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Pillowcase Tote Bag

This is where I got the idea from - It's so simple to follow, but then I varied the instructions to do the you can see I added my own and wrapped...

Pretty little Purse

A family friend made the template and chose the design for the pattern on the right side. I finished the bag off by adding the handles and a pink flap with ribbon detail. I wore it out today and got...

Turn your sleeves into scarves!

I cut the long sleeves from an old jumper...the colours of the jumper were a bit too fluoro for my liking, but not too bright for a I cut them off, resewed them to the width I wanted, cut...

From Rags to Riches (almost)

I'm glad I didn't chuck away mum's old skirt and my old summer top...otherwise I would never have thought the result could be somewhat like Cinderella...from rags to riches ;-)  

My First Pair of Handmade Arm Warmers

I was inspired by all these people making their own arm-warmers from old sweaters and the like, so I decided to try it out. It's pretty simple, but I quite like them that way :-)

Two Tops into One

How to create your own personalised version: 1) Take two old tops - one plain coloured and simple and another with a pattern you still want to preserve 2) Pick the best feature of the patterned top...

Scrap Cat - Restyle #2

I did a quick restyle of another old singlet of mine. I attached the cat first, then did her tail with a scrappy bow from the left overs of the same fabric used for the cat. Then I pinched the...

Re-styling and Bringing to Life Your Old Plain Tops

I recently got a sewing machine, and I love experimenting on it! I have to admit I am not very patient or "neat", but here is something I made today. The idea of the flowers came from another...

My Dream Sewing Room

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

recent comments

Re: Mini Monster Pouches

Love them!

Re: My First Pair of Handmade Arm Warmers

You were definitely one of those people I mentioned who inspired me to give it a go! Thanks!

Re: Scrap Cat - Restyle #2

Hi, I'm glad you like the design :-)
Can you explain what you mean by offering to 'provide customers with'? I will be posting more up over the weeks, thank you for the comment

Re: Bergie the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature

I love how you even made the eyelids!

Re: Cannygirl Designs

I love the recycled denim purse!

Re: CinfulArt Tropical Art Quilt Wall Hangings

I love the colours!

Re: Sewn Birthday Card

I like the envelope - it's so cute!

Re: Vintage Flower Card

Wow that's cool that you actually made the buttons yourself...definitely something different!

Re: Re-styling and Bringing to Life Your Old Plain Tops

Hi! guess right, I'm from Sydney, Australia :-)
Thanks for the encouragement!

Re: More recycled fun!

I like the story telling just as much as I love the doll!

Re: My creations

Your costumes are amazing!

Re: More tiered skirts for girls

nice! how do you make the first skirt?

Re: Wire Body Art

Haha, that's right - keep up the great work - you are very talented...very unique!

Re: Blue Jean Baby!!

Very cute!

Re: Upcycled Custom Drapery Panel...Go Green!!

Love the colours!

Re: How to Make an Eco-Friendly Corsage

thanks for the great idea...I used mine to decorate an old top!

Re: Roundup: T-Shirt Skirt

I love the green and turquoise one!

Re: Holy Cow... Checkbook Cover.



That is such a good idea...I will definitely attempt this!