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How to Make a Super-Simple Crochet Hook Caddy

Keep your crochet hooks corralled with a pretty hook case. This version starts with a store-bought place mat to make it quick and easy, perfect for beginning sewers.

How to Make an Easy Crocheted Holiday Garland

Gather your baubles, fabric scraps, and felt and crochet this super-simple garland. Even beginners can succeed at this one!

Make a Recycled Clothespin Bag

Here's another use for your recycled jeans: a hanging clothespin bag to encourage you to air-dry your clothing when possible.

How to Crochet Cute Christmas Ornaments

Fill up your tree with these quick and cute holiday ornaments—they make the perfect canvas for embellishments.

How to Make a Crepe Paper Flower Centerpiece

Are you hosting a shower or other celebration? Save some of your crepe paper to make these gorgeous paper flowers.

How to Make a Rickrack Brooch for Mother's Day

Get crafty for your mama with these cute, springy brooches made from jumbo rickrack.

How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

Crochet flowers are fast, easy, and perfect for embellishing almost anything. Learn how to make a basic two-layer flower with this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Crochet a Doggy-shaped Bag

If you like to take your dog on long walks, chances are you need to carry a few grocery bags with you to take care of business. Here's how to make a cute crochet carrier to tote the bags in.

Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Join me in a five-week crochet-along where I'll take you through all of the steps to making your own baby hoodie. You'll be finished with plenty of time to spare and one holiday gift checked off your list.

How to Make Finger-Wrapped Yarn Pom Poms

If you want to make a pom pom without the fuss of tools, use nothing but your own two hands and follow these steps.

How to Crochet a Button

Cover up your boring brown buttons with crochet! They make a great finishing accent to hats and sweaters, but they also look great on noncrocheted garments.

How to Crochet a Tawashi

Craft Japanese with this cute dish scrubbie pattern. I'll show you how to make it, step by step.

How to Make Last-Minute Lace Valentine Cards

Here's a quick and easy project you can complete in time for Saturday—pretty lace valentine cards.

How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table

Bunches of soft leaves in pretty autumn colors will make a great accent to your Thanksgiving table. Here's how to crochet them, step by step.

How to Make a Doily Bowl

With a few scrap materials and a ready-made doily, you can fashion a chic little bowl to hold your notions.

How to Make a Granny Square

The classic granny square is a major foundation piece of many crochet patterns. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial for a basic double-crochet granny square. Once you've mastered this simple pattern piece, you’ll be ready to take on all kinds of great crochet projects.

How to Felt a Bobbled Scarflet

Here's a quick, easy, and eye-catching gift: a texturized scarflet made from an old wool sweater.

How to Make Decoupage Bead Necklaces with Kids

When your kids are bored this summer, why not sit down with them and create some pretty, new jewelry? This inexpensive project will challenge their creativity.

How to Dress Up Your Curtain with a Crochet Tieback

Let a little light in with curtain tiebacks. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how. )

How to Make a Yarn Octopus

Keep the kids entertained and use up your yarn scraps at the same time with this fun sea creature craft.

How to Line a Knit or Crocheted Hat

Keep your ears warm and your forehead itch-free by lining your hat with a fleece band. I'll show you how, step by step.

Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

When you can't find the perfect closure for your knit or crocheted garment, there's only one thing to do: Do it yourself!

How to Embellish Flip-Flops with Crochet

Dress up your dowdy flip-flops with scrap yarn and a button embellishment!

How to Make a Felt Fish-Shaped Cat Toy

Delight your kitten with a catnip-stuffed fish on a string. This project will only take you about a half hour to make. A free pattern is also included.

How to Crochet a Chunky Last-Minute Scarflet

Okay, so it's almost Christmas Eve and you STILL don't have all of your presents made? Here's a super-quick project to the rescue!

How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

Put an end to disposable dust cloths with this clever reversible Swiffer sock. One side is flat, the other loopy, so you can use it wet or dry.

