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mgiroux Misa Giroux, senior editorial intern
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Suede shows off patterns from his new pattern line.
Suede shows off patterns from his new pattern line.

Suede shows off patterns from his new pattern line.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Simplicity

As a semifinalist on television’s groundbreaking fashion design show, Project Runway, Suede became known for his edgy designs, dramatic style, and use of the third person when referring to himself. This driven designer has since partnered with Simplicity, launching the bold and youthful SUEDEsays pattern line. Perfect for beginning sewers, SUEDEsays patterns are available at, but enter here for your chance to win three of these great patterns!

Leave a comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 p.m., February 14th, 2012—and you could be the lucky winner to receive copies of 2182, 2233, and 2222. All patterns size D5 (4,6,8,10,12).  The winner will be chosen at random and announced on February 15th.

Patterns courtesy of Simplicity.

Suede was featured in "Designer Insider" in the Spring 2012 issue of SewStylish--on newsstands now!


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Comments (92)

Lesliegel writes: Awesome! I'd love to win!
Posted: 4:15 pm on February 28th
Lesliegel writes: Awesome! I'd love to win!
Posted: 4:15 pm on February 28th
AtoZwriter writes: Awesome sauce!
Posted: 1:19 pm on February 14th
normas770 writes: Awesome patterns!
Posted: 10:21 am on February 14th
Cheriezel writes: Would love to try these patterns!
Posted: 1:15 am on February 14th
smfsprout writes: Great job, Suede. I can really see my daughter in some of these outfits. Thanks for the opportunity to win the patterns.
Posted: 8:16 pm on February 13th
ReddKatt writes: AWESOME job! Love the patterns. Can't wait to try some of your designs. :D
Posted: 7:10 pm on February 13th
JoanieK writes: Suede, you are a great designer! Love that we can now share in your creativity!!
Posted: 7:07 pm on February 13th
Idna writes: I'm a fan of Project Runway and Suede was one of my faves!!! so excited! thank you so much!
Posted: 11:29 am on February 13th
Niki17 writes: My daughter is a huge Project Runway fan and also loves to sew. I would love to win these for her.
Posted: 4:21 pm on February 12th
dollyt writes: These are so fashion-forward! These would be such fun to sew.
Posted: 4:17 pm on February 12th
Gail_S writes: These styles should be very inspiring to keep my teen interested in fashion and sewing. I'm trying to pass on my sewing skills and fashion interests to my daughters and their friends, and these patterns should really excite them!
Posted: 3:06 pm on February 12th
ConnieJo writes: I love the styles! My granddaughters will look so cute in them!
Posted: 4:22 am on February 12th
mandree writes: This is a great opportunity and I would love to win.
Thank you!
Posted: 8:38 pm on February 11th
TeenProgrammer writes: The teens would love making these flirty fashions. Thanks for sharing the talent Suede!
Posted: 8:18 pm on February 11th
RondaW writes: Fantastic patterns and talent in Suede!
Posted: 7:32 pm on February 11th
Christine100 writes: Awesome designs. I think I need those patterns :) My granddaughters will look fantastic in those! I love sewing for them! I'm Xing my fingers :) Happy V~day <3

Posted: 6:10 pm on February 11th
JenDavid writes: Love the patterns and like catching up with former Project Runway contestants.

Posted: 3:43 pm on February 11th
saschapup writes: Would love to try out these patterns!
Posted: 1:25 pm on February 11th
KaJ15 writes: My daughter would love to make this!
Posted: 12:51 pm on February 11th
gandmfausel writes: I think my Middle & Upper School students would like these patterns. They would be exciting for them to sew and work with. Thanks
Posted: 12:29 pm on February 11th
Kyrielle writes: great patterns!
Posted: 12:14 pm on February 11th
mabrady13 writes: Love these fresh, edgy and young designs. Can't wait to sew them up. Thanks Seude.

Posted: 11:26 am on February 11th
stevndi writes: So interesting Suede, we can use a new designer with these great ideas. Can't wait to follow your designs and patterns
Posted: 9:29 am on February 11th
marybethb writes: Would love to add these to my collection!

