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I'm very happy to be this morning's contributor to EvaPaige Quilt Design's week of guest bloggers. For those of you who are joining me today, Happy Quilting Day in advance! Celebrate quilter style by going over to Patternspot and downloading her new pattern, Kickin Stash. It's one of the easiest - and most scrap efficient - patterns I've ever worked on.

I'm proud to see that one of my blocks made the cover photo as well. My blue block is bottom row center.
I've known Beth a long time, and I've pattern tested several of her patterns along the way, beginning with Feeling Hot, Hot Pink. She's stuck with me over time, and continues to invite me to participate. It took me a while to get comfortable with her style of quilting, but it's exactly as she is - fresh, comfortable, easy to work with. My quilting style has evolved over the years, partly as a result of working with her.

In putting together this post, I found my 'feedback email' to her for this pattern. My words to her - "Easiest block you've ever designed (almost) from my POV..." (Insert LOL here; our conversations usually have that somewhere in them).

Don't let the "almost" alarm you - it's a running joke between us that I'm the #1 fan of her Confetti Toss pattern. But I do so love this one as well! As has been pointed out before this week, this is one of the easiest patterns that you can work with for a baby quilt, a child's quilt, or a charity quilt. It's made for the scrap basket.

I've often had the daydream of getting far enough ahead with my pending projects that someday I'd love to bank a pink and a blue baby quilt for the closet so that I can just pull one out when needed. I think this one will give me the perfect excuse.

I can't wait for the next group project.

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