Book Giveaway: Animal Hats

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Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie
An adorable frog hat that you could make!
Keep your head and ears warm with this cute fox hat!
Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie

Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie


Photo: Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

We are giving away two copies of the fabulous book Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie (Taunton Press, 2013). The book features patterns for 15 knit hats in a variety of adorable critters, including a chicken, frog, penguin, pig, monkey, and more. Each pattern comes with full color images and is sized for both adults and children. You can even learn how to add a fleecy or knitted lining for extra warmth and coziness. Basic knitting techniques are also explained making it easier for novice knitters to create these playful hats to wear or give as gifts. With cold weather fast approaching, these hats are the perfect way to stay cute and cozy!

Leave a comment on this post explaining why you should win a copy of this book before the deadline-11:59 EST pm, November 27, 2012-and you could be one of the two lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced on, or about, November 28.

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Comments (78)

mnewman1212 writes: I am a grandmother of two beautiful "babies" - Archer, age 2 and Ainsley, age 4. Their parents are wonderful and embrace the "inner kid" within. Now that I am retired, I would like to try my hand at creative knitting. These hats would be a perfect way to stretch my average knitting skills with results that would be loved and worn by my entire family. I would really like to get started so I hope I am selected as a winner of one of the books. Thank you.
Posted: 7:07 am on January 7th
JSczesny writes: My daughter is 6 and new to the knitting world... it would be a wonderful mother/daughter project.
Posted: 7:01 pm on November 27th
lovimoment writes: I would like to win because I just got a terrible haircut (WAY too short!) and a cute hat would be the perfect way to hide it.
Posted: 11:40 am on November 26th
majnets3s writes: I must try these animal hats!
Posted: 4:30 pm on November 24th
SusanRJones writes: this looks awesome!
Posted: 10:19 pm on November 23rd
Jolsen writes: Meow,

Meowww meow meow. Meow meeeeeow. Meow and meow, meow.....Meoooow!


Posted: 4:21 pm on November 20th
hurrahburrah writes: There's no reason why I should win this book rather than any of the other posters here. I hope who ever wins it will use it and knit up a batch of cute animal hats.
Good luck to everyone!
Posted: 11:23 am on November 20th
SoccerMomKnits writes: I would love to win this book because they are so cute and I know my nephews would love these.
Posted: 10:01 am on November 20th
Doola85 writes: I can knit this for my neice and my sister. They can match! Dunno if my sister will thank me for this (Tee hee hee!)
Posted: 6:28 am on November 20th
rhonlyn writes: I should win this because I am a 60 yr old gram-ma who can still have fun by wearing funny hats.
Posted: 8:21 pm on November 19th
samlilypepper writes: OMG! Grandmother of 7 and an avid knitter! What a blast I would have with this book! I would love to win a copy of it!
Also, for me!... my favourite animal is a fox!!

Posted: 7:16 pm on November 18th
atlnana24 writes: What a great would be fun to knit a foxy fox hat!
Posted: 3:04 pm on November 18th
murgillis writes: my daughter and granddaughter would love this!

Posted: 12:26 pm on November 18th
MagVee writes: I love them! I work with children, this would be perfect for our activities ... role playing, plays, dress up. We would have so much fun!
Posted: 6:28 am on November 18th
fenia writes: Iam Greek and i love knitting.
Every free hour my needles are waiting for me. I have knitted many things of my own but i cant do strange things such as these hats.That's why i want this book.You can see my knitting progects here: "".Thank you and sorry for my english
Posted: 4:58 am on November 18th
nakirtley writes: I am new to knitting but I would love a great book to get me started on something fun. Since my niece and nephew usually get the products of my yarn creations this would be a great resource to make something they might actually like (their mom included)!
Posted: 1:50 am on November 18th
BarbaraG97 writes: I've been collecting yarn for a couple years now that need to be used. These adorable hats look like the perfect excuse to pull it all out and have fun - maybe with a few friends too!
Posted: 11:56 pm on November 17th
Aunty4 writes: I do a lot of knitting for my grandies and lots of other family and they would all love to have a hat like one of these.
Posted: 10:25 pm on November 17th
shangillis writes: my wife loves to wear different hats when she reads to the kid at the local library
Posted: 9:52 pm on November 17th
Alicejazz writes: I have seen these type of hats in pictures and I have always wanted to make them. My daughters and grandchildren absolutely love the look of them. I would definitely be their heros if I could make them myself
Posted: 8:35 pm on November 17th
Wintercress writes: I so want to wear that bunny hat. My friends are also obsessed with animal hats and would be so happy if I made them one. Thanks!
Posted: 6:51 pm on November 17th
2newfies writes: Really like the unique patterns in this book - and I'd make them for my friends!

