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Make Beach Glass Earrings

Grab a Dremel tool and create a pair of summery dangles out of a few pieces of beach glass collected during your seashore holiday.

Make a Sushi Button Bracelet

With just a few shanked buttons and some crystals, create a stunning bracelet in less than an hour.

Make Party Favors for a Bridal Shower

Rub-on transfers can embellish and customize party favors for a bridal shower or party.

How to Make a Creamsicle Body Polish

Repurpose a few pantry ingredients for a calorie-free body treat.

How to Make a Stamped ID Bracelet

Show your support of breast cancer research and survivors through this inspiring stamped silver bracelet.

Continuing the Conversation

I’ve had a year-long meaningful, mind-blowing experience with CraftStylish. For that, I thank you.

Craft Quest: Southwestern Michigan

Home is where the heart is, sure, but it’s also where the crafts are.

Make Sparkly Bridesmaids' Necklaces

With just a few materials and a few minutes, you can whip up a stunning and unique bridesmaid’s pendant.

Craft Quest: Seattle

Wallingford, Queen Anne, Ballard, and Belltown are a few of Seattle's crafty neighborhoods.

Make a Leaf-Printed Onesie for Your Little Sprout

Use a leaf found in your wanderings as a stamp for a cute baby onesie.

Go Outside and Get Naturally Crafty

Use your surroundings both as inspiration and as a rich source of crafting supplies.

Beautiful Disasters

For every craft triumph, there is probably a trail of tears and ratty failed prototypes that came before.

The Craftonomics of Our Handmade Nation

With the premiere of Handmade Nation, I started pondering the indie craft movement, economics, and beyond.

Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face

I've been thinking about what things harsh my craft mellow. Here's my top 10 list.

Grandma and the Beautiful Button Hat

As our crafts focus on buttons, I can't help but think about memories of Grandma and her button collection.

Make a Button Choker

In just a few minutes, whip up this foxy choker out of ribbon and buckles.

Life Is Life: A Cerealized Story

Check out this amazing online serialization from storyteller Stephanie Watson.

The Artist's Shui

Applying a bit of basic feng shui to your home and your workspace can shake things up (in a good way).

Make a Metallic Makeup Palette

If you are spatially challenged in your bathroom or boudoir, whip up this smart and stylish solution for storing your makeup.

Create Note Cards Starring Your Pet

With a few photos of your favorite furry friend, you can create customized note cards for your friends (and his admirers).

Molecular Jewelry

Check out this great etsy store.

Crafting Your Personality

How do your crafts define who you are?

Reflections on Crafts and Crafters

As I return home, I'm still reeling from the sights, sounds, and incredible talent I experienced at CHA.

How to Make a Mantra Mirror

With a little red paint and some dry-erase pens, you can add some Feng Shui mojo to your home for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

At Long Last, the Obamarama Shawl

After working on this for months, I finally bound off in time for Inauguration Day.

Crafting through Grief

Crafting is helping me ease the pain as I cope with the loss of a pet.

How to Make Non-Toxic Floor Polish

With just a few ingredients from the pantry, you can go green by making your own floor polish.

Crafted Out

The gift wrap has been fed to the fire, bits of ribbon squirreled away for reuse, and all the handmade gifts distributed. What’s a crafter to do?

Last-Minute Gift: How to Make Bath Bombs

With just a few ingredients and dollars, you can whip up bathtub fizzies sure to please any tub lover.

Restyling the Regift

Visit the Island of Misfit Gifts and give some unfortunate presents a new life.

Sew a Pair of Shoe Submarines

Torpedo stinky shoes with this great little shoe stuffer.

How to Make a Peppermint Stick Salt Soak

In just a few minutes, you can make a batch of bath salts sure to please friends, family, and coworkers.

The Art of Productive Procraftination

The top 10 ways to procraftinate during the holiday season and beyond.

How to Make Perfect-Fitting Pajama Bottoms

Great for men, women, and children, these pajama bottoms can be made in an afternoon by using a favorite pair you already own as a template.

Crafting Memories

So many seminal memories and trashy TV shows are indelibly linked to my creations. Or maybe that's just me.

The Gift Guide for Guys

If you need a bit of inspiration on what to make for those mysterious creatures commonly known as "men," "guys," "boys," and "dudes," here are a few ideas.

How to Make a Feather Headband

Gather various feathers during your adventures and transform a plain headband into an eye-catching confection.

