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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

Older bath towels get used as spare towels or they get cut up into hand towels for the kitchen. Clothes are worn for years then go into the rag box to use as cleaning and cleanup cloths. Old sheets get turned into pillow protectors and sometimes pillowcases. Good sized dressmaking scraps are made into aprons. Some zippers get re-used. I make my own oven mitts and replacement covers - they are smaller and a bit stiffer and I find them easier to use. I keep the buttons from old shirts and blouses. I have made various holders for household storage. I use strips from my husband's worn out pajamas to tie up my tomato plants; each year I retrieve them from the dead vines and wash them for re-use. I'm currently remaking a dress into a tunic top. I use some of my husband's old shirts for protective smocks for dirty work. I used leftovers from his fleece dressing gown to make a winter hood for myself.