How to Make a Floral Fascinator

Dress up your day with a pretty handmade fascinator! You can wear this instead of a veil, or wear it in place of the veil at your reception.

How to Make a Ring Pillow with Vintage Lace

Here's an easy DIY wedding project that is quick and doable, and a great way to incorporate some heirloom lace.

How to Make a Fun Place Card Holder

Why waste cupcake toppers on cupcakes? Use them to make these pretty place cards and your guests can take a fun memory of your party home with them.

Make Your Own Bag Handles

If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive way to accent your knit and crochet bags, check out this great tutorial by blogger Jesse Breytenbach.

Prudence Mapstone Is Now Scrumbling Weekly

If you're a fan of freeform knitting and crochet, here's a great source for inspiration—even better, it's updated weekly.

Make a Pretty Summer Top from a Pillowcase

Betz White shares this simple sewing project just in time for summer.

How to Crochet Bridal Jewelry

Build your own necklace with crochet motifs, pearls, and dangling chains. You could switch the colors and beads for an everyday ornament, too!

Print Your Own Knit Book

Have you ever wished all of your clipped patterns could be in one lovely book? Well, now they can!

How to Make Mollie Flowers

Roman Sock shares a tutorial for making these sweet, bobbley flowers.

Pretty Petals for Spring

Whip up some crocheted flower squares that you can piece into a pillow, throw, scarf, or whatever you like!

When Natural Beauty, Crochet, and Math Collide

Margaret Wertheim, a founder of the Institute for Figuring, discusses her coral reef project, crochet, and hyperbolic space in her presentation at the TED conference.

Fiber-Covered Tree Debuts in Alabama

See the results of artist Jennifer March's collaborative tree project, "Interdependence."

Make Your Own Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Here's one more crafty solution to wean you off of your disposable products.

How to Make a Recycled Bib

Combine a few choice fabric scraps with pieces cut from old pants to make a durable, cute bib for baby.

Get Tied Up in Refashioning!

Check out these amazing ascots, cuffs, belts, and more from etsy seller Lillian Asterfield.

Vickie Howell Shares Ways to Keep Knitting in This Economy

Check out Vickie's great suggestions to keep knitting (and crocheting) without breaking the bank.

Crafting a Greener World

When you're seeking inspiration for crafts that involve recycling and sources for sustainable materials, check out this awesome blog.

Make Your Own Vintage Egg Shell Ornaments

If you bought too many Easter eggs this year and still have loads to cook, check out this awesome tutorial on making Spring Time glittered egg ornaments.

Crafty Inspiration Redux: Plastic Bottle Lampshades

The more you look for something specific, the more you find it. Here's another fantastic inspiration point for crafty recyclers.

Dress Up Your Bike with a Crocheted Seat Cover

Here's another incentive to using your bike inestead of your car: You can look cute while you commute.

How to Sew Your Own Produce Bags

Many of us have made the switch to cloth grocery bags, but what about those flimsy produce bags we're still using (and trashing) each week? Here's how to make your own reusable versions for less than a dollar.

Make a Vase Out of a Plastic Bottle

Here's another ingenious use of a plastic soda bottle, and step-by-step photos make it easy to duplicate.

Get Tied up in Refashioning!

Designer Nicole Deponte crafts stunning ascots, cuffs, and more from old neck ties.

Handmade Nation Premieres in Portland This Weekend

Don't miss the premiere of Faythe Levine's documentary on the rise of Art, Craft, and DIY, this weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.

Make a Reusable Lunch Sack

Using a brown paper sack as her inspiration, blogger Pretty Penny shows us how to make our own reusable lunch sack.

Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

This is one of the cooolest reuse ideas for plastic bottles that I've ever seen.

How to Crochet a Button-Bedecked Headband

Button up your look with this bold headgear.

Learn to Make a Crocheted Flower Brooch

Blogger Attic24 shares this colorful tutorial on how to make a pretty flower brooch.