Posted: 6:20 pm on November 17th
daspears writes: If you knew me, you would know that I should win this book before the deadline because I'm a slow and meticulous crafter...I need all the extra time I can get before Christmas arrives! (Thanks for a great giveaway!)
Posted: 3:19 pm on November 17th
jbnenterprises70 writes: Very neat ideas. With six grandchildren (3 boys, 3 girls) I am always looking for something unique and interesting to make them.
Posted: 3:19 pm on November 17th
LGFisciths writes: These hats look a lot like ones my grandma made for me and my sister when we were little. My grandma was an important influence in my life and is the reason I got into crafts in the first place. Sadly she passed a week before I got to tell her I was expecting my first child. I would like to make these for my kids and my sister's kids as a way of passing a piece of her on.
Posted: 12:00 pm on November 17th
tjsykes writes: I have a bunch of nieces and nephews and I know they would love it if I made them these!
Posted: 10:57 am on November 17th
Shangam writes: I would love to win this hat pattern and give it to my sister. She loves knitting and has a grandson who would love to wear them
Posted: 9:55 am on November 17th
mahahn writes: I have five goofy grown offspring who would love to wear these hats!
Posted: 9:49 am on November 17th
earthagreen writes: I have vacation time coming up and am just dreaming of spending it making these fabulous hats with my daughter for us and all our friends!
Posted: 8:45 am on November 17th
SamiSue writes: love knitting, love animal hats, and my daughter loves to wear them!
Posted: 8:11 am on November 17th
shines5 writes: It would be fun to win this to use in my before school care program. We could learn to make the hats and then use them for all kinds of creative play activities.
Posted: 4:18 am on November 17th
Cleopatra_gr writes: I am a hat person. I never go out without wearing one. I have been knitting since grade school. I would love to wear your creations. They seem pretty easy to make, too. I think I could make all of them for me and my children and godchild. They could even wear them as costumes to play Aesop's fables at school plays.
Posted: 2:39 am on November 17th
daisy_lmc writes: I don't knit, but my mom and husband do, and they are ALWAYS looking for new patterns. I would love to be able to give them this book for making hats for my two sons, who are 2 years old and 6 months old.
Posted: 11:55 pm on November 16th
grami writes: The youngest of my nine grandchildren will definitely enjoy this book and will probably have me make him several of the hats. He is five years old with a very vivid imagination and a great love of animals so I know this would appeal to him. I'm sure some of the others would also enjoy it and put in requests to Grami to make them their favorites, and I would be thrilled to fulfill their wishes. Would love to win and would definitely put it to good use
Posted: 11:52 pm on November 16th
KnitGoodWomanKnit writes: This book would be a fantastic new challenge for me. It is past time I knitted some fauna--well, and some flora. And my personal coterie of guinea pigs (a.k.a. my 13 nieces and nephews) would be thrilled to start trying on and then critiquing--mercilessly--a new animal venture!
Posted: 10:58 pm on November 16th
Creativeoutlet writes: I would love to win this book - I have 12 nieces and nephews and animal hats is what I was thinking to make them for Christmas :) This book is perfect.
Posted: 10:29 pm on November 16th
Munchie66 writes: This book looks so cool. I would love to win this.I have so many people I could knit these hats for from kids to adults!
Posted: 9:22 pm on November 16th
knittingirl writes: I would love to win your book! I pick up yarn from lots of places. I am always scouting yard and estate sales. I occasionally am gifted yarn from a friend whose mother or aunt left some cherished yarn behind. And there is always my favorite yarn store. I have a large stash of one or two skeins. I knit a lot of small projects for my church Holiday Boutique and also their Spring Ladies Tea. Our Women's Guild meets once a week for fellowship and crafting. I would love to wow everyone with these fun hats. Proceeds from our efforts includes ongoing improvements to our church. We also make quarterly contributions to four local charities. I have knit so many scarves, I am totally ready to start knitting your super cute hats!
Posted: 9:17 pm on November 16th
DLouie writes: I sew a lot of hats, and have a lot of people who want something new! Thanks, DLouie
Posted: 8:23 pm on November 16th
thesewbox writes: My daughter is the knitter of the family and loves to make hats! These would be just the new types of patterns and fun ones for her to make. Just the type she likes. Love to win and give to her as she starts her holiday knitting.
Posted: 8:07 pm on November 16th
doreenlinehan writes: My grand-daughter loves animals and these hats would be great to make for her.
Posted: 8:05 pm on November 16th


