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so i was totally psyched when my mother mailed me a cuttlebug for christmas (no easy feat - if you've ever lifted a packaged cuttlebug, then you know). i love the way the embossing folders alter the paper after being pushed through the machine. i actually even love the fact that they are called embossing folders - simply because they are in fact folders, and it's nice when things make sense like that. 

but i have a pet peeve. i would love to emboss a design on just one corner, or down just one side of my paper. think: a wedding invitation with embossed scrolling designs in the corners. most embossing folders are quite large - at least bigger than your average 5.5" x 4.25" card size. but luckily i found some that are much smaller, even strips with border designs. 

but no matter how hard i try, i cannot get rid of the line which gets impressed into my paper next to the embossed image. i don't mean the design itself - that looks quite lovely indeed. but the edge of the folder inadvertently gets pressed into the paper as well. not attractive. i've tried some padding underneath the edge but there's two problems with that.

1. it then gets pressed into the paper.

2. i shouldn't have to do that.

i'm wondering if what i want to do cannot be done. or if perhaps i am doing it incorrectly and there is in fact some secret out there?


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susies1955 writes: Is this what you mean. This is a youtube video that shows leaving a blank so if may give you some ideas. There are tons of other videos too.
Posted: 11:53 am on January 25th
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