it to make things for the annual Adopt-A-Family my student group does each Christmas, but we're all winners for having this site to inspire us so i'm happy either way.
Posted: 1:50 am on August 29th
ea writes: Wonderful book. Would love to have it to make things for the annual Adopt-A-Family my student group does each Christmas, but we're all winners for having this site to inspire us so i'm happy either way.
Posted: 1:50 am on August 29th
cathyscreations writes: I am just starting a sewing business through VOC REHAB and on my business plan is to take 10% of my profits and create pojects for fundraising projects. I juststarted some "Little Dresses for Africa." I sure could use more ideas. Even if I don't win a copy I will certainly purchase one.
Posted: 11:53 pm on August 28th
sdealfitzgerald writes: This year has been awfully lean, with the husband being one who's nearly exhausted his 99 weeks of unemployment. I still look forward to contributing to organizations who work with folks that are in need too, and am looking forward to sharing some of the projects that this book has to offer.
Posted: 9:59 pm on August 28th
Junkin101 writes: These are some of the things we have made and donated. This was for the Race for the Cure. I would love to win a copy of this book to get more ideas of things to make & donate. Our current project is pet pads made from tee-shirt yarn.

Posted: 8:45 pm on August 28th
ConlanWife writes: Just in time for the Joann "Craft for a Cause" promotion!
Posted: 7:58 pm on August 28th
bethie3 writes: Pick me! Pick me! Please and thank you!
Posted: 7:00 pm on August 28th
yarnaddicted writes: I'd love a chance to enter :)

Posted: 6:20 pm on August 28th
JJaner58 writes: Thank you for the fun opportunity! My knitting guild participates in several local charity knitting efforts.
Posted: 5:35 pm on August 28th
MomPenkert writes: I would love to have a copy of this book! What awesome things Craft Hope has done!!!! Love it, love it!
Posted: 5:18 pm on August 28th
cris_p writes: What a great book! I'd love a copy.
Posted: 4:49 pm on August 28th
Jorja writes: I love the idea of doing stuff I really enjoy (crafting) for a good purpose. I've seen this book advertised several places and have been fascinated by it. Please add me to the list to win! Thanks so much!
Posted: 4:28 pm on August 28th
Serenity24 writes: I would love to win this book for my birthday! :)
Posted: 3:57 pm on August 28th
Phanti writes: The opportunity to win this book is amazing! I have Crohn's Disease and the thought of making money to help find a cure by crafting is exciting! Thanks for the chance!
Posted: 3:49 pm on August 28th
ehesse writes: Love the book! I could use it with my students.
Posted: 3:13 pm on August 28th
afrati writes: Love the idea of this book. Please, sign me up for the drawing.
Posted: 2:49 pm on August 28th
ohsewsandy writes: What a wonderful book. I would love to win it.
Posted: 2:47 pm on August 28th
grama9a writes: I don't know about the book, but I would like to know how to contact a given"cause to know how to donate profits from a chosen craft. I make items for the church bazaar and would like to designate a portion to go to a chosen charity.
Posted: 2:34 pm on August 28th
AudreyGardenLady writes: What a wonderful opportunity!!
Would love to win a copy!

Posted: 2:08 pm on August 28th
petunia4141 writes: What a generous idea! I'd love to win one of the books!!
Posted: 1:53 pm on August 28th
GlacierBlue writes: What a wonderful idea for a book - the kind of idea that keeps giving exponentially. Choose me! 8->
Posted: 1:49 pm on August 28th
jrlorett writes: Thanks for the chance to win this book, I would love to have my little hands on it!
Posted: 1:49 pm on August 28th
carolinaforero writes: This is simply wonderful! I have been wanting this book! thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 1:12 pm on August 28th
ReganJ writes: this is really cool (by the way, i tried 6 or 7 times to change my pic to something else as instructed but the craftstyle upload is messed up...when i try to load it gives me a disconnect page...i even tried different pics and small sizes...same i hope mine will still count though i have the same icon)
Posted: 12:57 pm on August 28th
BSmiling writes: What a great idea and help for a worthy cause! :D
Posted: 12:28 pm on August 28th
Rickimoo writes: Looks like a great book to have on hand to be inspired. Hope I win.
Posted: 12:14 pm on August 28th
csicodavis writes: My favorite craftbloggers mentioned this book a while back since they contributed to it. I plan to make the sock monkeys this weekend.
Posted: 11:57 am on August 28th
texcin writes: Love the book and the concept.
Thanks for the give away.
Posted: 11:42 am on August 28th
whatachu writes: I am having my class make the sock monkeys. The book would provide good ideas for them to continue to learn ways to be unselfish and help others less fortunate than themselves.
Posted: 11:37 am on August 28th
thestitchinchicken writes: What a great book! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!
Posted: 11:36 am on August 28th
lwagner53 writes: My crochet and sewing group at the Wichita Extension service is always looking for causes to donate to. This would be a great book for them to have. If I won this I would give it to them.
Posted: 11:33 am on August 28th
angelwingz writes: What a fabulous book
Posted: 11:28 am on August 28th
judystolz writes: Great looking book,and a wonderful idea.
Posted: 11:27 am on August 28th
eclark2 writes: I'm getting ready to make pajama pants for a local children's home. It would be fun to make something more crafty. This book looks wonderful.
Posted: 11:27 am on August 28th
CdGautreaux writes: The sock monkeys are adorable! The Amazon description for the book mentions a Craft Hope Blog; the link should be included here! (It wasn't on Amazon either.)
Posted: 11:20 am on August 28th
candlepick writes: Looks like fun. Feels like kindness.
Posted: 11:10 am on August 28th
theonlygirl writes: What a great picture of three little smiling faces as they hold their adorable sock monkeys. I've just printed the instructions and am going to make one for my 2 yr. old grandaughter. Thank you so much for making this pattern available and for the opportunity to be a possible winner of the book.
Posted: 11:07 am on August 28th
earthagreen writes: The sock monkey pattern and charity project were great. I'm ready for more!
Posted: 10:50 am on August 28th
samsstuff writes: Sounds like a great book filled with great projects & ideas for helping others (& my image is already my own). Thank you for the opportunity!
Posted: 10:44 am on August 28th
LynMac writes: Oops please read 'portraited' as 'portrayed' in my comment below. Cheers/Lyn
Posted: 2:50 am on August 28th
LynMac writes: Good day,
Wonder why I chose this for my Avatar (Indian word!)... especially when Christmas is a long way off?.. Well Christmas is all about Hope, Love and Giving. These choir girls are my creation too. Something I am really proud of.

