Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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Mondo wins a third challenge in a row this week.
Valerie is sent home with a dress that the judges have seen before from her.
Andy was almost sent home with this garment.
Mondo wins a third challenge in a row this week.

Mondo wins a third challenge in a row this week.

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This week's challenge on Project Runway, brought back the HP textile design challenge from last season. Each designer had the opportunity to create their own patterned fabric to use for their garment. This year, however, there was a twist. The designers had to base their pattern on a personal experience. This twist made for a very emotional episode, including surprise visits from family members.

Each of the fabric prints were very beautiful in their own way. It seemed like those that had the most personal connections with their patterns came out on top. Mondo's was by far the most intimate by putting something very private on display in vibrant colors (his positive HIV status which was previously unknown by the other cast members and his family.) Of course he was the clear winner again, making his personal journey even more significant and rewarding by walking away with this week's prize.

Valerie was sent home this week because her dress was too similar to her napkin dress from the party challenge earlier in the season. It was a tough choice for the judges to decide between Valerie's dress and Andy's garment, but in the end it was Valerie sent home.

Check out the Lifetime website to see the fabric designs and even download them onto your computer. And while you're there, you can also dress up the contestants in their hilarious make over game with ridiculous hats, wigs, and make up.


Andy South


Gretchen Jones

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Comments (4)

RevDi writes: At last we have an explanation why everything April does is black and she looks, as my husband says, clinically depressed. Obviously her parents' divorce when she was 13 was traumatic. But she's 21, her mother has obviously recovered, and it's time she got over it! Or got some counseling. I think the market for people who want to wear black clothing that looks like it came from a chronically depressed designer is limited. Please spread your wings, April, and try to grow a little.

I didn't think Valerie's dress was as reminiscent of her napkin dress as Michael Kors did, but it was obvious she was not one of his favorites, and it was a shame she didn't show more of her fabric in her design. She started off so strong, and in the past few weeks she has really lost her confidence.

I thought Andy's outfit was dreadful, and worthy of dismissal, but obviously the powers that be see more in Andy, so he stayed.

Gretchen's print had potential, but she obviously had no idea of placement or proportion. I don't think she's comfortable working with anything other than camel solids.

Michael's print was intriguing. I was sorry that he didn't let the "evil eye" show up a bit more. I saw a lot of it in Greece and Turkey, and it could have been a clever design motif. His print looked muddy in its final version.

Mondo was the clear winner. His print was stunning, his top was amazing, and the total look pulled together beautifully. His story only iced the cake.

I do think it was a bit much bringing the families in for a day, then having them go back to their work. It seemed that they had been prepped to miss their families, then given one day, then sent back to finish their looks. And this group is particularly emotionally vulnerable, it seems. I wonder if psychological profiles are done as part of casting? Hmmm . . .
Posted: 1:16 am on October 13th
knittingirl writes: Whoa! What a show! I guess when you ask an artist to recall things from their childhood, you run the risk of opening an emotional Pandora's box. Unfortunately, the judges can be brutal. I thought Valerie's dress was better than Andy's shorts. I think the family distraction derailed both of them. I liked Gretchen's top and fabric design. However, I don't see her standing a chance against Mondo. He had the most emotional issues and once again, he created the most beautiful outfit.

Am I the only one who thinks we don't really get a good look at these designs? First off, a big square with the designers name covers a quarter of the screen during the runway. I really think some of the designs do not translate well to the TV. April's design did not come across as spectacular as the judges stated. Maybe black just doesn't show up that well. I would say the same about Gretchen's velvet design from last week. I would really like a closer look!
Posted: 2:44 am on October 6th
sewinggal1 writes: Man, that is ONE UGLY pair of pants! Ill fitting too. The fabric might have worked better in another garment, but it just doesn't work here.
Posted: 10:21 pm on October 5th
DreamyDahlia writes: What an emotional show that was! First the families appearing out of nowhere, then Mondo's revelation. I think the stress showed in everyone's, excluding Mondo's, final designs in a negative way

If Valerie's repetitive obsession with folded napkins was nearly as voguish as Leanne Marshall's (season 5) obsession with beige and turquoise in her final collection was, she may not have gone home last night. Unfortunately, that's all it was...repetitive. Goodbye to a nice girl who, it seems, is short on style.

Mondo was the clear winner in more ways than one.

Posted: 7:25 pm on October 1st
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