Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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The judges loved Aprils look.
Should Andy have been picked as the winner this week?
Casanova designs yet another matronly look and is sent home.
The judges loved Aprils look.

The judges loved April's look.

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This week on Project Runway, the designers are challenged to be both designer and sample maker. Each person had to swap their designs with another designer, who was asked to construct their vision. The theme was resort wear and the designers created garments ranging from evening gowns to swimwear. Some of the teams worked well together, while others struggled with the gap in skill level.

The teams:
Michael D./Ivy
Mondo/Michael C.

Ivy, Mondo, and Casanova were in the bottom 3, with Casanova sent home for his "matronly" design. The top 3 were Michael D., Andy, and a surprised April, who the judges universally praised and picked at the winner.

Did you agree with the judges' choice to send Casanova home over Ivy's boring look? Should Andy have won this week instead of April? Let us know in the comments.

Andy South


Gretchen Jones



Ivy Higa

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Comments (18)

natsnasus writes: Excuse me, but Michael Kors is MATRONLY!!!
What are you wearing every week on PR?
Black, black, oh yes & more BLACK!!!
Ok maybe just sand colored pants on the model wasn't the greatest idea here but at least Casanova is appealing to more than just the '20 something' crowd.
Old folks go to resorts, too, Michael!!
Chevrons on the too short shorts on Valerie's model made her legs look fat, and that type of top has been done before.
How much time did it take Mondo to draw a bikini & a jacket? Come on!!
Aprils is very different & really pushing the envelope, but what is it? A swim suit, a club dress? & how does that translate into something the average resort goer is really going to buy. It looks kind of too complicated to crawl into.
What's boring also is that a third of the designers all did some form of palazzo pant.....YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 7:16 pm on September 16th
sewnini writes: April's design was fashion forward, but Andy's hit the mark for resort wear. Ivy's design was boring and her excuses and treatment of Michael D, very unprofessional. I am so over Gretchen, this weeks outfit color selection made a beautiful model look sickly. But what is more distasteful about her is the constant judging of everyone's work,blah,blah,blah...
I am sad to see Casanova go as I think he was very talented and Valarie doubting herself(it's a slippery slope). As for Mondo though he got a low score for this weeks outfit, props to him for seeing past the group mentality of Micheal C bashing, which could be editing, but I think has more to do with pettiness and jealousy (I'm talking to your character, ivy)I guess this season has me more involved with the designers behavior than the clothes which is really disappointing!
Posted: 2:55 pm on September 14th
DreamyDahlia writes: I've been to a few nice resorts in my lifetime and have never seen anything worn like April's design. I agree that it looks more like a baby doll nightie than resort wear. I wish April all the best. I am partial because she is from near where I live.

I wish the judges ageism was not so blatant. Casanova will be missed and so will his tasteful designs. I could so see myself in his outfit at a resort dining room following a fun day golfing or around the pool.

Ivy should have spent a little more time on the Piperlime accessory wall picking out a little jewelry to go with that plain outfit of hers.

Posted: 1:58 pm on September 14th
junctioncats writes: I wonder how long its been since Michael Kors spent any time at a real resort with "non-celebrities" because I have and these clothes are nowhere NEAR what resort wear is for us non-celebrity types. Gretchen and Ivy missed the mark with their style and colors. Casanova's outfit looked like something I really DID see someone wearing for lunch in Maui. And I'd wear it. Andy's outfit was spot on, and he should have won. April's? Eh...sorry but no one was wearing baby doll pajamas at the resort where I was...maybe somewhere else in the world, that would be normal. I agree with whoever said the judges can't make up their mind what they're judging. First, it is construction, then it isn't. If a designer doesn't understand how clothing is constructed, I can only imagine the mess they'll create. Oh and Michael Kors? You need to stay in the studio with its flattering lighting..that orange complexion on the boat was shocking.
Posted: 11:13 am on September 13th
knittingirl writes: First, I would like to say that I will really miss Casanova. What a sweet heart. I thought his design was OK, definitely not the worst. I was really hoping it would be Ivy. She is so sure that she is better than everyone else. Her attitude put her in the bottom 3. Had she had more confidence in her partner, she may have had a better design. We will never know. As for April, Kristen Bell - who I have never heard of - said that she would wear that design on the red carpet. I thought it was more of a beach wear look. For evening wear, I would have liked it to be opaque opposed to see through. I liked Gretchen's design, but those colors - yuck. For me, my favorite part of the evening was watching Mondo and Michael C working so well together. Actually, I liked Michael C's and Andy's designs the best.
Posted: 7:13 pm on September 12th
monika_ writes: I've just caught up with this whole season...and I'm really sorry Cassanova is going home. I've liked a lot of his things (and I'm in my 20s). I didn't like April's because it looks like a nightgown with straps falling off. My favorite was Andy' looked most like resort wear. Ivy's was basically nothing and she picks the same muted colors every time. Same with Gretchen, actually. No more boring neutrals, please!
Posted: 1:54 am on September 12th
SereDesigns50 writes: What is it with the ageism? I'm in my fifties, but not unfashionable or dead yet! I liked the winning outfit, but I couldn't believe they considered it a dress. Great nightie, but I wouldn't wear it in public. I know fashion is supposed to be a bit risky, but how can the average woman, young or old, be expected to wear such skimpy gear? Maybe I am getting too old. I liked Casanova's look for once.
Posted: 10:15 pm on September 11th
babsalonia writes: I love this discussion! I think Gretchen and Valerie designed the worst outfits. I do not think beige and/or burgundy will ever be considered resort wear . . . let alone their fabric choices. Valerie's model looks like she is ready to get in the boxing ring and Gretchen's is just plain ugly!
Posted: 11:47 pm on September 10th
emilymarie writes: I agree that the judges are crazy and usually make poor calls, but this time I was totally behind them with April's win. I think it would have been in better taste if it were a maxi dress, however. It seems like everyone loves Andy's design, but I think the accolades go to the textile designer for that amazing ombre, not Andy for the anything-but-innovative wrap skirt and frightening v-crotch monokini. Michael Drummond's look frightened me as well; it looked like he was going for a similar concept to April on top and then just gave up :(