YING YING (peggy davis)
Posted: 8:00 pm on November 16th
sewhappybjm writes: I would be the most popular aunt when my nieces got a hat. Plus my teens would love them.
Posted: 7:45 pm on November 16th
Jular writes: i live in Thailand we are allways looking for new projects to earn some money in cottage style industrys ,,for charitable concerns ,,these would be a great addition to an charitable product line ,,it could help ,the elderly ,,or those forsed into the sex slave industry ,,or give a young mother with lots of kids but no income to survive ,,,if the instructions are easy enough they could be translated and taught ,,there are some wonderfull concerns and ideas for this book from the comments posted ,,bless you ,,
Posted: 7:32 pm on November 16th
ustabahippie writes: My 2 year old grandson says he'll wear the frog hat if I make it. I'd love to make it!
Posted: 7:31 pm on November 16th
CraftingGal writes: Such great hats! My daughter loves the animal hats! These are soooo cute!!
Posted: 7:30 pm on November 16th
quilting_fun writes: I would like to win this book because it would be fun. Fun to make them and fun to give them!
Posted: 7:27 pm on November 16th
imlady writes: I've been looking for a frog hat. The one shown is a great pattern.
Posted: 7:03 pm on November 16th
gandmfausel writes: I could use this book with my high school students.
Posted: 6:57 pm on November 16th
LDJacobs writes: My local public library was destroyed by flooding during Hurricane Sandy. It used to host a free knitting group, and it had a lovely knitting and crochet section. Now it has almost no books at all. I would love to donate this book to help rebuild the Gerritsen Beach branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.
Posted: 6:52 pm on November 16th
jacqui_c writes: I have been doing alot of knitting and crochet for our town welfare dept. premmie hats and for our church fair. It would be neat to throw some animal hats into the mix.
Posted: 6:47 pm on November 16th
Dawninco writes: As a knitting instructor specializing in getting kids to pick up sticks, this book would provide a wonderful avenue for them to explore! Quick to knit and then they can wear them often-perfect reinforcement for learning a new skill. I would love to learn this unique and fun book! Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 6:42 pm on November 16th
IglooIguana writes: That book looks so cute! I would love to use it to make hats for my new cousins for Christmas. Plus I could share this with my friend who is obsessed with knitting and would absolutely adore this book.
Posted: 6:40 pm on November 16th
hotdotyuki writes: My grandson is just getting into knitting. This would really inspire him to learn with something he would like to have.
Great giveaway!
Posted: 6:37 pm on November 16th
brivers writes: CUTE! I have Four little kiddos, all age 5 and under! And i love to knit. I stay up late after putting them to bed so i can have a few minutes to myself, and knitting is what relaxes me after long, busy, but fun days. I always knit for Them, My Little Loves, and i could easily convert these hats to their head sizes if they arent already! Thanks so much for the chance!
Posted: 6:32 pm on November 16th
beckston writes: This looks like a wonderful book to get young people interested in knitting. I would love to donate it to my local library.
Posted: 6:23 pm on November 16th
AnneHi writes: I would love this book. It gets really cold and windy here in Vermont and we love animals, so these hats would be truely awesome to have and wear. If you've got to cover your head it had ought to be fun. I have two college age kids who would get a kick out of wearing animal hats.
Posted: 6:10 pm on November 16th
dragonswing writes: I'd love to have this book. Not only to keep my head warm during the northeast winters but also I think they would be
cute for unusual photo portraits.
Posted: 6:09 pm on November 16th
awhimsical writes: I'm a knitting recently retired wildlife biologist - love to keep my hand in the wildlife game! I knit some for cancer patients - these charmers will put a smile on some faces that really need smiles... and spread the good message about protecting wildlife! Thank you for this offer.