Knit on the Net Provides Free Hip Crochet and Knitting Patterns

The latest issue of Knit on the Net is up, and it's all about glamour!

How to Make a Pretty Pincushion with a Button Center

Take a patchwork pincushion to the next level with stacked button embellishments and a crocheted border.

More Unique Button Vendors on Etsy

Here are a few more of my favorite sellers of handmade buttons.

Handmade Buttons on Etsy

If you're seeking the perfect fasteners for your handmade projects, check out the gorgeous work of Buttons by Robin.

Join the National Crochet Month Crochet-Along

March is National Crochet Month, and crocheters across the web are celebrating by doing a bit of freeform crochet each day.

Learn to Make a French Knot Like a Pro!

Kristin Nicholas, knitwear, embroidery and textile designer, has a great new video tutorial on her website that explains the often frustrating French Knot stitch.

How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

Get out your pearly buttons and embroidery floss and whip up these pretty woven coasters.

Crochet Scarves to Carry You Through Winter

Depending on where you live, there's still a good amount of cold weather ahead. Here are three pretty scarves to crochet if you're sick of what you've been wearing.

Craftster Compares Online Venues for Crafted Goods

If you're thinking about selling your work online, check out this great roundup of different selling sites.

Ceramist Combines Crochet with Clay

If you need a place to store your treasures, check out these HOLD jars from NestingEmily.

My New Favorite Yarn Store

I've been hanging out in Austin, TX for the past few weeks and finally had the chance to visit a much talked about yarn store: Hill Country Weavers.

One-Skein Crochet Projects

Do you have a stash of pretty yarns...but only one skein of each? Here's a great link list to ideas for projects that only use one skein.

Free Crochet Patterns from Naturally Caron

If you're looking for something new to crochet or knit, check out the free pattern boutique at

Enhance Your Valentine Cards with a Crocheted Border

I love how blogger Thimbleanna added a crochet border to her vintage Valentines.

How to Make a Super-Quick Dog Toy

Using just a few fleece scraps and basic braiding, you can whip up a tug-of-war rope toy for your puppy in minutes!

Crochet a Sweet Heart Garland for Valentine's Day

Blogger Cassi Griffin shares a step by step tutorial for making crocheted hearts.

How to Transform a Tired Tote with Patchwork

Give your stained, logo-ed, and tired totes a makeover by adding a strip of patchwork fabric. This is a great way to use up your scraps to make a bag so cute you'll never forget to bring it with you to the grocery store.

"Trashionista" Recycles Plastic Bags into Colorful Jewelry

Etsy seller ArnyM turns trash into treasure via craft.

Upcycle Ugly Buttons into Pretty Coasters

Use the boring buttons that you can't help but hang on to to make a sweet set of crochet coasters.

Celebrate Inauguration Day with Crafty Stitches

What better way to celebrate today than with a crocheted portrait of Barack Obama?

Organize Your Jewelry with Crochet!'s Jennifer Hansen shows us how to crochet and frame a mesh panel, making a gorgeous and easy-to-use jewelry hanger. Knitters, there's a version for you, too!

How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

Combine fabric strips and clothesline to make these sweet fabric bowls. Here's the step-by-step tutorial!

Make a Leaf for the Tree Project: Interdependence

Artist Jennifer Marsh is back again, and this time she's covering a tree in Hunstville, Alabama. Here's how you can participate.

How to "Doilify" Your Hoodie for $5 or Less

Add a bold but delicate touch to a once-frumpy hoodie by appliquéing it with a store-bought doily.

Coats and Clark Introduces

If you're looking for a treasure trove of free knit and crochet patterns, this is it!

More Crochet Art: Allyson Mitchell's Granny Square Wreck Room

Artist Allyson Mitchell reclaims abandoned textiles to create modern art.

Lots of Handspun Yarn, All in One Place

Material Whirled sells handspun yarn by a number of designers, all in the same spot.

