Karen Conkle, KS, US

craft interests: crochet, restyle

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/08/1955

Member Since: 09/28/2010

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Eco Friendly Plarn White Black Crocheted Shopping Tote Bag

This eco friendly shopping tote bag was crocheted with plarn made from recycled plastic bags.  It has a flat bottom that gives the bag a depth of 7", and it measures 18" wide and 10" tall...

Crocheted Market or Tote Bag Made From White and Blue Upcycled Plarn

Here is a large eco friendly crocheted market tote bag made with plarn made from recycled plastic retail store bags.  This bag is 17" wide and 13" tall.

Crocheted Plarn Tote Bag

Roomy reusable market or tote bag made crocheted with plarn made from recycled plastic retail bags.  It measures 16" wide x 12" tall and has one 26" strap.

Crocheted Plarn Market Bag

  This Crocheted Mesh Plarn Market Bag was made from upcycled white and blue plastic retail store bags.  It features a flat bottom 14" wide and 4" deep.  The handles are 2.25" wide...

Crocheted Plarn Cell Phone Case

This crocheted plarn cell phone case was made from upcycled plastic bags. It features a wrist strap and tab closure.

Crocheted T-Yarn Purse

This is my first project using tee shirt yarn or T-Yarn.  My red, white and blue crocheted T-Yarn purse is 100% upcycled, including the reclaimed button.  

Crocheted Plarn Purse

This eco friendly purse was crocheted using 100% upcycled plastic bag yarn (plarn). It is 10" wide and 7.5" tall and has a shoulder strap with a 15" drop. The flap has a button hole for the reclaimed...

Crocheted Plarn Can Cozy

The great insulating qualities of plastic make this upcycled crocheted plarn cozy set a good choice for carrying bottles of water or your favorite canned beverages. 100% recycled.

Plarn Tote Bag

Crocheted in a netting stitch with plarn made from 100% recycled plastic bags, this multi-purpose white and red bag has an open top and one 23" strap. It measures 14" wide and 15.5" tall.

Upcycled Crocheted Plarn Handbag or Tote

Upcycled Crocheted Plarn Tote or Handbag with two 20" straps. 100% recycled, handmade.  12" wide x 11.5" tall.

Eco Crocheted Plarn Bottle or Gift Bag

Crocheted Plarn Gift or Bottle Bag with drawstring, 100% upcycled, handmade.  6" wide x 10.5" tall.

Crocheted Stripe Eco Tote

This tote bag is 100% recycled. It was crocheted with "Plarn" made from plastic retail bags. It measures 13" x 12" and has a 28" strap.