Posted: 9:03 am on February 11th
wendyhagen writes: I would love to win these patterns! I would love to make these & spread the word on how great Suede is:) - Thanks
Posted: 7:02 am on February 11th
roribeiro writes: Eu ficaria muito feliz em ser sorteada já que sou fã do programa.Sempre acompanhei todas as edições e ganhar esses padrões é o sonho de qualquer um que aprecia um excelente trabalho.Boa sorte para mim e para você.
Posted: 5:23 am on February 11th
victoria_is writes: Beautiful! Would love to win these patterns.
Posted: 12:06 am on February 11th
doreenlinehan writes: Very nice.
Posted: 9:40 pm on February 10th
jospital writes: What a fun and unique designer. He deserves nothing but success and praise for his creative designs. Thank you for sharing your talent with at home sewers.
Posted: 9:03 pm on February 10th
wethepeople writes: Thanks for offering these patterns in a contest. I'm sewing a lot more now to cut down on costs. Hopefully I'll win these so I can do some sewing for my girls.
Posted: 8:20 pm on February 10th
ConnieLK writes: I love these patterns, thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 8:02 pm on February 10th
anttibear writes: It always refreshing to see a new designer connected to an old favorite ... Simplicity. Would love to get the patterns.
Posted: 7:54 pm on February 10th
hsenkler writes: I hope I can grade them to my size. If not, then there is always the plan for Christmas presents.
Posted: 7:49 pm on February 10th
MissPat writes: I have been sewing for years. I would love to try your designs for my granddaughter.
Posted: 7:29 pm on February 10th
anwarnshuis writes: would have loved to see you on PR All Stars
Posted: 6:51 pm on February 10th
DaisyM writes: Love Project Runway and love new and exciting patterns.
Posted: 6:25 pm on February 10th
sandysewin writes: These look like they'd be a great addition to my pattern collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

And how wonderful that this young man has the chance to use his talents and do what he loves to make a living. :-)
Posted: 6:04 pm on February 10th
bkristl writes: Thanks, Suede!
Posted: 5:46 pm on February 10th
Hannemor writes: Would love these patterns! :-)

Posted: 5:41 pm on February 10th
marln828 writes: Thanks Suede for making beautiful patterns for beginning sewers like me ;).I would love to own these patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.
Posted: 5:23 pm on February 10th
Wildfrog writes: I loved suede's designs on the show! It would be great to own some of his patterns. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 4:59 pm on February 10th
emwill writes: Fashion SHOULD be fun! Can't wait to try some of Suede's patterns.
Posted: 4:58 pm on February 10th
LinVegas writes: I saw Suede on the first season of Sew It All and it was one of my favorite episodes. I'd love to try his patterns.
Posted: 4:50 pm on February 10th
Lesliegel writes: Those are awesome patterns, Suede! Your designs rock! I'd love to win them, and make them! :-)
Posted: 4:40 pm on February 10th
Lesliegel writes: Those are awesome patterns, Suede! Your designs rock! I'd love to win them, and make them! :-)
Posted: 4:40 pm on February 10th
alaskaangelgirl writes: I would love to win these patterns to sew something new and fun ...
Posted: 4:23 pm on February 10th
Romy writes: Yes, I would like to win those new patterns, always like new ideas and new look. Thank you for the opportunity!
Posted: 3:58 pm on February 10th
suecee writes: ....they all look like beautiful patterns, I just picked up your NL pattern 6102 for myself, looking forward to sewing it up!!
Posted: 3:51 pm on February 10th
Kathisewnsew writes: Great Patterns from Suede, I sure would love to win them.
Posted: 3:43 pm on February 10th
Carolsewmuch writes: Neat looking patterns.
Posted: 3:42 pm on February 10th
withagee writes: These look like amazing patterns and would be great fun to try.
Posted: 3:34 pm on February 10th
hclehnig writes: Very nice! Would love to win them!
Posted: 3:31 pm on February 10th
mcandre writes: count me in! thanks
Posted: 3:28 pm on February 10th
ScarletteRose writes: Those would be fun! I would definitely rock the jumpsuit this summer, whether it's in fashion or not!
Posted: 3:23 pm on February 10th
grami writes: They look like fun and would be wonderful to win. What a great way to try something new.
Posted: 3:13 pm on February 10th
schmatta writes: And while we're here, why isn't Suede on PR Allstars?
Posted: 3:07 pm on February 10th
TwilaO writes: Woohoo! Bring it on!
Posted: 2:43 pm on February 10th
ajpickering writes: Would love to try these patterns. First time I have seen quite modern packaging too.
Posted: 5:14 am on February 10th
Ctcullinane writes: How sweet! Onky thing sweeter would be to be chosen to receive them!
Posted: 7:45 pm on February 9th
dianajanssen writes: It would be interesting to try these patterns out.
Posted: 10:12 pm on February 7th
mimi_lyn writes: Great Patterns! like these! :)
Posted: 1:26 pm on February 7th
SueB55 writes: I saw these in the pattern book and thought they were well styled, can be updated many ways. It's great that Suede is being recognized for his creative genius. The sewing world has needed fresh input for the last 25 years. Even though I am older, I would still make and wear (longer length) these clothes and enjoy them.
Posted: 12:59 pm on February 7th
EmSewCrazy writes: These look like fun patterns!!
Posted: 11:54 am on February 7th
EmSewCrazy writes: Looks like some fun patterns!! It is exciting that Simplicity is partnering with designers!!
Posted: 11:54 am on February 7th
frilly writes: Never dissapointed with Simplicity patterns, so I bet these will be a good sew too!
Posted: 11:17 am on February 7th
bgradisek writes: I Love that Simplicity is featuring designers in their patterns. These from Suede look fun.
Posted: 9:22 am on February 7th
hoodwinked writes: I've never worked with a Suede pattern and would love the opportunity to do so.
Posted: 9:08 am on February 7th
shesews56 writes: Looking forward to seeing Suedes new patterns. I'm always looking for great clothing.
Posted: 8:41 am on February 7th
6kidsathome writes: what a perfect valentine day gift
Posted: 5:42 pm on February 6th
tjsykes writes: Pick me! I love the patterns and can't wait to try them.
Posted: 8:30 am on February 4th
outbutnotoudone writes: I would love to win these patterns. My daughter would look awesome in and or all of them. Suede I love your work and you make it so unlike work but a pleasure instead.
Posted: 7:54 pm on February 3rd
LaValene writes: I loved Suede on Project Runway. What talent and personality. It's great to see his designs showing up on Simplicity, my longstanding favorite pattern company.
Posted: 9:25 am on February 3rd
folkartist writes: I'd love to win this great prize. I saw them in person and ooolala.. wish I had the money to buy them. Simplicity has everything I want now!
Posted: 12:17 am on February 2nd
QwerkyQwiltz writes: Would <3 2 win...learning 2 sew clothes and this would b perfect!!
Posted: 10:22 pm on February 1st
SeamsFancy writes: I am in process of making Suede bag with Simplicity Sew Along. Would love to have more of your patterns!
Posted: 5:59 pm on February 1st
jennieMB writes: I love the packaging of these patterns, so modern.
Posted: 2:25 pm on February 1st
Lilianpinto writes: I would love to win these!!!
Posted: 11:59 am on February 1st
starmagician61 writes: I'd <3 to win these!!!!! TY, Suede for letting us know and I so enjoyed seeing you on Project: Runway!!!!
Posted: 9:13 am on February 1st
sewpatti writes: Just found this site today and love it!! I would love to win these patterns. I heard you on an old podcast from fave craft radio & loved you on Project runway. Look forward to your future designs.
Posted: 9:48 pm on January 31st
IrishLeesa writes: Great idea for a giveaway. Should make all the Suede/sewing familly very happy! Can't wait to see who wins. Good luck everyone!