Crochet a Snowflake from Recycled Pop Tabs

Start saving your pop tabs—with a little crocheting action, you can transform them into wintery snowflakes.

What Crocheters Want for Christmas

Crochet designer Doris Chan muses on the top 10 gifts for crocheters.

Crocheted Holiday Gifts for Women

Don't panic—there's still time to whip up a few gifts in time for the holidays!

Handmade Doily Clocks

Etsy seller AndFurthermore makes these dainty yet modern clocks from vintage plastic doilies—they're the perfect gift for your favorite crafter.

Free Visor Beanie Crochet Pattern

Top off your gifts for guys with this hip yet simple crochet pattern by Suzanne Steiger.

How to Make a Manly Catchall

This holiday, give the man in your life the present of always knowing where his keys are. This super-easy catchall makes the perfect place to stow his daily necessities.

How to Edge a Blanket in Crochet

Here's a great online tutorial showing you how to edge a baby blanket in crochet. Edge a large piece of fleece in manly colors instead, and you've got an almost instant gift for guys.

Build Your Own Holiday Village

Kristin Nicholas shows us how to make our very own villages from birch, pine cones, glitter, and stuff you have around your home.

Make a Cute Crocheted Mini Stocking for Your Tree

Decorate your tree with darling holiday stockings from Doris Chan—each is made from a granny hexagon motif.

Decorate Your Windows with Crocheted Snowflakes

Even if the temperatures aren't dipping below freezing, you can set up a wintry scene in your home.

Make a Pretty Swirls Cap with This Crochet Pattern

Check that special fashionable someone off of your list with this gorgeous free pattern from Sophia Kessinger.

How to Edge a Napkin (or Anything Else) with Crochet

Make your napkins festive with a simple crochet edging. You can also use this technique on coasters or a table runner for a rich holiday setting.

Felt Ornament

I changed some things but used the general idea to make my own felt ornament. I machine sewed the frame together, with the photo inside, to hold it in place.

Line Your Knit and Crochet Totes with Pretty Fabric

Alice of FutureGirl shows you how to line any handmade bag with this step-by-step tutorial.

Twist Collective Offers Up Stylish Patterns to Knit and Crochet

New Web Magazine Twist Collective has a selection of beautiful patterns to knit (and one free one to crochet!).

Personalize Your Gifts with Fabric Labels

Patchwork Pottery shares a tutorial for printing your own fabric labels.

Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Finale

I'll lead you through the buttonhole band, tricky seaming, and the final finish to this adorable baby hoodie.

Stay Warm with a Cozy Lace Cowl

Without Seams shares a pretty lace patterned cowl just in time for fall.

Free Basic Beanie Pattern

Hats are a great holiday gift—they're quick, inexpensive, and relatively easy to customize.

Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 4

This week we'll be wrapping up the majority of the crocheting as we complete the hood for the baby hoodie.

Crafty Combinations Make Lovely Jewelry

Etsy Seller MuntedKowhai mingles crocheted lace with baubles and chains to make these sweet necklaces.

Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 3

This week we'll focus on making and edging the sleeves for the baby hoodie. It's not too late to get started!

Where Industry and Craft Collide

Inspired by embroidery, Dutch design house Demakersvan weaves beauty into a fence.

Get into the Fall Spirit with an Owl Eye Mask

Roman Sock offers a free tutorial to make this super cute eye mask.

Support the Rwanda Knits Auction

Support women in Rwanda and get knitting designer duds at the same time with this annual fundraising auction.

Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 2

This week I'll take you through making the two sweater fronts and I'll illuminate the sometimes tricky concept of reverse shaping.

Amugurimi Finger Puppets

Did the political debates leave you wanting more? Host your own with these presidential candidate finger puppets.

Just in Time for Halloween: Yarn that Glows!

Bernat "Glow in the Dark" yarn does what the name implies—and it's perfect for treat bags and costume accents this Halloween.