Posted: 6:05 pm on November 16th
bluestar writes: I would love to knit animal hats for my son, and my niece and nephew! I already knit hats for all of them, and this book looks so adorable! What fun hats.
Posted: 6:02 pm on November 16th
bozocat writes: These are adorable! What fun to make!
Posted: 5:48 pm on November 16th
CrystalRock writes: Omg... this is the book I've been waiting for! <3
Posted: 5:44 pm on November 16th
Antonia_M writes: I really deserve this book as I have so many friends and relatives up here in Michigan that need one of these. They look so warm and comfortable! I will be everyone's best friend when I knit them one of these!
Posted: 5:38 pm on November 16th
random_charm writes: I would love to knit these animal hats for my three kids! But if it wasn't a random drawing I think you should choose bunnyflower, I know my kids would love going into our library and seeing the librarians wearing these!
Posted: 5:33 pm on November 16th
hpsauce writes: I would LOVE to win this to put under the tree for Grandma to make adorable hats for all 9 grandchildren!
Posted: 5:32 pm on November 16th
Croche_Suenos writes: Love the hats and with four kids and about to have 10 grands These would definitely keep their heads all warm and cozy. OMG these are the cutest and the fox pattern has to be the best I have seen. Love the designs wonderful job.
Posted: 5:29 pm on November 16th
bunnyflower writes: I'd love to make these for me and my co-workers! We're children's librarians. I think these would just make the kids who come into the library smile and smile. :D
Posted: 5:23 pm on November 16th
aunty_em writes: my grandchildren, nieces and nephews would love these hats! could make some for charity to.
Posted: 5:22 pm on November 16th
KnitZy writes: I knit a lot of hats every year, but I'm kind of stuck in a rut and these are super different from what I do - it looks like a lot of fun, so pick me! thanks ;)
Posted: 5:21 pm on November 16th
Kris101 writes: These are sooo cute. I have a young grandaughter and teenage grand nieces ans nephew who would love these hats.
I am recovering from foot surgery so I have lots of spare time. I love to knit this book would fill the bill for me and the children on my Christmas list.
Posted: 4:32 pm on November 16th
jhowell writes: Very warm and fuzzy--Great for my woodsy cousins!
Posted: 1:48 pm on November 16th
TerriEspi writes: I want to knit and am relearning the craft. This book would be a wonderful incentive and such an accomplishment. I also have lots of little heads to cover with such adorableness!!! : ) Thank you.
Posted: 9:00 am on November 16th
janeyemm writes: After being ill in hospital recently I am now home again and a nurse reommended taking up knitting, I can knit but have been looking for something to knit that really held my attention this looks like the perfect answer
Posted: 3:58 am on November 16th
BeadStyle_Stacy writes: Oh my goodness! There's a fox hat! My parents have two foxes in their back yard, and my teenage sister (an avid knitter) is obsessed with them. This is me commenting with my fingers crossed!
Posted: 4:34 pm on November 15th
jsahawkwiz writes: I'll be honest...I don't knit at all. But I am super crafty! Alas, I don't have the skills to knit. BUT my good friend does! This would be perfect for her for Christmas! She's always posting pictures of the super cute sweaters, scarves etc that she makes.
Posted: 4:48 pm on November 14th
Katie_V writes: I'm a milliner but a novice knitter. These hats appeal to my happy hatter self much more than a cup cosy project would. :)
Posted: 3:03 pm on November 14th
HanTM writes: My eyes get caught by this the image of Animal Hats book. It just looks gorgeous!!!
Those hats bring me back to my childhood. Remember those days, i wished my mom could buy one for me, it doesn't look as perfect as this hat, but believe it or not, i did cry for a day because we just coudln't affort it.
Posted: 2:35 pm on November 14th
xtapodisp writes: It is very interesting!
Posted: 1:10 pm on November 14th
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