Posted: 8:27 pm on January 31st
ChaosWizard144 writes: Beauty & a gift! E=mc²
Posted: 6:47 pm on January 31st
Solsken writes: Would love these!!! my 13y old just started sewing too!! She wants these so bad!
Posted: 6:28 pm on January 31st
glosews writes: My grand-daughter would love all three of those patterns. I am such a huge fan. URock Suede!
Posted: 3:46 pm on January 31st
kjmckenz writes: I almost bought 2222 a while ago when I went to a local fabric store!! Didn't have any money for it as I wasn't planning on buying patterns, so I had to leave it behind. :(

I'm a huge fan of rompers, and this one was cute without being trashy! Would be much more awesome to win though!

Still lovin' the purple hair too! ;)
Posted: 2:48 pm on January 31st
rdejam writes: Love the SuedeSays line. These are great patterns! My daughter would love the romper. Win or lose, I'll have to pick that one up and make it when she's home for spring break.
Posted: 1:49 pm on January 31st
Hellz writes: I heart suede! I would love the opportunity to win!
Posted: 12:54 pm on January 31st
Fizzdoodle writes: Cool! Loving the Sew For A Cause too!
Posted: 12:49 pm on January 31st
SUEDEsays writes: ROCKon everyone...
Thanks for the great posts...
See you on the cyber Runway..

Be sure to keep up with all things Suede:
Twitter - @SUEDEsays
and or course our personal website.

Posted: 12:12 pm on January 31st
Mirja writes: Wonderful!
Posted: 9:36 am on January 31st
TawnyBee writes: Ooooh I love this partnership! Simplicity seems to be the only pattern company that fits me and my kids the best without tons of reworking. And Suede was such a terrific designer. I'll definitely have to check these out.
Posted: 8:53 pm on January 30th
SansSouci572 writes: Good job, Suede! I like that they are great for summer yet not too revealing.
Posted: 7:30 pm on January 30th
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