I disagree with the judges (as usual) for sending Casanova home last night. He has deserved the boot before (how about the first episode's DISASTER?), but not last night! I think that if one of those pieces were done in a more vibrant colour, the judges wouldn't have thought it was as "matronly". Maybe they'll get Ivy next time around?

The next episode looks fantastic. "Jackie O would NOT have camel toe!" Tim Gunn is always so hilarious!


Posted: 10:56 pm on September 10th
texasgalfw writes: I never agree with the judges. April's look was nice after advice from Kors but Andy's outfit was a runaway hit. I liked Casanova's outfit. I would wear it - it was classic. Ivy's was boring but not that bad. I didn't like Mondo's combination of patterns. Too busy and very K mart looking.
Posted: 8:55 pm on September 10th
BlessedDesignsdotnet writes: Cassanova's look was the best one there. I'm so sorry they sent him home. I recoil at the description of the look as matronly. It was cute and wearable and figure flattering for an hourglass illusion. I am a mother of 6 but try to stay thin and fashionable. I guess if I like it that would make it matronly? I hope not.
Posted: 8:15 pm on September 10th
ohannieobanannieo writes: I love discussing Project Runway so I'm glad to join this "conversation". Some thoughts - I thought April's winning design was "trashy" looking and while I've never seen this kind of media, I would say this looks like a "porn star" outfit, more of a very unattractive negligee than resort wear. I thought it was very ugly but I predicted to my spouse that the judges "will pick the porn outfit" - and they did. I thought Michael Kors expressed more nasty, ugly age-ist comments than I've ever heard a public figure, outside of Alan Simpson, say and I found it really objectionable and when he screws up his face as he does when he seems to find something so disturbing, I always want to say to him: and you think YOU'RE cute, do you?? Plus, I thought Michael Kors' giving directions to some of the designers while visiting the workroom was inappropriate, and April was one of those with whom he did that. I thought Andy's design appeared to be well made, more complex, more appropriate to the assignment and more appropriate to most women at a resort, unless they wanted to look like a "porn star" in which case - April's.
I thought Casanova's outfit, which Kors and the other judges seemed to find so horrifying because old women and grandmothers and matrons and 70 year olds might wear it, was actually fairly decent looking. It didn't appear very "resortey" to me, but it certainly didn't warrant all of that hatred and disgust they expressed - and most of it directed at "old women" as much as the outfit. And for the record, I can't imagine ANY 70 year old choosing to wear that low-cut top and the bell bottom pants! As for Ivy, I think she received the brunt of a lot of hostility for her personalit, rather than for her design, and that seems way off the mark. If they are judging personalities, then that is a whole different basis for judgements; if they are judging designs, then do so. When they said, with such contempt, "she's just a seamstress", I thought their true colors were revealed because a designer SHOULD know about construction and sewing. Sometimes they judge harshly for poor sewing and construction and sometimes they seem to hold that skill in low regard, so their inconsistency is disturbing. Last comment, the guest celebrity - Kristen Bell? - actually said of April's porn outfit that she would be glad to wear that on the red carpet. One wonders: what red carpet, where? And for two adult women (Bell and April) to be so smugly patting themselves on the back for being "punk baby dolls" was retch-inducing for at least one viewer!
Posted: 7:57 pm on September 10th
karindelin writes: I don't understand why they send Cassanova home for Ivy's boring design... Send Ivy home. Cassanova's design was really cute. Whatever.
Posted: 7:25 pm on September 10th
Chrisclothworks writes: April won with her "baby doll" pajama look? I guess you have to sleep at the resort also. Ivy's outfit looks like something I would have worn in the '60s, but I loved Cassanova's outfit, which by the way, also fit the model beautifully. I would not have judged the same as the judges and maybe that's why they don't chose older women to judge.
Posted: 7:21 pm on September 10th
fashionista29 writes: I'm with you guys. April's nightie didn't look like resort wear unless the resort is the playboy mansion. Andy was the clear winner and meanie Ms. Ivy should have gone home with her yawn outfit. Casanova is certainly more entertaining! Maybe they are trying to keep even numbers between the sexes. I'm rooting for Gretchen to go home and SOON.
Posted: 7:15 pm on September 10th
Roya0629 writes: I love Michael Drummond's and April Johnston's design. They are indeed fashion forward. And Michael Costello's work is always challenging. They were beautiful.
Posted: 7:15 pm on September 10th
JoleenKnits writes: Agree completely. I couldn't believe Gretchen was in the top 3. The colors were awful. It made the model look lumpy. Imagine what it would do on a real woman.
Posted: 6:16 pm on September 10th
26051 writes: You know I surely do not know where the judges are coming from.
Andrew's design was superb and as far as I am concerned a winner.
I can see April's design for a roll in the bedroom and that is all.
I thought that Casanova's design was very stylish.
That is something a woman would wear at a resort.
If any one should have gone home it was a toss up with those butt ugly outfits from Gretchen and Ivy.
Come on judges get with the program.
Posted: 6:13 pm on September 10th
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