Book Giveaway: Scary Sock Creatures and Other Halloween Crafts!

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EvamarieGomez Evamarie Gomez, web producer
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Halloween is fast approaching and you're in for a wicked treat! To help celebrate this fantastically ghoulish day we're giving away not one, but three books that feature hauntingly fun knitting, paper, and sock projects!

In this follow-up to the hugely-popular Stupid Sock Creatures, author John Murphy recruited 15 fellow sock enthusiasts to create bigger, better, and zanier sock monsters. Some of the stupid creatures feature two heads, wings, tails, and others have one eye. With 19 projects in total there is bound to be a sock critter for everyone.

Knitmare on Elm Street author Hannah Simpson shows you how to knit 20 different spooky projects. The book offers easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and full page color photos. You'll learn to knit an Abominable Snowman, Ferdy Hand Puppet, Necronomicon iPad Cozy, Light-Up Ghost and more.

Horrorgami features 25 eerie origami projects for both beginners and experienced paper crafters. Author Chris Marks demonstrates how to make these ghouls, ghosts, and beasts with step-by-step instructions and diagrams. Some of the projects include Beastly Bat, Sinister Skull, Maleficent Medusa, and Stupefying Spider.

Leave a comment on this post before the deadline-11:59 EST pm, October 17, 2012-and you could be one of the three lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced on October 18, 2012.


PS: The 2012 Threads Halloween Costume Contest is coming soon!

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Comments (68)

DesignDreamer writes: My Great-Grandma made me and my brothers sock monkeys in the 70s. My 6&9 year old boys and their friends would go crazy over these sock monsters!! What inspiring books!!
Posted: 10:40 am on October 20th
GleeBee writes: I have a stack of paper, a basket of yarn and a bag of lonely socks just waiting for a project...any of these books would offer the needed inspiration!
Posted: 10:36 pm on October 13th
mikele98 writes: I love Halloween and I love sock creatures - our house needs more sock creatures! How lucky for me that I found your site today! Even if I don't win a book I'll certainly be back to the site a lot.
Posted: 12:08 pm on October 12th
jacqui_c writes: These are a hoot. I knit sox, now I know what to do with the ones that don't fit. Can't wait to get one of these books.
Posted: 9:26 am on October 11th
FrancieLee writes: These books all look great. I would love to have any one of them.
Posted: 6:49 am on October 11th
kmoore32764 writes: I LOVE sock creatures!
Posted: 1:08 am on October 11th
kimhubbell writes: I don't know what my attachment to sock creatures are but I could make them all day! These book looks like it has great ideas for new ones!
Posted: 2:02 pm on October 10th
CatCanQuilt writes: These all look like "must haves" to me!
Posted: 9:08 am on October 9th
jendenscott writes: Great giveaway! We loved the first sock creatures book, how fun to have a second one out!
Posted: 8:12 pm on October 8th
blueapples writes: love the idea of horrorgami - who hasn't been terrorized by tiny pieces of paper?
Posted: 11:29 am on October 8th
lyndasm writes: Love the sock monsters!!!!

Posted: 9:15 am on October 8th
lstoner writes: I have John Murphy's first book - it was great! I'd love to have his latest one. He has a great sense of humor, and the drawings in the book are SO creative!!
Posted: 4:23 pm on October 7th
mhtaylor writes: I love Halloween! I've been working on Halloween-themed crafts for a couple of weeks. My latest project: crocheting brains. Yes, brains! I have some zombie fans in the family. ;) I'd love any of these three books!
Posted: 2:29 pm on October 7th
user-406572 writes: What an awesome opportunity. I have been looking for some crafty things to do with my grandkids. These would be purfect!
Posted: 1:14 am on October 7th
sbgallant writes: My daughter would love the Horrorgami! I'm for everything halloweenish...
Posted: 12:54 am on October 7th
Sandjen200 writes: Wow! All three of these books look like fun!
Posted: 7:13 pm on October 6th
LDMichaelis writes: Halloween is my favorite holiday. These books have some great festive things to create.
Posted: 4:33 pm on October 6th
SamiSue writes: What cute books - I love to re-purpose items but have never tried socks!

Posted: 3:30 pm on October 6th
lizziegreentree writes: Love these ideas! The Horrorami is something my students would love!

Posted: 3:14 pm on October 6th
nicolesol writes: Me encanta esta página y sobre todo aprender cada cosa que se ven, ya que son realmente originales y creativas, me fascinan, son súper lindas y me gustaría tener un ejemplar de este libro.
Posted: 11:38 am on October 6th
knottingthreads writes: Horrorgami is the one that has my attention. There are enough sock creatures running around my house.
Posted: 11:05 am on October 6th
Nuttmel writes: These are just the cutest little critters, great to make for any age people............I would "LOVE" to win this book....

Thanks for such a GREAT website, I always look forward to it!
Posted: 8:49 am on October 6th
jazzymomma writes: Looks like a GREAT group of books!!! I teach always looking for new ideas.

