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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

Ops, meant to say 1920's.

Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

I do a lot of recycling in the old farm tradition of my family. Whether it's repurposing an old but still useable blanket as a quilt batting, creating new garments or accents from older fabrics (some of the fabrics in my stash date back to the 1020's, and are from my grandmother's collection), patching, repairing, or simply reworking a garment into a new peice (shirts are great with added embellishments, a new neckline or redone sleeves). And most of the scraps end up in quilts of one sort or another or throw pillows. I also do hand embroidery, crewel work, beading, ribbon embroidery, crochet and filet crochet, and I use all these techniques to construct or embellish my creations. And quilts don't grow old here, they just get patched, adding some wonderful charactor to them.