Dare to Make It: Ready, Set, Craft!

The best way to get ready to make your holiday gifts is to make a plan. Here's a practical guide and some template downloads for you to create a Dare To Make it Journal that'll help you to make it for the holidays and enjoy the experience!

Make a Photo-Strip Garland

Rather than tired garlands or silvery tinsel, adorn your tree this year with a fun and personalized garland, made out of photo booth photo strips.

AfterGlow Show this Weekend in Seattle

Start your holiday shopping by dropping by this West Seattle shopping extravaganza, full of handcrafted items.

How to Make a Pair of Silver Hoops

Every gal needs a pair of silver hoops, and these are so easy that you can make some for yourself and all of your gal pals in one sitting.

Crafting in the Current Economy

How do you see crafting as a necessary activity in this economy?

How to Make a Cuticle Cream for Those Craftin' Mitts

Whip up a cuticle cream in no time with just a few ingredients.

Make a Pair of Leaf-Motif Earrings

Make a lovely, eye-catching pair of leafy earrings with just a few materials.

How to Mix Up Linen Waters

With only three ingredients, whip up a customized spray for freshening your clothes, ironing, or even your home.

Make an Incredible Shrinking Necklace

Learn to love shrink plastic and quickly incorporate it into your jewelry-making. Start with this charming pendant.

Everything Old Can Be New Again: Make a Token Necklace

Transform foreign currency or subway tokens into a hip necklace.

Four Crows Art

Check out the wonderful Mid-Century Modern prints from this etsy artist.

How to Host a Fun and Fancy Craft Swap

A craft swap is a great way to socialize with other craftanistas, AND get an infusion of new materials.

Little House on the Prairie: The Musical

Melissa Gilbert is playing Caroline Ingalls and singing. Seriously.

Build an Inspiration Station

Take a nod from fashion designers and build an inspiration board for your upcoming craft collection.

Prairie Style Is Here to Stay

A love of gingham and petticoats—not to mention Laura Ingalls Wilder—can be integrated beautifully into crafting.

What's in Your Hope Chest?

What would you put in your hope chest, both for your future or your children's?

It's Business Time

Grow your clientele by looking beyond traditional outlets for your craft business.

Seven Steps to a Winning Book Proposal

Getting a book deal isn't as far-fetched as you might think.

Concoct a Crafter's Dream Cream

Treat your best tools—your hands—to a little TLC with this rich cream.

Bird Mobile Pattern Available from Spool

Check out this amazing mobile from Philadelphia's Spool.

Seam Stress

Just because you rock one craft doesn't always mean you can jump into another with ease.

Confessions of a Polygamist Crafter

Somehow, I can never manage to remain faithful to my constant, beloved crafts. Can you?

Myers-Briggs Is to Blame

Maybe it's not just a creative block that is affecting your creativity; maybe it's your Myers-Briggs type.

recent comments

Re: How to Make a Stamped ID Bracelet

The rectangle wire comes flat and I've found it in two different widths but there may be more options.

Re: Continuing the Conversation

Thanks, guys! You can still find me at or!

Re: How to Create a Community (a final tutorial)

Beautifully put, my friend.

Re: The Relentless Urge to Create: the Work of Earl Joseph Martell

I love that extraordinary people with amazing back stories are all around us...if we only look and engage them in conversation. I think it's tremendous that he finds such inspiration in what some might find a mundane day job.

Re: Make Party Favors for a Bridal Shower

Turtlelove: Hambly can be found at I adore their designs.

MegiFod: You could definitely try to put Mod Podge or a sealant over the transfers on most surfaces and I've seen fabric Mod Podge or a fabric sealant put over a transfer on fabric. Experiment with them. I sort of like the look of a transfer as it sort of wears off fabric. Def don't use them on something you need to wash a lot. Tins or vases or candle votive holders are great choices.

Re: How to Make Monogrammed Napkins from a Vintage Sheet

Love this! Relaxed but cool, just like you and Pete. Are you newly engaged? If so, congratulations!

Re: The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

Jeff, I love your genius. The grosgrain is perfectly over the top.

Re: How to Brighten a Rainy Day Brunch

I love this so, so much for its simplicity and genius. Yay!

Re: How to Make an Apple-Print Tote Bag

This is absolutely fantastic!

