What sewing projects are you working on this week?

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Whether you are just starting something new, or trying to finally finish a troublesome garment, share what you are working on this week.

What are you sewing?

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Comments (25)

evie8391 writes: I am trying my hand at Placemats which has 3 layers. A back layer which is 2" larger than the top and a center of stiff
heavy stablizer I mitered the back corners and then cut the center and top to just fit into the back. When I tried to sew down the edges of the back to the front. I keep getting puckers. Is there any solution to this problem?
Posted: 8:43 pm on March 27th
Suzaan writes: I have just finished 12 coasters and 2 placemats and are going to make another poncho to sell.
Posted: 5:29 am on October 20th
Villa_for2 writes: Some foster children are fortunate enough to return to parents or relatives, after a while, but some need travel bags for their things. Perhaps we could include a type of duffel bag in our sewing plans.

A darling ten year old girl, Jessica, appreciated the bag and dress I gave her for her trip to her grandmother's home in Oklahoma. Contact Social Services for information.

Also the hospitals might like baby gowns for premature babies,some mothers have no money for clothes, so check with your local hospitals.

Posted: 1:06 pm on October 13th
Suzaan writes: This week I am going to make a cape with a collar, start on a jacket/shirt for myself and try to finish a T-shirt for my husband. Today I finished a new bag and is so impressed with my pattern that I want to make more to sell at our local "good stuff" market and other craft markets
Posted: 2:19 pm on October 10th
nottakingiteasy writes: Unfortunately, other people's projects -- aprons and two Artex purses. At least the aprons (from fabric scraps) will have some real personality. ;)
Posted: 3:07 pm on October 6th
Hallegram writes: Sewing for my darling granddaughter,of course. Just finished the Nie Nie skirt from Pink Fig. Embellished 2 two tee shirts to coordinate. Now I'm fabricating a matching outfit for her Bitty Baby. Next in line, a tote bag for my daughter-in-law and matching robes for my son and his wife for Christmas.
Posted: 1:52 pm on October 6th
deemail writes: just found some $1/yd at walmart that is kind of an olive/brown mixture with tiny silver metallic dots on it...bought 10 yds and have it in the washer now to pre-shrink...am cutting long sleeved t-shirt with front drape neckline (one of my standards as it is so flattering) and a southwestern triple ruffled skirt in a tea-length version...will find silver metallic paint to coat medallions of leather to make a faux-concho belt to wear on the outside of long shirt. the fabric just spoke to me...

to 'snikwas'....please consider waiting till june or july of next year before spending time and energy on a dress that might not fit the girl at ALL...30 yrs experience in wedding apparel has taught me the hard way...those pre-teens can completely change their entire bodies in a matter of weeks/months. Keep a notebook of ideas and be ready but i would not cut it at all till closer to the wedding. Good Luck...it sounds like you've already got a lot of good ideas that can be sorted out at the end....
Posted: 1:24 am on October 6th
snowm writes: I am making a black satin dress for my daughter's orchestra concert later this week. She has grown so much over this past year that her old black skirt is too short.
Posted: 10:43 am on October 5th
Neosha writes: For iceni--a Textiles and Clothing professor once commented that she looks at all things on sale to see what the reasone is--out of fashion, poorly consturcted, hard to sew on! Have you tried a titanium needle, I hear those are very good for difficult fabric.

I am working on another Elizabethan gown for a young lady in a madrigal group. She is rather short, and with similar bust, waist and hip measurements. Have adjusted the pattern and made a muslin, now to test it. Last year, it took three tries to get that one to suit us.

Also making small zippered purses to carry in ones purse. What a fun way to use extra fabric. Even made a small one for my husband for his special earplugs he uses when riding the motorcycle.

