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Re: How to Stitch Up a Felt Needle Book

These are so cool they totally remind me of something my granny would own, but SO much cooler

Re: My Ulitmate Sewing Room EVER!

I want one too!

Re: Simply Elegant/Everyday Beautiful Felt Jewlery

OH I do not know how I can possibly live without one of these, I have been eyeing some roving at American felt and craft but I dont needle felt so now I have the perfect excuse, you don't mind if I tell DH your post MADE me do it right? :)

Re: If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Stitched a Cake: How to Make Felt Food

Love this! I just bought a kit to make felt muffins...I am going to make all the yummy stuff first. The bonus is, if your like me and you spend your kids college money on a pink retro kitchen set because you cannot imagine her playing with anything less, you become very worried about wooden play food damaging it, so I am making a ton of felt food, BTW American Felt and craft sells foam rounds and wedges and a million diffrent colors of wool blend felt, I am hoping that they will make up for my rusty sewing skills.

Re: Felt Bird Brooches

Oh I love it! I just bought a big ol stash of wool blend felt and squeakers and rattles, from American Felt and Craft to make some baby owl rattles I am thinking mama needs a bird pin to match! Good thing it's being sent priority I dont know how long I could have waited! :)

Re: crinkly crackly owl

So neat I love the handmade felt it just makes it that much more special. I love making my kids toys I like to imagine that one day they will tell thier kids or ever thier kids kids that great grandma made that. Of course I like to think they would learn to brush thier teeth without leaving toothpaste everywhere but that never happpens...ahhh but we can dream.

Re: How to Make a Felt Baby Toy with a Crinkly, Crackly Recycled Surprise

They sell rattle inserts and squeakers at www.feltandcraft.com they would be perfect in this project! I am going to do a series of owls in various colors one that squeaks, one that rattles and one that crinkles thanks for the tip I'll let you know how they turn out!