Re: How to Make Recycled Cotton Art Yarn

I love this. You really made spinning yarn seem doable and I love how you merged our button theme with the crafting green theme.

Re: Crafting with VHS Tapes

Oh. My. God. You are killing me. I can't believe you found so many applications for a videotape. I love the twist on raffia flowers. So stinking cute!

Re: Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face

Ah, the tact issue. I feel your pain, dgoddess.

Re: How to Make Button Embellishments for Shoes!

These are so sweet. You have me pulling out all of my boxes of shoes to see what I can spruce up and give new life.

Re: Wait 'til You Hear This...

I can't wait to hear and read more. This was such an amazing story to begin with and I was completely transported by your storytelling.

Re: How to Make Wall Art with Vintage Fabric and Buttons

I love the idea but I absolutely adore how you chose to use the buttons, letting the fabric lead your design. Each piece is so distinctive.

Re: How to Make Dorset Buttons

So gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial.

Re: How to Make a Gridded Button Portrait

This is splendid and so original! I love Chuck Close too, and this is such a great twist.

Re: Crafting Editorial Props: A Case Study

Thanks Jeffrey. I feel like you are like Dr. Seuss's Lorax and instead of speaking for the trees, you're speaking for the crafters. I am always telling my friends to value their work and take into account their time and their imagination and talent but I often have a hard time asking for what I'm worth when the time comes. This is a terrific article, because it's so frank about the entire process.

Re: The Artist's Shui

Yay! So glad you found this helpful. The real trick is maintaining the order as life gets in the way.

Re: How to Make a Stylish Sofa Cover

I'm a bit obsessed with this, I have to admit.

Re: Make a Metallic Makeup Palette

I got it at Ace Hardware so I'd just try any hardware store. Just make sure the metal is attracted to the magnets. I had the packet of magnets with me so I could try them out. Good luck!

Re: How to Decoupage a Tray

Love this. I have a couple of trays that could definitely use a decoupage makeover.

Re: Crafting through Grief

IlaPan: I am SO, so sorry to hear about your dog. It's awful when it catches you unawares but I suppose it's not any easier when the pet slowly suffers. Good luck and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Re: Etsy Hearts Erika Kern: We Know the Feeling

I really need to make me a felted fella and put him in my relationships corner. Meanwhile, I really want to plan a trip to Cali to hang out with Erika and her dog.

Re: Airline Travel Info for Knitters

Thanks for the info, Tina!

Re: Create Note Cards Starring Your Pet

Oh the theme song. I need to figure out how to add a sound chip to the cards! Ma Mac Daddy, scadda wadda doodle a dee yeah!

Re: How to Print Flowers with Flowers

Gorg. Thanks for posting this. I've been too lazy to experiment with the bag o' goodies from the Japanese vendor.

Re: Hambly Screen Prints: Making Buzz at CHA

Yay, you beat me to the punch. I heart all of their designs and they are such nice women.

Re: Wall to Wall Paper

Phew, I'm tired thinking about all the work you all put into it, as well as exhilarated by the creativity that you brought to a simple material. Well done, all of you, and thanks especially to Jessica, who I can second was a life-saver throughout the show.

Re: Kaleidoscope Kreator: More CHA Innovation

I totally missed the Kaleidoscope Kreator. It's so incredible. Thanks for posting.

Re: So CraftStylish at CHA

Ditto on everything Erika said. And I'm so glad she got some beauty shots of the amazing wall. It totes blew my mind.

Re: How to Make Stuffed Valentine Doll

I love this so much and after meeting you, I love you too.

Re: How to Make a Mantra Mirror

I think you could do with for about $15, depending on if you have any brushes, sandpaper, or spray varnish already around the house. It was suprisingly cheap. I bought most everything at my local Ace Hardware.

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

I can't tell you how much I love, love, love these.

Re: How to "Waste" Paper

This is incredible. I have a craft crush on your brain! And I love your choice of magazine for your waste basket.

Re: A Christmas Miracle: My Close-Knit Family

Yay! I've taught a few friends to knit but it never seems to catch fire after the first scarf.

Re: At Long Last, the Obamarama Shawl

It was between 250 and 300 and using an 18-stitch repeat. It might have been 288 plus the 6 garter stitches on each side, for a total of 300 stitches. I'm not quite sure. Knitters will have to figure it out, based on the weight of their yarn and how long their want their shawl to be.

