Project Runway All Stars: "The Business of Fashion"

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Kenley doesnt make the final cut.
The judges loves Mondos use of printed fabrics.
Austins raincoat make an impression on the judges.
Kenley doesnt make the final cut.

Kenley doesn't make the final cut.

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This week, the designers are challenged to design a garment for Nanette Lepore. Each designer is asked to share their sketches and designs, and are given a fabric budget based on the retail price for their would-be garment. Mondo struggles with this step because he does not usually sketch.

The designers each choose fabrics from the Nanette Lepore collection of prints, which they must transform into ready-to-wear looks for the average shopper rather than a model. The winning design will be sold for charity to support the New York City Garment District.

This week, tensions are high and the alliances in the workroom are clear (Michael/Mondo vs. Austin/Kenley), and then even those friendships are strained under the stress. The judges liked each of the garments, but also had something negative to say about each one. They loved Austin's raincoat and respected Mondo's fabric composition. They thought Michael needed to show a stronger point of view, but it was Kenley's attitude and uninspired garment that sent her home this week.  

Do you agree with the all male final three or did you hope to see a different designer in the finale?



Kenley: (out)


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Comments (9)

CinderellaLollipop writes: Whoops! I meant I wished he'd WON this one. That's what happens when you don't proofread!
Posted: 12:25 pm on March 11th
CinderellaLollipop writes: I adored Austin's coat. He makes the most feminine, romantic designs. I wish he'd one this one.

Mondo's dress was ugly and unflattering. I normally like his designs, but this was boxy, the shoulders looked messy, and it was generally unflattering.

Why didn't Kenley center one of the 'feathers' at the neck line to make the keyhole there, as one of the other posters suggested? I thought that was what she'd do when I saw the fabric, but whatever. She does need to lose the attitude, but I don't think she should have been sent home for it.

Michael's is ready to wear? Really? I don't see many regular women walking around with their boobs and rear-ends hanging out. Nanette even addressed this in the critique, but then later said she loved it! Also, he has sent this same dress down the runway so many times before. And what is so special about that design. I think he's a lazy sewer and the fewer seams he has to sew, the better for him. Can't believe he made it so far in this competition.
Posted: 12:23 pm on March 11th
Cherlyn writes: I loved Austin's design as well! Mondo's dress was too boxy, but he is so good with matching patterns. I thought the dress needed a belt. Micheal's dress has been o the runway way too many times----boring. Kenley's dress was just ugly. I don't know what she uses for brains sometimes.

I loved the challenge as well, but when you learned what is actually spent on fabric and the rest is labor and money for the fund raiser---that was an eye opener. But the average shopper cannot afford those designer looks---only if they find them at a place like TJMaxx:)
Posted: 8:37 pm on March 10th
SewingForKids writes: I agree with Mondo that Kenley must learn to patch her prints on seams. I also don't appreciate her I know EVERYTHING attitude. And I can tell that she was working so hard on it this time around.
Now, for the dress....... Have you ever seen Vickie Lawrence in "Momma's Family?" Nuff said!
Posted: 5:22 pm on March 10th
SewingForKids writes: I agree with Mondo that Kenley must learn to patch her prints on seams. I also don't appreciate her I know EVERYTHING attitude. And I can tell that she was working so hard on it this time around.
Now, for the dress....... Have you ever seen Vickie Lawrence in "Momma's Family?" Nuff said!
Posted: 5:21 pm on March 10th
DaveLeBlanc writes: This was our favorite challenge, to produce a garment for a certain price point at a profit for a customer of a specific store, just like real life.

None of them did particularly well and I think their limitations as professional designers showed. Really, Kenley, given her background, should have won this one, but her design and chosen fabric were at war with one another.

People forget this is also a business and a very challenging one at that.

The two strongest designers are Mondo and Austin; Michael is lucky to be there. I think Mondo will win it My wife thinks it should be Austin. Next week we will know.
Posted: 11:41 am on March 10th
mjfiorini writes: I agree w/ the above comments about Mondo. I really like him but this boxy dress was the ugliest thing I've ever seen!! The chartreuse stripe was the 1st thing I noticed and wondered the same thing....what woman would want THAT around their hips???? I wish we could know what the judges really are seeing that we aren't.

AND the judges said so many negative things about Mondo's dress....WHY OH WHY would they make him the winner?????

As for Kenley, why didn't she lay out the pattern so that the feather was center on the model's chest, just under the neck, then she could have cut out the key hole everyone wanted to see. Kenley needs some instruction on pattern lay out (this was a problem in another of her designs earlier this season) and more importantly, classes on WHY she doesn't have all the answers.

All that said, I can't wait for the next shows!
Posted: 7:37 pm on March 9th
samsstuff writes: I'm not sure that I like any of these or think that they would be particularly flattering on most women, so maybe it really was the attitude that sent Kenley home. I actually like the fabric she's used, but not what she did with it. As CAS48 wrote, Mondo's dress would look cute on someone who was stick thin, but the horizontal striping & the hip details would be unflattering for most. My least favorite design, though is Austin's dress, which does not flatter even the model. The kind of sagging look of the detail on Michael's dress is also unflattering. With all that, Mondo really was the winner of this challenge.
Posted: 7:31 pm on March 9th
CAS48 writes: I liked Kenley's original idea, but not her choice of fabric and "haughty" attitude, as one of the judges mentioned.

I wish Austin had won this instead of Mondo. Mondo's chartreuse fabric with pockets right at the hip would certainly add weight to how most people look. The judges even mentioned that.

I think his dress would be fitting for a Junior with stick thin figure, but not for mass-market. I think the idea of the challenge was to make something most women would buy "off the rack".
Posted: 6:28 pm on March 9th
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