Knit (and Crochet) Spooky with a Host of Halloween Projects

Check out Lion Brand's library of free patterns for Halloween ideas.

Taking Thread to a Whole New Level

Artist Devorah Sperber creates masterful artworks without even taking thread off of the spool.

Stay Warm with a Bobbled Headband

This free pattern from the Crabby Crafter works up quick and makes a great gift for the holidays.

How to Create Textured Textiles with Felting

Create fancy textures while felting wool. No knitting or crocheting is required.

Recycling Just Got Easier

New recycled yarns from Coats and Clark make being "green" even easier.

How to Wind Center-Pull Balls of Yarn

Peruse this great tutorial on winding your own center-pull balls without the use of a ball winder.

Decorate Your Walls with Doily Decals

These cute wall decals will remind you of your love of crochet in a hip, modern way.

A Gorgeous Collection of Free Crochet Stitches Online

For a wonderful selection of diagram-based stitch pattern instructions, check out

Recycle Your Plastic Bags into a Dish Scrubber

Here's an ingenious idea from

Finally, a Place for Your UFOs

Send your unfinished crochet and knitting projects to be a part of Kristina Wong's upcoming show, "Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

Combine Crochet with Sewing for an Adorable Dress

The Wardrobe Refashion blog is a great place to find all sorts of inspiration, like this recently posted crochet collar/dress.

Filet Crochet Goes to the Bats

Check out this spooky curtain made entirely from filet crochet!

Pretty Produce Bags

Follow this tutorial to make your own pretty produce bags from doilies and fabric.

How to Cross-Stitch on Single Crochet

Create a unique monogram or other design using crossed embroidery stitches and a canvas made of single crochet.

How to Make Your Own Newspaper Yarn

If you liked the idea of recycling newspaper into yarn, here's how to spin it yourself.

Upcycled Yarn on Etsy

Etsy Seller Jessysprkle spins unique yarns from unexpected recycled materials.

Easy Peasy Crochet Bag

Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs shares a step-by-step tutorial on how to crochet (and line!) your own pretty bag.

How to Organize Your Yarn Stash, Part 2: Pare It Down!

Now that you've gone through and assessed your stash, it's time to decide what to keep and what to let go. If the thought of parting with your dear fibers horrifies you, read on for some encouragement.

Denver Crocheters Create the "World's Longest Crocheted Scarf"

A series of crochet classes at the Denver Museum of Art yielded this, the (unofficial) World's Longest Crocheted Scarf.

Donate a Scarf to the Special Olympics

While you're watching this week's coverage of the Olympics, knit or crochet a scarf for a Special Olympian.

Another Super Simple Stash Buster: Yarn Vase

Use this easy Design Sponge tutorial to make your own yarn wrapped vase in colors to suit your style.

Unique Stash Buster: Dryer Balls

Eliminate static cling and work through your stash in one fell swoop with these eco-conscious felted dryer balls.

How to Organize Your Yarn Stash, Part 1: Get It Together

To celebrate my recent move, I'm doing a monthlong series on how to get your stash organized and under control. Click for tips on getting started.

Freeform Crochet Inspiration from Myra Wood

If you've yet to hear of Myra Wood, be sure to check out her website for super textural crochet creations.

Free Crocheted Wrap Pattern from Robyn Chachula

Knitting Daily TV is offering this gorgeous wrap pattern for free! Get a head start before the show airs.

Softie Maker Sweet Nellie Combines Crochet with Sewing

Look at these adorable stuffies made by Etsy seller Sweet Nellie. She combines multiple techniques and materials to make them truly unique.

Making Crochet Mesh/Netting

Now is the perfect time to make an eco-friendly bag to carry to the farmers' market. This quick stitch tutorial will have you working up mesh in no time.

Calling All Crafters: Vickie Howell Wants You!

Knitter Vickie Howell is seeking crafter profiles for her latest book. Here's how to submit your profile for consideration.

