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Re: Book Giveaway: "Sew What You Love"

It is a rare occasion when I DON'T sew what I love. But I an always looking for new inspiration. I have the cutrest grandbaby that loves me to make things for her.

Re: Book Giveaway: Threads Sewing Guide

My Idle Hands would be complete if I had this book. It would be wonderful to pass it down to my granddaughter when she gets older.


Re: What is your greatest fitting challenge?

My fat. "Big Girl" patterns are just regular sized patterns made bigger. That would be fine if my proportions did they same thing, but they don't. I have a huge backside and stomach. I buy books to help me adjust patterns, but half the time I give up.

However, I found on YouTube a video on how to make a dress form. It does not use duct tape but uses brown packing tape. It will smell better. Threadbangers put it out. THey have some strange ideas, but I will be doing this one.

Re: How to Make a Magazine Reed Box

THis is a fabulous idea! Since we are all crafters, instead of using a piece of reed to cover the center of the box, how about a pony bead? It could also add a bit of color.


Re: Book Giveaway: Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

We all need to learn to recycle more. Crafts with "already used" materials are great for gifts. Think of the money we could save for retirement by not having to run out to the store to but that extra "what-not" for a new project. If I don't win, I will look into getting this book anyway.


Re: How to Make Easy Two-Bead Earrings

What a great idea!
Whips up quickly for those lats minute gifts.