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Green Polka Dot Annabelle Basket

Size: 4" high w/out handle10" high with handle7" round(Considered medium sized)Uses:Easter basketSewing basketCandy jarCosmeticsCouponsCatch-all basket in kitchenCenterpieceKeysHostess giftPetite...

Annabelle's Green Polka Dot Basket with Floral Liner

I love making Annabelle Baskets. The technique I use is with only 3 items: Fabric stripes, Hot glue, Cording or rope. Its quicker than sewing the cording together and just as...

Annabelle's Brown on Brown Rag Basket

Annabelle Basket: brown on brown with liner. Lovin' this basket.

Toddler Crochet Backpack ** Easy **

I made this sweet little backpack for my daughter's little girl. My daughter is a nanny and the little girl is 2. She looks so adorable "going to school"Pattern...

Creative But Practical Gifts: Crocheted Handmade Washcloths - Holiday Colors

All patterns can be found on

Cute Little Halloween Basket

I had forgotten that last year I made this sweet little Halloween basket to sell in my ETSY shop.  I haven't made any rag baskets in a few months because I've been busy with my other crafts, BUT...

Not Your Grandma's Crochet Washcloths - Candy Corn!

Aren't these fun for Halloween and Fall?  I used my own crochet pattern for these washcloths - here it isnbsp...

Super Easy Beginner Crochet Project for the 4th!

Free Crochet Pattern: ETSY Shop:

Make Your Own Red, White, and Blue Bangles - Crochet Bracelets

I could make you a set of these, but how about you try it?   Here's the free pattern:

How to Crochet a Child's Poncho - 8 Quick and Easy Steps

Quick and Easy Child's Poncho Crochet Pattern Free Pattern:

Super Easy Chunky Crochet Bangle / Bracelet

5 quick steps to crocheting a great bangle:

Not Your Grandma's Washcloths! Hand Crocheted Purple Set of 3 - Eco Friendly, Reusable, and Green

Here's the free pattern I used: Here's the ETSY listing:

Review of Deborah Norville's Serenity Chunky Yarn -- for Knitting or Crocheting

I tried Deborah Norville's Serenity Chunky Yarn and wrote up a quick review - click here if you're interested in reading about her new yarnnbsp...

Not Your Grandma's Crochet Washcloth - Pattern   Pattern for wash / dish cloth

How to Crochet the Perfect Bath Puff Pattern   Pattern for making the perfect bath puff.

How to Crochet The Perfect Bath Puff - Bath Loofa -- Hand Crocheted -- Eco Friendly and Green

I've been on a quest to crochet the perfect bath puff. The 100% cotton ones seem too heavy and fade more with every wash. And the nylon ones from the store are too rough and fall apart quickly! So...

Hand Made - Crocheted Tea Towel and Wash Cloths - Set of 3 - Eco Friendly and Green

I love it when I go into a hotel room and find crisp, bright, white towels. That's what inspired me to make this set.

Hand Made Spring Placemats - Set of 4 - Blue and Lime Green

There's nothing like a set of placemats to brighten up a kitchen. And, these will certainly do the trick. Spring is coming and blue and lime green are the IN...

The Perfect Potholder

All of my potholders are old and yucky. So I decided to make a new one for my kitchen. It was so sweet that I decided to add them to my ETSY...

Easter Bunnies - Washcloth Bunnies - Boo Boo Bunnies

How cute are these?They are hand crocheted wash cloths made into bunnies. You can display them until Easter, then use them in your kitchen as wash / dish cloths.  Moms also use them as "Boo Boo...

Hand Crocheted Organic Cotton Wash Cloths in Tan, Blue, and Walnut - Ecofriendly and Green

If you haven't used hand crocheted organic wash cloths yet, you're missing out. They not only wash great, but feel soft, and are durable. Not to mention being easier on the budget and...

Hand Made Crochet Bath Set in Blue and Yellow - Set of 3 - Ecofriendly and Green

Blue and Yellow make the perfect bathroom theme!

It's the Great Crochet Coaster Comeback - 3 Sets - Hand Made Ecofriendly and Green It's the Crochet Coaster Comeback!Crochet coasters have come back into style in the past year. That's good news! Item: 3 sets (total of 6...

Pink BAMBOO Hand Crocheted Wash Cloths / Face Care / Spa Cloths - Eco Friendly and Green

Silky, soft, luxurious ... these are just some of the words I'd use to describe bamboo yarn. It's softer than cashmere and just as absorbant as cotton. Bamboo yarn is beautiful and the colors are...

