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Re: What are some of your odd sewing habits?

Count me in with the 'cut out several projects at once' crowd! But my biggest thing is The Television. I MUST have my cable tv, or a movie, or something. The radio just doesn't do it for me - I have to have the tv. This is why my 'sewing room' is in the middle of the living room, because I can't afford to have cable in two rooms, and I can't afford to *not* have tv in the main part of my apartment! And I also kick off my slippers, but under the sewing table. I slip them back on before walking anywhere, because of the possibility of lost pins. NOBODY is allowed to walk barefoot in my apartment. Ever.

Re: What was your very first sewing project?

My first sewing project was an apron. I remember it well. My mother chose navy blue small-check gingham as a way to teach me how to make even stitches, and we made matching mother-daughter aprons. I was four years old.
I still have the wicker sewing basket that she gave me at the time, too. It's much the worse for wear now, so it sits in a corner gathering dust and reviving memories.