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Re: How to Make Heart Sachet Sets

I love this idea - what a great way to use up fabric scraps and even left-over dried herbs from other projects. Thanks for sharing!

You could also fill them with catnip to give to cat-lovers as gifts.

Re: How to Make a Snowstorm

I got the cheapest floss they had at the drugstore and a pack of white dots and a pack of reinforcement stickers (you know, the holes) which has given my snow strands a slightly different look. I can hardly wait to go home to hang these in front of our windows. I love this idea! I've got several coworkers helping me make snow strands on their breaks but everyone wants to do them for home too. So fun!!

Re: Personalize Your Gifts with Fabric Labels

I've been doing something similar using white satin tape and bold printed label designs and have ironed on the design to the back side of the ribbon so it'll show through to the front side without dulling the ribbon. My question is, does the iron-on attached to twill tape survive lots of washings? It doesn't on the satin ribbon. Also, the pictures look good but in my experience, that iron on transfer paper looks filmy on all surfaces, how do you get around that? Thanks!