How to make a infant smocked dresses ( part I )

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We're going to mark and pleat this small piece of fabric.


Step one

Mark on the wrong side of the fabric. we'll make the "row" lines. When you are finished you should have a piece of lined fabric just like lined paper, with each line 1/2" away from its partners.The next step is to draw the vertical spacing lines. These lines will be 1/4" apart.

Step two:


Pleat the fabric.Now that the fabric is marked, its time to actually pleat it. Pleating is simply a way of gathering the fabric into neat little gathers. The difference between plain gathering and pleating is that typical gathering is more "rumpled" and doesn't need to be too precise. Pleating, on the other hand, needs to be very consistent. The distance from one "picked up bite" of fabric to the next needs to be as consistent from one to the next as possible. we'll be taking that little fabric bite or scoop at the intersection of a vertical and a horizontal line.

Step three:

Begin drawing up the threads to finally form the pleats.



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