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Re: How to Make a Burlap Wreath

great idea using burlap as a base. you can shrink it to make it tight by dipping in water to tidy up any floppy bits.

Re: Book Giveaway: Woolly Woofers

hello sailor lol

Re: Home Improvement Ideas to Make a Style Statement

My personal tips are decluttering. lots of space is often taken up by storage for things that are never used. if you get rid of the things you can get rid of the storage.

Re: What Gamer Costume to Try for Halloween

lol thats great. you can also make great lego heads from garments, then just wear some suitable attire to compliment it.

Re: How to Sew an Extra Layer in Your Garments For Added Warmth

This is a great tip. many of the girls in our office would love it... *sends email around*

Re: 29 Pet Projects to Make

awesome just about to buy 2 russian blue kittens so will be crafting things for them like crazy over the next few months.

Re: Cross-body Bag- Hummingbird and Floral Print Purse- Hip or Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Strap

Do you have any tips on strengthening the straps? Im planning to make a messenger bag and think this could be adapted but it would need to be heavy duty.

Re: How to Make Spectacular Menu Covers

So simple... would look great as wedding stationery!

Re: Anchor Cosmetic Purse- KYEbags Zipper Pouch- Nautical Collection- Anchors- Gold Zipper- Red- White- Blue

Fantastic anchor print! its a winner.

Re: How to Embroider a Festive Polarfleece Stocking

awesome embroidery

Re: Make One Adorable Apron from Two Colorful Napkins

That is inspired... and cheap too!

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

Thanks for the tutorial, its more of a comforter than a quilt but a great idea non the less

Re: Use a Twin Needle to Make a Reusable "Corrugated" Coffee Cup Sleeve

OMG thats like something out of a scify or horror movie... i didnt know double needles existed!

Re: How to Stitch Up a Felt Needle Book

I love my moleskin journal and never thought of making my own. Thanks!

Re: Make a Quilted Bag and Tote Your Laptop in Style

That's great love the quilting and using a buckle as the attachment device for handles is inspired.