Re: A Crafty Retreat in the Woods

What a dream! I need to set up a similar retreat. Every time I go away for a girls' weekend, I'm the only chick knitting. A lot of my friends are not crafty in that way.

Re: Jewelry from Recycled Skateboards

This is seriously cool.

Re: Crafting through Grief

Thanks for all of the well-wishes, ladies. Linda, I am busy knitting the first of what will be many more mindless hat projects. I was so happy to get that going. The Tudors Season 2 is helping as well.

Re: DIY: A Manifesto (of Sorts) in Four Parts

This is so beautifully thought out and beautifully written. It provides me with new inspiration when I'm feeling, frankly, a bit burnt out as a writer and crafter. It makes me think back to my very handy parents and grandparents, who just looked around and made do. I'm going to adopt your resolutions as best I can and build on them if possible. Thanks!

Re: Feather headband

Gorgeous job!

Re: How to Make a Feather Headband

Yay! So glad y'all are having fun with this!

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting for Christmas, a Lie in the Making

Michaela, I'm glad to know another wackadoo crafter, although my craft lie is a bit more of the garden variety: I let all my non-crafty friends think I'm a white witch, miracle worker, or some other magical creature who can actually create a RIBBED HAT or BEADED EARRINGS. Seriously. Apparently, I surround myself with craft-challenged loved ones!

You are one of a kind, in the best of ways.

Re: Sew a Pair of Shoe Submarines

Thanks dude, esp. for the brainstorming!

Re: How to Make a Peppermint Stick Salt Soak

Avery makes all sorts of white and clear labels. I basically whipped up my label with some fonts in MS Word and printed it out on the sheet of labels. You could also buy tags and get creative with some rubber stamps or colored pens. Good luck and have fun with it.

Re: How to Make a Feather Headband

Mine were all collected by my mom and friend in the woods of Michigan. You might try looking online. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Re: How to Make a Paper Chandelier

Jeffrey! This is the most incredible thing. I just kept muttering "Omigod, omigod, omigod" as I looked at this post and saw all the photos of what meticulous talent went into producing such a work of art. You elevate crafting and this site into the heavens.

Re: How to Make Perfect-Fitting Pajama Bottoms

Yum, fleece sounds divine. I guess I'd only be concerned that the waistband could get bulky but otherwise, go for it! And let me know how they work out.

Re: The Gift Guide for Guys

Hurray for Cowboy Cookies! I bet my grandma got the recipe off a bag of chocolate chips. :)

Re: Dare to Make It: Ready, Set, Craft!

soggs74: I can certainly try. Send me your e-mail and I'll try to send an attachment with a PDF file. [email protected]

Re: How to Make a Surprisingly Simple Paper Wreath

Love this! And I even have a foam wreath lurking somewhere around here.

Re: Seattle Spotlight: Sweet P & Sage Debut Ghosts in The Garden

This is such a refreshing and candid interview. I heart them even more.

Re: Who Are You? DIY Halloween Costumes

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Re: Turn Photos into Embroidered Portraits

Totally gorgeous. I definitely want to try this sometime.

Re: The CraftStylish Caption Contest: Knitwear Comes Back to Haunt Us

We bought all of our Christmas gifts--including these ski masks--instead of making a single one. We're not fit to show our faces.

Re: Shopping for Fuzzy Bear Hats with My New Friend Bill Murray

You really do need to put this photo on your Christmas card.

Re: Shopping for Fuzzy Bear Hats with My New Friend Bill Murray

I almost want to kill you. That is such a good story that I want to weep that I didn't go to Maker Faire. What was Bill doing there? So Lost in Translation.

Re: Make a Photo-Strip Garland

I love Office Max ALMOST as much as I love the drugstore. I can spend hours in there.

Re: The Claw: How to Make an Unusual Halloween Mask

Jeff, you are scary. Scary-good, that is.

Re: How to Make a Vintagesque Necklace with Wire and Beads

Thanks for the clever idea!

Re: How to Make a Yo-Yo Handbag

This is beyond cute. Thanks Diane, for such a clear and inspiring tutorial.

Re: How to Make a Stamped ID Bracelet

They sell rectangle wire in the store of Fusion Beads in Seattle. I don't think they sell it online. However, I do think they have it at Jewelry Resource & Supply:

Re: How to Make Monocolor Scrapbook, Journal, and Wrapping Papers

Thanks for the ideas. I love seeing your examples. The dog card is super-cute!

