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Sassy Stripes

My dress was inspired by one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson. I love her fun use of prints and retro details, and I tried to incorporate some of that into this project. I used the short...

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Re: SewStylish Fall Fashion Challenge Official Rules

Fun! So no particular pattern is to be used?

Re: The Winner of the the SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge is...

Congrats, LittleRachel! You'll have to keep us updated on your experiences with Wild Ginger. I'm definitely going to spring for it myself one of these days! It was fun being a finalist with you and AthenaWeaves. You are both such talented seamstresses. I agree that we should swap ideas!

And yes to more contests!!!

Re: How to Make an Argyle Fleece Throw

Wow, this is so innovative! I'm way past my dorm days, but I might have to make one anyway. Congrats on the book!

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

Also, thanks to the editors for removing some of the nastier comments!

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

Thanks again for your kind comments, everyone! Sewing2enjoying, I did learn the basics from my mom at a young age. She's a very accomplished quilter. (Thanks, Mom!) But I've only really committed myself to learning fashion sewing in the last year. I've taken classes in construction and patternmaking, but I've really learned the most from reading back issues of Threads magazine. I can't recommend it enough, especially if you're interested in couture and garment sewing. You can buy back issues for cheap on ebay. One article that really helped me with this dress was "Strategies for Stripes" from issue #114. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments!

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

Oh, wow. Thanks so much to those who came to my defense. Please remember that when you post something hurtful on the internet, a real person will read it! I love my tattoos, but I understand that not everyone will. Differing views are what make the world an interesting place, right?

Anyway, let's talk about dresses! xo

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

So exciting! Thanks for picking my dress. Every entry was so inspiring!

Re: Butterfly Garden

Absolutely amazing! I want one!

Re: Mrs. Lovett Skirt

So cool! Mrs. Lovett is rad. You pulled the look off perfectly!

Re: Origami Sun Dress

Stunning! I am so impressed by your interpretation of a designer technique. Beautiful work.

Re: Sunset Style - Sewstylish Spring Challenge Contest

Wow! Excellent fit, especially on the tunic. And the embroidery is gorgeous!

Re: night of roses

Beautiful! I love the corset look.

Re: Twirly Spring - Sewstylish Fashion Contest

Love the pleated panel! Great use of contrasting patterns as well.