Annabelle's Winter Breeze Rag Basket

This fabric was chosen because of the color.  I just love winter and winter colors.  The picture was taken from the top of the basket looking into the basket.

Annabelle's Cute Little Candy Cane Rag Basket

I made this little baskets special just to hold candy canes.  :)

Annabelle's Miniature Holiday Rag Basket Gift Set / Coiled Basket

This sweet little combo is Annabelle's 2009 Holiday Miniature Rag Basket Gift Set. It comes with 1 basket and 1 candy bowl. Both the basket and candy dish are oval.

Annabelle's Deep Purple and Lime Green Crochet Washcloths / Dishcloths / Washrags

If you haven't used hand crocheted wash cloths yet, you're missing out. They not only wash great, but feel soft, and are durable. Not to mention being easier on the budget as you are not spending...

Annabelle's Holiday Green & White Crochet Washcloths

If you haven't used hand crocheted wash cloths yet, you're missing out. They not only wash great, but feel soft, and are durable. Not to mention being easier on the budget as you are not spending...

Annabelle's Holiday Snowman Rag/Coiled Basket

ANNABELLE'S Snowman Holiday Rag Basket is the perfect size for candies or cookies. It is made with a holiday green background and has white snowmen throughout.

Its Crazy What You Can Do With WashCloths! -- Cupcake Crocheted Washcloths

The lollipops and cupcakes are made with washcloths.  I crochet my own washcloths to use.  It's all in the folding and rolling of the washcloth.  Top the cupcake with anything fun...

Annabelle's Cupcake Washcloths

These make a fun little gift for a birthday or baby/wedding shower.  Use them for party favors too!  The washcloths are 100% cotton!

Annabelle's Fall 2009 Signature Basket - Rag Basket / Coiled Basket / Hand Made Basket / Multipurpose Basket

Annabelle's Fall '09 Signature Basket is a Rag/Coiled Basket.  Cut fabric strips 1-2 inches wide and try to make then long.  Take rope and wrap the fabric around the rope glueing with hot...

Hand Made Crocheted 100 Percent Cotton Spa Cloths - Wash Cloths - Facial Cloths - Dish Cloths (Eco-Friendly)

These are made by using the double crochet stitch with crochet hook H.  I make mine 25 rows x 25 so that they are totally square.

Rag Basket / Coiled Basket (Handmade Baskets By Annabelle)

Making baskets is really fun and easy!  (But, it is time consuming.)  Use recycled fabric!  This one has a cute little crocheted liner.

It's Crazy What You Can Do With Rope and Fabric!

Making rag/coiled baskets is easier than you think.  Cut strips into 1 inch width, Wrap fabric strips around rope glueing every 2nd wrap, When you get about 5 inches, start coiling and hot...

recent comments

Re: Crochet Sweater Dog Bed

Oh! Your dog is so lucky! Happy sleeping.

Re: Are you making anything for the 4th?

Hi -

There are so many cool crafts available for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations!

I have two crafts I've been making for the 4th:

Red White & Blue Drink Cozy:

Red White & Blue Bangles/Bracelets:

Both projects are super easy and quick to make.

Good luck!


Re: Review of Deborah Norville's Serenity Chunky Yarn -- for Knitting or Crocheting

The link didn't work in the text above, so here it is:

Re: Book Giveaway: Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece

Hi - My avatar is one of my hand made baskets! One of my strange collections is yarn. I love to go to the craft store or and buy some unique yarns! Lately I've purchased yarn made from corn and yarn made from bamboo. So cool!

Re: How to Weave an Easter Basket from Recycled Boxes

So cool! I'm going to try this with the kids on Friday since they have the day off.

Thanks for the pattern!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: The Felted Bag Book

I have always wanted to felt, but haven't had the time to give it a try yet. I crochet, so felting is the next logical step.

Re: Free pattern for Amigurumi gift bag

Thank you for the free pattern!

Re: Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit Amigurumi Dolls

How adorable! Love her and the bunny!

Re: Crocheted Soap Sack Holder Or Sachet Bag

Very cool!

Re: Annabelle's Cupcake Washcloths

Hi AKARoselle - They are square washcloths rolled to look like cupcakes. I usually make them 8" x 8" and then roll them several ways/times to get them into cupcakes. Just a fun little project and a great gift!