Re: This Week On CraftStylish

Okay, I'm drooling with anticipation over Diane's yo-yo bag!

Re: Flower Power Necktie Bag

Supercute and whimsical.

Re: A Look at Paris Fashion Week

Thanks for the preview, Alex. It's always nice to get inspiration from cutting-edge fashion and then figure out how I can translate it into my own crafts.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Scary Crafty Excesses or How to Terrify the Opposite Sex

This is so the Afterschool Special that I would have liked to have seen. My God, it's so tragic and sad but I hope it's somehow funny in hindsight. I love that you wanted to be such a dramatic character as the phantom. You are now the dramatic character. You don't need a costume!

Re: Crafting in the Current Economy

Michaela, your post made tears well up. I get so mushy over crafting and friends. Asia_Tatiana, I think a craft swap would be the perfect event for Halloween itself, as I don't usually dress up and the idea of donning librarian glasses, putting my hair up in a bun with bangs, and carrying around a bloody stuffed wolf as Sarah Palin just depresses me. Better to swap that fabric my mom sent me for someone else's evil eye beads! Great idea. Check out my post on how to host a craft swap here: And for tips on recycling that unfortunate store-bought sweater, see Lee Meredith's post:

We CraftStylish folks could tell those economists a thing or two (we could at least teach them how to knit, which is what I did for two days straight after 9/11).

Re: Flower Power Challenge Winners!!!

These are all truly inspiring!

Re: Sweet P & Sage Swing Seattle Fashion Forward with Pulp Lab

That was a fun night! It was such a treat to see the dress up close and personal.

Re: How to Make a Patchwork Cozy for Your French Press

This is so cute! I'm totally going to make one. And your nails look fab, by the way!

Re: How to Make a Stuffed Buche de Noel (Part 1)

I really cannot stand how cute this is. Oh my goodness.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting on the Fly and Under Pressure

Oh my, can I relate! I think some people on flights think I am indulging in performance art and wanting to start a dialogue about knitting or what I'm doing. Leave me be. The last flight I was on with a screaming baby had massive delays. The pilot came on and said, "We want to get to the gate just as much as you." I said really loudly, "I really don't think that's true." I refrained from punctuating my remarks with my knitting needle.

Re: How to Make a Cuticle Cream for Those Craftin' Mitts

You're on!

Re: How to Carve Your Own Stamps

Great post, Wendy! I've been curious about how to make my own stamps! If only I could draw...

Re: Portrait in Paper: It's Not What You Think!

This completely blew my mind and it was just what I needed, as I'm in the homestretch of writing a book on outdoor crafts. Maybe I can finish the pesky manuscript today!

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting For The Family

I feel that this article is destined to become a classic. I can totally relate. I've made things for people to show off my skills without really thinking about them and their tastes. Now I do a lot of reconnaissance to determine if the recipient is going to "GET" the import of the hand-made gift. No more making socks for people who look at you and say one of two things:

"You gave me SOCKS?"



Yeah, you ingrate. I sure did.

Re: Knit One for the Hometeam! Seattle Mariner's Stitch N' Pitch 2008

Michaela, I'm just glad you didn't get a photo of me chowing down on the garlic fries and my giant brat. It was not a pretty picture.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: The Second Circle of Craft Hell

I wish this sounded familiar. I always dip my toe into new crafts rather than reaching for the moon. You are my hero.

Re: Crafting on a Budget

Great ideas, Daphne! I actually just scored two baggies full of crochet needles and rug hooks and spools of thread at Value Village last month. Each bag was a $1.95 and chock-full of tools. Now I just need to learn to crochet and hook a rug. But if you have the materials, it will come, right?

Re: Crafte's Inferno

And notice how the PJs artfully cover up my belly, full of a fish burrito from Taco del Mar? I meant to do that.

Re: Crafte's Inferno

Gosh that was fun but I'm now back in the first circle of hell, writing a book about crafts without time to make anything really for fun. I guess at least I'm still crafting but when a book is due in two weeks and you have 20 projects still to do, the fun sort of scurries out the window. Hence, I think a regular Michaela fix is on order. Have you seen those pillows? They are totes gorg. My PJs are a bit wonky but hey, they're PJs, right?