Well I do hope to win a copy of this beautifully portraited book. However if am not lucky enough I think I'd like to say a big thankyou to both Jade Sims, the author and Victoria North, the web producer for coming out with this brillant idea. There is truly hope in our world and the headline 'Handmade crafts for a Cure' and not 'Cause' reflect the same.

Montchary.. I love your idea on the on the bottle cap pins and your avatar 'Cure'.

This is actually my first visit so please forgive my long comment... God Bless/Lyn
Posted: 2:44 am on August 28th
meganc writes: Such a wonderful program. Thanks for the chance to win the book.
Posted: 2:42 am on August 28th
amaydak writes: Crafts for a cause? I LOVE it! As if I needed any more of a reason to make the awesome things featured in this book. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

Posted: 12:52 pm on August 27th
jeannebeanrn writes: This looks like a lovely book for a great causes.
Posted: 10:42 am on August 27th
DYANA_VIORELA writes: Hello,I am Diana. I think the book is interesting, I like to do special things, to create unique gifts and to share the things with the others. I would like to have a book like this in my library. Thank you for this opportunity. Have a nice day!:*
Posted: 8:24 am on August 27th
queenietoo writes: I'd love to see what's in the book")
Posted: 6:56 pm on August 26th
tlcinspirations writes: Would love to win ~ Craft Hope is so inspiring in so many ways!
Posted: 1:51 pm on August 26th
tlcinspirations writes: Would love to win! Craft Hope is so inspiring in so many ways:)
Posted: 1:50 pm on August 26th
racu writes: I haven't see this book here in my local bookstore, but I would love to have one copy. Thanks!
Posted: 1:03 pm on August 26th
cutekipepeo writes: i would love to win this book,i have heard to craft hope and all their good work with donations for dollies, and pillowcase dresses.
Posted: 8:43 am on August 26th
cindy_sews writes: That sounds like a great book. I would love to win a copy!
Posted: 9:57 pm on August 25th
monchary writes: My avatar is a picture taken at our local Realy for Life. I've been a team captain for going on 4 years now. Last year we made bottle cap pins to give away to cancer survivors and to sell as a fundraiser as well. Of the 500 caps we made, we had less than 100 left! I would love to win this book, for obvious reasons! Thanks for offering such a great give away!
Posted: 9:52 pm on August 25th
Villageanne writes: I have changed my avatar. This is a butterfly that I took a photo of on my front porch. I really want this book!
Posted: 7:24 pm on August 25th
jdevois writes: I really would like to own this book!
Posted: 7:12 pm on August 25th
obxkarla writes: I love this book. I saw it on another website and I WANT IT!
Posted: 6:01 pm on August 25th
kimmey writes: I truly love craft books.
Posted: 5:48 pm on August 25th
TreasureGoddess writes: Oh that looks like a fun book! Can't wait to see who wins. :)
Posted: 2:15 pm on August 25th
Kindershop writes: Thanks for the chance to win this great book. Hope I will be one of the lucky ones.
Posted: 10:27 am on August 25th
Sew_Freaky writes: Hey Victoria!
I think this sounds like an awesome book! We recently had our dog in an animal quarantine shelter after moving overseas, and they had no toys for the animals to play with so I'm planning on making a whole heap of tug toys to donate to them. I'm hoping this book might give me some other ideas for donations as I have a bit of spare time on my hands these days to help out. So I'd love to win a copy of this book for some inspiration. Thanks for a great website! Melanie.
Posted: 9:59 am on August 25th
melissabillie writes: I would love this book. Thanks!
Posted: 9:29 am on August 25th
l3designs writes: Looks like a great book!
Posted: 11:17 pm on August 24th
ShiningStar writes: This sounds like a great book.
Posted: 10:51 pm on August 24th
jsahawkwiz writes: Oooo Freebies are great!
Posted: 10:35 pm on August 24th
Shayleah writes: I love Craft Hope and am participating in the ConKerr Cancer event making pillowcases for children and teens at hospitals. This book has been on my wish list for a while and I would so LOVE to win a copy! xo
Posted: 10:31 pm on August 24th
laleeleela writes: Great idea for a book - thanks for the chance to win!
Posted: 8:04 pm on August 24th
NHale writes: I'd love to have this book; but the title should be corrected in this post--it's "Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cause"...
Posted: 5:52 pm on August 24th
emmyjay writes: I would love to win this book!
Posted: 5:07 pm on August 24th
Jadedmind writes: Oh! I have been wanting to get my hands on this book! Sign me up!
Posted: 4:33 pm on August 24th
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