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Re: Create "Spooky Halloween Silhouettes" with Jeffery Rudell

I just ordered this book online for my nieces and we had so much fun punching out the silhouettes and decorating the their home. It was so easy that I ordered another copy for my own home and a few more copies for my friends who LOVE Halloween. This is definitely a great book to share with family and friends and for those who love decorating for the Halloween holiday. Have a safe Halloween everyone... and TREAT yourself to this great book!

Re: The Relentless Urge to Create: the Work of Earl Joseph Martell

In a million years, I would have never have guessed what these colorful masterpieces are. The work is simply amazing, and your description and writing is extraordinary; such as the work your create yourself. I really enjoyed reading this piece and the interview, it is very inspiring and refreshing to see and hear about such unusual talent. Thanks for featuring this great artist and sharing his art.

Re: How to Make a Paper Gift Box

This box is GORGEOUS!!! Too bad you hadn't posted this earlier, every holiday, birthday, and Mother's Day, I give CASH to my MOM, because that is what she wants. She likes the GREEN because she can shop for herself, therefore I always try to find ways to gift wrap the CASH in a unique and precious way, THIS BOX would have been that special gift box to put the CASH!!! But hey, there is alway next year, or XMAS. Thanks again for the amazing BOX you have created. It's beautiful!

Re: How to Brighten a Rainy Day Brunch

Very cool and colorful. My sister-in-law is party planner for the family and well, she is always the one chosen to decorate for all parties. I have passed this onto her and she loves it so much, that she will has decided to create these as table center pieces at her next event. Thanks again for your inspiring work, its always amazing.

Re: How to Make a "Bloomin' Box" for Spring

This is simply beautiful, it definitely screams out SPRING, I love it.

Re: How to "Scrapbook" a Box

What a beautiful and elegant box idea. I use to decoupage cigar boxes with artworks by others, never thought to use personal photos and items, might start doing that and give them as gifts to family and friends, thanks for the inspiration, I greatly admire your work.

Re: Dodecahedron: "Baby, You're A Star"

This is simply beautiful, I love the way all the different colors blend in, what a great decorative item.

Re: Oeuf Couture: How to Dress an Easter Egg

What a great way to decorate the Easter Egg! I have nieces who love decorating for any holiday, and during Easter they make a mess with food coloring. This year I am going to present your idea to them, I am sure they will love it as much as I do, thanks for your innovative creations.

Re: Wall to Wall Paper

Very cool indeed!

Re: How to Make a Valentine from an Onion

Wow, another innovative and great project by Grand Master Crafter Mister Rudell! This is amazing and VERY COOL!

I wish this was available about 7 years ago. This would have been the perfect gift to give to my best friend, Joe. On Feb 14th, he and I were both "dateless" so instead of spending Valentine's alone, we decided to make the best of it and do a night out on the town in the fabulous New York City.

We went out to and spend a fortune on a pricey dinner, gave each other a single rose, shared a bag of Hersey's chocolate kisses and than went to see Art Garfunkel in Carnegie Hall (without Paul Simon).

We were both unfamiliar and slightly bored with Garfunkel's solo work but towards the end of the show, Garfunkel sang the popular "Bridge Over Trouble Water" and half way into the song, he chocked and started coughing up a storm. He could barely finish the song or the show. The audience was mortified, we were no longer bored and sat on the edge of our seats as the drama unfolded. We felt bad for the Garfunkel, but not as bad as we felt for each other for being alone on this lover's holiday.

Although my friend and I had a great night out, we were both went home feeling the pressures of not having that special someone in our lives. I know this would have been the PERFECT Valentine GIFT to give him, it would have been the icing on the cake to an almost perfect dateless Valentine Day.

Thanks for continuing the amazing work you do, great job like always!

Re: How to Make Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

Very neat idea! I love it. I attend many dinner parties and always bring a bottle or two of wine for the host. I am going to attempt making one of these nifty paper gift bags for the next dinner party I attend. I am sure it will definitely stick out among all the other wine bottles! The other guests will be envious.

Thanks for the great and very stylish ideas, you are the best!

Re: "100% Trash, So You Know It's Good!"

Sir Jeffery,

What an amazing idea you have created. When I grew up I was encouraged by my siblings to rip open my presents like a madman, however my Mom gently and carefully opened her gifts with intense care. She never wanted to tear the paper and would fold it and save it. I don't know if she ever re-use it, but perhaps she too had a love of paper. That I am a aware of she never created anything such as exquisite as you have, I mean not in terms of re-using gift wrapping paper, she is a great cook and a great Mom.

I am sure your friends are tickled pink OR GREEN to received such an amazing thank you card (ornament). Another great creations by Sir Jeffery! Kudos to you.

Re: How to Make the Perfect Hostess Gift

Mister Rudell, this is one of the most unique and special Wreaths I have ever seen, HOW CREATIVE and beautiful, you have outdone yourself, keep up the AMAZING work!! I look forward to seeing all your projects every Monday!! Thanks for keeping the light of inspiration burning at all time, this is so beautiful.

Re: How to Make a Contemporary Creche

I am speechless, what a wonderful HOLIDAY Treat! I know so many people who would love to have something like this as a decorations around their homes, under their tree, on the fireplace mantel, on a nearby coffee table or any display area during the holidays!

This is magnificent, great work like always. I don't even want to attempt making this - just tell me how can I buy this? It makes a terrific Christmas present that can be cherish for years.

Re: How to Make a Snowstorm

Brilliant! I love this!!! No more of that messy snow spray in can on the windows for us, this is perfect and looks easy and fun to make, thanks so much for always coming up with creative and innovative ideas. I am going to put my little army (family members mostly) and decorate all the windows in the house, the neighbors will be envious I am sure.

Re: How to Make a Paper Chandelier

WOW, this is one of the most creative and beautifully executed projects I have ever seen. This is absolutely gorgeous! Is there anyway of actually attaching small lights, that won't burn the paper (e.g. a very small string of Christmas lights) to this AMAZING chandelier? I want one of these in my home! It is truly stunning, Mr. Rudell you have OUTDONE yourself! Simply INCREDIBLE!!! Great job - this makes a perfect gift for any season. Congrats on a superior product.

Have a nice holiday!

Re: How to Make a Garland with Punch

The Days of Popcorn Garland are OVER!

Your ideas and creativity is AMAZING! I love this garland and plan on recruiting all my nieces in creating yards of this amazing piece of art. Thanks so much for always coming up with the NEXT BIG THING! And for coming up with a garland that is NOT edible and will help not only my Christmas tree look fabulous but also keep my waistline slim.

Re: YOU Be the Client: An Open Call for Paper Projects

Your paper flowers are gorgeous, I can't imagine how long it must take to cut each petal, stem, strand, stamen, & carpel; you capture each fold delicately, precise and beautifully. The photography is just as beautiful, it's creative and bold.

With the holidays quickly creeping upon us and the shopping madness at our footsteps, I would be interested in your thoughts and ideas on giving love ones interesting photographs as gifts. The subject of the photographs could be friends, family, or even photos of favorite things (e.g. places, sunrises, landscapes or really any subject someone holds dear to their heart). In other words, instead of wrapping a picture in a frame, how would you embellish the frame or even the photograph so that it carries the special "Jeffery" touch? Something unique and creative. Can you create and provide samples?



Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

Hello Mister Jeff,

Your work is magnificent, your "Thank You" notes are beyond extraordinary, they are breathe taking to say the least. Congrats on always delivery such amazing work to this site.