Posted: 6:31 am on October 6th
staceykim50 writes: Scary, but SO cute!! Would love to own this book!
Posted: 6:29 am on October 6th
redhotstar writes: Awesome assortment of books! You really know how to pick wonderful choices for your give-a-ways. These are what every craftstylish crafter needs in their crafting library!
Posted: 1:10 am on October 6th
CalamityJane writes: I knew I had been saving all those single socks for something! Bring on the critters!
Posted: 12:49 am on October 6th
twenchwoman writes: My grandson and I love all things scary! We would have so much fun with all three of these books!
Posted: 11:59 pm on October 5th
aunty_em writes: these would be great for charity or to hand out instead of candy if you live in a small area.
Posted: 10:46 pm on October 5th
squirrel_ee writes: Cool new project books that look fun.
I love books like this as they always make me feel good and goofy.
The Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures really is right up my alley.
Posted: 9:42 pm on October 5th
crystalangela writes: Those books looks cool for Halloween or any other spooky time!
Actually my kids would love it anytime.
Posted: 9:27 pm on October 5th
DreamyDahlia writes: I'd love to get into some creepy crafting with these books!
Posted: 8:52 pm on October 5th
trixolry writes: I love sock creatures and free stuff! My girls make sock monkeys, elephants, pigs and whatevers for all their little cousins and friends!
Posted: 8:46 pm on October 5th
ashfault writes: What a great trio of books! Right up my goofy alley!
Posted: 8:07 pm on October 5th
Spar_Miners_Daughter writes: My grandaughter is interested in origami. She would love Horrorgami. Bonding time!
Posted: 8:07 pm on October 5th
smfsprout writes: What fun books to have in your craft library. I would love to add them to mine. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 7:55 pm on October 5th
AnitaNomad writes: I love to knit strange things, but I'd enjoy any of these books.
Posted: 7:55 pm on October 5th
samsstuff writes: What a fun giveaway! I love the titles :-)
Posted: 7:47 pm on October 5th
Tanya_H writes: All of those books look like great fun. So many opportunities for Hallowe'en crafting!
Posted: 7:30 pm on October 5th
loopiegrandma writes: Halloween is such a fabulously fun holiday and I am ALWAYS looking for new decoration ideas and unusual mediums. These books sound awesome!!
Posted: 7:12 pm on October 5th
jdevois writes: I want the sock creature book! And the origami book! Fun, fun, fun!
Posted: 6:59 pm on October 5th
jlsalahub writes:!
Posted: 6:46 pm on October 5th
flsunsmile writes: I am going to be afraid to open my sock drawer.

Posted: 6:14 pm on October 5th
Hilma writes: Five grandchildren ages 2-10 living across the street is a really great reason for any one of these books, plus Taunton books are awesome (we have many in the sewing/quilting/woodworking categories)!
Posted: 5:49 pm on October 5th
murn74 writes: halloween is the best! love making things that are different
Posted: 5:45 pm on October 5th
horseshowdiva writes: I make things to take to our local children's hospital and one of these books would be great for ideas!
Posted: 5:35 pm on October 5th
tamdoll writes: Thanks for the chance to win! Would love to create with any of these books.
Posted: 5:34 pm on October 5th
aromia writes: My son would *love* this book!
Posted: 5:16 pm on October 5th
aromia writes: My son would *love* this book!
Posted: 5:15 pm on October 5th
DharmaDeb writes: The titles of these unique books make you want to read ALL of them? My grandchildren will reap the benefits of these great ideas.
Posted: 5:13 pm on October 5th
HeatherGwen writes: Just too much fun - my kids would go crazy over the sock creatures book!
Posted: 4:57 pm on October 5th
dcivarson writes: Any one of these would be great, but I must admit horrorgami sounds perfect for me. I'll have to check that one out.
Posted: 4:54 pm on October 5th
bozocat writes: The names of these books are great! The insides (of the books) must be awesome!
Posted: 4:50 pm on October 5th
Kyrielle writes: Three great books!
Posted: 4:46 pm on October 5th
rose7a writes: All the books sound great. But sock creatures really are my thing.
Posted: 4:32 pm on October 5th
NMyPJz writes: I have all the Stupid Sock Creatures books. They started it all, and now I sock crafting all the time! I soooo want that book!
Posted: 4:32 pm on October 5th
PureDeCoreli writes: The knitmare looks SO cute! Wonder if it can be translated to crochet for those of us who aren't coordinated enough to knit?
Posted: 4:24 pm on October 5th
10750coupons writes: the horrorgami book looks awesome! my origami obsessed son would LOVE this book.
Posted: 10:35 am on October 5th
Zeraph writes: Heya, since I am super new in any sort of handcraft I guess a sock project would be amazing as my first project!!!!
Posted: 4:48 am on October 5th
CraftsCrazy writes: I really, really want the stupid sock creatures book, but the knitting book sounds great too.
Posted: 9:02 pm on October 4th
catplus writes: Yaaaaay! Guess what? I have a project in the Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures! I'm so excited that Craftstylish has shared it! I hope everyone who gets the books loves it! I am biased, but I think it's fabulous. My fellow designers all came up with such innovative techniques! Also it's quite a happy, silly, entertaining book!
Posted: 11:44 am on October 4th
stacysews writes: I loved the first title so I can't wait to see this new sock creature book in person... plus my 4 year old is excited for me to make some new 'friends'!
Posted: 11:31 am on October 4th
Teddyfriends writes: They all look like great books!!!

Posted: 10:37 am on October 4th
lizapest writes: My three fav crafts all in one post.
Socks, Knitting & Origami. :)
Posted: 9:31 am on October 4th
nutmegsplus5 writes: This would help out on girl time alone (meaning break from the 3 boys) with my tween girls. This is my favorite holiday BC I wasn't allowed to celebrate when I was growing up.
Posted: 7:43 am on October 4th
nutmegsplus5 writes: This would help out on girl time alone (meaning break from the 3 boys) with my tween girls. This is my favorite holiday BC I wasn't allowed to celebrate when I was growing up.
Posted: 7:43 am on October 4th
jsahawkwiz writes: You said three of my favorite words all in one crafts!!!! I'm all about sock creatures and spooky things!
Posted: 8:17 pm on October 3rd
dizzymom writes: I think the Horrorgami is cool. That would make for some interesting Halloween cards. :-)
Posted: 6:13 pm on October 3rd
hutchep1 writes: I have always wanted to create a sock creature, and this book looks awesome.
Posted: 5:07 pm on October 3rd
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