Posted: 9:08 am on October 5th
crojea writes: we bought an older trailer for camping so I am making the curtains, the cushions/mattresses and a runner for the table. It truly is a labour of love as I have been working on it in my spare time for several months now. Getting near the end of it!
Posted: 8:00 am on October 5th
Snikwas writes: I've just been asked to 'reorganise' a bought bridesmaid's' dress, for a wedding in August next year.It is currently a smaller size than it needs to be so the prospective (13 yr old)wearer is to lose some weight. It will probably benefit from some boning too - also a change from the current zipper back fastening - to a lace up. The material is a gorgeous aubergine/plum coloured polyester, embellished with glittery crystals & ruched down one side of the front.

I'm still just mentally tossing ideas around so any comments/helpful suggestions are always welcome
Posted: 2:54 am on October 5th
Catherine_Goetz writes: I am on a strong roll this week. I have cut out these garments which are in various stages of completion: Angel Top and Perennial Pant by Kayla Kennington in hand-dyed batik rayon; Liberty Shirt by Sewing Workshop in Japanese print dobby weave cotton; Verona Jacket by Sewing Workshop in cotton Ottoman with Japanese print dobby weave contrast; Kwan Ying Kimono by Kayla Kennington in printed silk charmeuse. My serger is in for servicing so I can only work a little on each garment until I get it back.
Posted: 10:58 pm on October 4th
pattisews4 writes: I made a new tie for the torah in my synagogue. It was very simple but NO ONE knows how to sew anymore!!! Within the next several weeks I will be making 42 panels for 7 screen room dividers also for the synagogue. Keeps me busy!!
Posted: 9:31 pm on October 4th
momsurfing writes: i'm making little girls cotton dresses out of left over pieces of fabric and scraps to send to nicaragua with some friends to hand out when they go down there next month. i sent about 2 dozen down last winter that were greatly appreciated.
Posted: 8:46 pm on October 4th
sandysewin writes: Not too long ago the discussion question was, "What will you be working on this fall?" I'm happy to say I'm doing what I said. I'm taking a stack of unfinished quilt tops, finishing them and finding homes for them. It just seems wasteful to me for all these projects that cost time, money and energy to be sitting around, not being used.

I spent most of the day yesterday brushing up my machine quilting skills by heavily quilting a a baby quilt. Next, I'll be straining my neck and shoulder muscles quilting a queen size quilt for a wedding gift. I made that by adding wide, wide white borders to a round robin quilt center completed years ago.

I also started a rather complicated t-shirt quilt for a customer. She had lots and lots of special requests, which will make this a fun (and hopefully profitable) challenge.

Iceni, let us know how the suggestions here worked for you. I wish we could post pics, I'd love to see what you've done, it surely will be lovely.
Posted: 8:32 pm on October 4th
writerinfact writes: What am I SEWING this week? Well, only what I can fit in between the crochet projects for a holiday bazaar (a baby blanket, ornaments, tote bags, etc.) and packing to move 2500 miles away. In other words, what I'm sewing this week is a cover for the wool batt (double bed size) that came from my grandfather's sheep and is so far clad only in a very thin, very sheer, fragile, non-woven interfacing-type material. I bought thrift store sheets (queen size, flat) to give a little more protection to the wool, which is about 65 years old, before stuffing it into a duvet cover to last until I can find time - and space - to do an actual quilt top. Nothing like reaching for the stars (although I must admit that I've always been partial to a Bear Claw pattern, not stars!).

The (professional) work clothes that I so desperately need will have to wait until I arrive and (gulp!) UNpack.
Posted: 8:30 pm on October 4th
Momchopp writes: I made a kimono jacket a few years ago in a June Colburn class at an expo. When my daughter saw it she said, "Where are you going to wear THAT?" Well, this year she decided she wanted to be a Geisha for Halloween, and guess what?? She asked Mom to make her a kimono, using THAT pattern!! I found some perfect silky brocaded fabric on sale, very cheap, and just finished sewing it. I didn't line it, as June had taught us, but I did use French seams, so there are no raw edges. I added a wide, back closure, belt, with an extra piece that is worn on the back of the belt, sort of like a bustle. I must say, it turned out pretty spectacular for a Halloween costume for a single, twenty-something, young lady!