Re: Knit a Homerun for the Hometeam: A Stitch 'N Pitch Update

Michaela, that is one sexy photo. If you had some from snacklets Dixie's BBQ somewhere in the photo too, I think I might marry you!

Re: A Beginner's Perspective on Fused Glass Jewelry

What a fun day that must have been! The pendant looks great!

Re: Fantastic craft books and a summer sale

I just hit that and picked up some books from Amy Butler and Jenny Hart. Thanks Susan!

Re: Beating Crafty Burnout

I drink. Just kidding. I just wrote about craft burnout on my blog yesterday ( as I'm churning out projects for an 8/15 book deadline. And because they are for the book, I can't even crow about how brilliant everything is. Again, just kidding. I think I clean and do some productive procrastination when I need to clear my head. I don't know how many times I've reorganized my sweater shelf in the past few years but it's a tried-and-true lifesaver. Sadly, since I photographed all of my shoes and then printed out, laminated, and stuck the photos onto the various plastic shoe boxes, I can't do much more reorganization on that front...

Re: Renegade Jewelry Artists Look to the Past for Inspiration

You are killing me with the Michigan pendant, lady! I could stop putting my hand up and pointing to where I'm from. The pendant could serve the same purpose. Must...back...away...from...etsy...purchase. I dropped about $70 on craftpudding stamps the other night because of the CS post that make me aware of how flippin' cute they are.

Re: Embroider a Photo

What a super and clear tutorial. I think the embroidery hoop is calling...

Re: My Summer of Hand-Sewn Dresses

You are my hero, lady.

Re: Which Ink is Right for Your Project

Thanks for this! I'm just getting into shrink plastic and I remembered reading this a month ago and just dug it up to see what you recommended for it.

Re: Shrink Plastic Magic

Check out my friend Evelyn Taylor's Shrinky Dink creations at her etsy store:

Re: It's Business Time

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad you're finding this article helpful. It's so hard to find alternative venues but it's fun brainstorming...

Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

You are such a rock star with the tutorials. I can't wait to try this out.

Re: The Mystery of the Cool Evening Bag Is Solved

While I love this, it's hard to see the book itself removed. Maybe the pages could be bound up and sold along with the handbag. How else would someone know that the paintings with the scarlet slippers are hiding smuggled jewels? Maybe I'm too picky, but I am still obsessed with Nancy, as evidenced by my book, "Nancy Drew's Guide to Life."

Re: The Sew Bettie Fabric Collection

Love the retro design!

Re: It's A Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Super-Quilt from the Past

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Re: Interweave Craft Books to Check Out

I edited Liz's Silver Wire Fusing and it is a wonderful introduction to fusing fine silver with a torch. Playing with fire is so much fun! Liz includes a wide variety of jewelry projects to suit any taste and once you fuse your first hoop, you'll be off and running. I'm wearing the wormhole earrings right now!

Re: Check out This Vintage Pattern Treasure Trove on Etsy

Geez, Michaela, way to get me started on another craft obsession. I could look all day at the full-skirted 50s patterns. Very Nancy Drew! But those tiny waists! Oy. They weren't eating a second slice of pie, that's for sure. And that's just so sad (I say as I rub my belly).

Re: Pre-Renegade Kickoff: Book and Printing Party at Lotta Jansdotter's Brooklyn Studio

I bought Lotta's book two weeks ago and can't wait to get started printing and stamping everything I own. I also recommend her Simple Sewing book. It's great for beginning seamstresses.

Re: Sewing Patterns

I love this crazy Amy Butler apron.

Re: Sweet Silkscreening: Pinecone + Chickadee

These are too cool for school. I love me some yeti.

Re: Portland, OR: Be Still My Crafting Heart

That day was an absolute dream. Thank you, Michaela. Thank you, Portland!

Re: Twisted Gives a Shout out to Craft Magazine

I wish I could have stayed longer with all the cool kids.

Re: Making Tracks to Crafty Wonderland

I can't decide whether I'm more excited about Crafty Wonderland or the roadtrip with Michaela!

Re: What's in Your Crafting Cupboard?

I craft a LOT in front of the TV. I have my American Idol cabled hat, my Project Runway crystal ring, my Pride & Prejudice heirloom necklace, my drunken What Not to Wear scarf that I absolutely do wear, you get the idea. I also find that my grandmother's tiny pair of stork-shaped sewing scissors come in handy with most of my handicrafts.