Now to finish a skirt for me out of some fabric from Vogue Fabrics, bought at an expo a couple years ago!
Posted: 8:03 pm on October 4th
magiquilts writes: I have had success sewing that confetti sequin stuff with a leather needle. Worth a try for your sanity!
Right now I am sewing cloth diapers for our first grandbaby. I have been a lifelong sewer but this is by far one of the best projects yet! Cheers.
Posted: 6:51 pm on October 4th
mcarr719 writes: I'm working on a bonded fleece jacket in Stanford red for a dear friend of mine as a surprise. Her hubby snuck over a favorite fleece pullover of hers that I copied to create the jacket pattern. I'm using pictures from a couple of catalogs to develop some of the seam details and I got to the Stanford campus and found a couple of Stanford patches to go on the jacket. The bonding glue is causing me similar problems as iceni is having with her fabric. I've switched to a huge needle which seems to be helping a bit -- mostly just powering through the fabric!

BTW I have had the misfortune of needing to make costumes out of that confetti sequin stuff and it IS nasty to work with. Try putting some tri-flow on the needle periodically with a q-tip (carefully so you don't get any on the fabric!)it doesn't solve the problem completely but it makes things less nasty.
Posted: 5:49 pm on October 4th
nattrka writes: Just finishing one of my jackets. I use a commercial pattern for the base and add all my own embellishments and fabrics. This one is called Purple Passion and will be entered into a quilt show in 2012 in Florida. The next one will be in browns with gold/yellow accents. I only use
batiks since they are my very favorites.

Other than the jackets I finished a couple of Halloween costumes for my 2 grandchildren. One is a Cowgirl outfit and the other is a SCARY black hooded cape with an embroidred Zombie mask.
Posted: 5:40 pm on October 4th
Sew_rainy_in_pdx writes: Working on a denim/repurposed blue jeans lap quilt for a friend's xmas present, baby quilt for soon-to-be nephew and a blouse for myself. I found this neat cotton/silk blend at the local MillEnds store and took a page out of project runway and put the shiny side on the inside. Lots of projects, not enough time!
Posted: 5:36 pm on October 4th
littlemissprim writes: finished recovering an odd shaped lampshade with beaded dupioni silk & fabulous trim, first attempt at a lampshade... came out terrific!..
sewing a few pairs of slacks now that I have tweeked a pattern to the perfect fit! yeah!!!
and hope to start on a vintage coat that my 5'7", size 14 mother wore in the Jackie Kennedy era! She looked beautiful in it... but I'm 5'3" & wear a size 6/8 so I'm thinking about it before I take apart this lovely black wool coat with a 3/4 ragland sleeve & rolled collar trimmed in REAL leopard! should provide many lessons as I learn a new art form...

Posted: 5:32 pm on October 4th
janlynn writes: Hi inceni,

I think I have used that fabric before but it was glitterdot. Anyway-- the way I coped was to use a ballpoint needle and coat the needle and thread with Sewers Aid - a liquid silicone. It worked.
Good Luck
Posted: 5:20 pm on October 4th
iceni writes: I am going insane!! I am ready to throw material out of the window, and myself rapidly after it!!
I am making a costume for our 21st Annual Dinner Theatre, and I am TRYING to sew something called confetti sequin. It is the worst material I have ever encountered in many years of sewing!
The needle keeps gumming up, the thread ravels and sometimes the stitches skip.Or it won't sew at all. I have changed needles, sizes of needles, thread etc. so short of doing the whole costume by hand I am at a loss. Why would this benighted material be on sale if there is not a way to sew it?
ANY tips or suggestions would be happily accepted. Thanks in advance.
Posted: 4:35 pm on October 4th
janlynn writes: Coincidently, I am working on Kalya"s Wrap Top using her technique of joining the rolled hemedges with a multi step zig zag! Can't wait to watch the video.
Posted: 4:31 pm on October 4th
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