Investing in Yarn?: Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm

Check out Etsy's handmade Portrait of Susan Gibbs, the owner of Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, a yarn farm operating on the CSA model.

Be A Crochet Insider with this great Web Zine

For inspiring crochet designs, techniques, and book and yarn reviews, check out the Crochet Insider, a hidden gem on the web.

Crochet in Fashion: Giuliana Testino

Fashion designer Giuliana Testino works with Peruvian women to create masterfully crocheted garments.

How to Crochet a Flower: Part 2, Embellishing

If you followed last week's tutorial, you should have a bouquet of sweet flowers at the ready. Here are a few ways to make them unique.

Free Julie Cuff Pattern from Blueprint Crochet

Try crocheting this quick summer cuff designed by Robyn Chachula!

Sculptural Filet Crochet

If you've never been inspired by Filet Crochet, check out these amazing sculptural pieces by artist Inger Carina.

Free Crochet Lace Vase Pattern

If you're looking to "try before you buy," check out this free pattern from Uncommon crochet.

Spread the Craft Contest--Win $1000!

There's still time to enter this crafty video tutorial contest!

How to Make a Chain-Stitch Necklace

Even if you've only mastered the chain stitch, you can still make funky summer jewelry. All you need are a few inexpensive supplies and about 30 minutes.

How to Crochet with Fabric

If you've got a pile of fabric or linens that leaves you feeling uninspired, try crocheting them into a colorful rug. I'll show you how to turn the fabric into "yarn", step by step.

Crochet your own Orb

Resurrection Fern is at it again with another great crochet tutorial.

Crochet Artist Makes a Statement by Covering Gas Station

Artist Jennifer Marsh recently unveiled her latest installation, a covered gas station in Syracuse New York. She hopes the work of fiber artists from all around the world will make people think about our dependence on oil.

Video Interview with Crochet Artist Jennifer Marsh

In this video interview, Jennifer Marsh explains the World Reclamation Art Project's mission to cover this New York gas station in order to bring attention to the world's oil dependence.

Video: Crochet Artist Covers Gas Station

Check out this video of Crochet Artist, Jennifer Marsh's newest installation, a covered gas station in Syracuse New York. This project was done in the hopes of bringing attention to the world's dependency on oil.

Where to Find Free Super Stitch Inspiration

Why register for yarn websites and weekly newsletters? The answer is simple: free projects and stitch patterns delivered to your inbox.

Crochet Tool I Love: The OTT-Lite

If you're always staying up late to find personal crafting time, invest in good lighting to save your eyes (and your projects!).

Mainstream Media Catches On; Crochet Is IN!

ABC news interviews Crochet Today Editor Brett Bara about how crochet is generating its own buzz.

Amazing Sculptural Crochet by Emily Barletta

Artist Emily Barletta uses crochet as one of her many methods to construct intricate surfaces.

Meet Fiber Artist Amy Long: Crocheter and Felt-Maker Extraordinaire

In this latest installment of Crochet as Art, meet Amy Long, an emerging fiber artist who's exploring bodily systems and interconnectedness in an untraditional medium.

Ways to Knit and Crochet Together

The Lion Brand Notebook mentions some great ways to keep things inspired and fresh when knitting with a group.

How to Crochet the Bobble Stitch

The bobble is one of my favorite stitches—it's puffy and cute and adds a lot of texture to any piece. Here's how to stitch it.

Finely Crafted Crochet Wire Jewelry

If you're looking for the perfect gift, check out these gorgeous jewelry designs by Esty seller Precious Meshes.

How to Make a Beaded Crochet Pendant

Step outside of the crochet box and learn how to make this dazzling beaded pendant using craft wire and your favorite beads.

Inspiring Crocheter Helle Jorgensen Shares Her Inspiration

Meet Helle Jorgensen, an awesome crocheter who delights in the magical realism of everyday objects. In this interview, she shares her inspiration, crochet habits, and what’s next.

Crochet Covered Rock Baby Tutorial

Resurrection Fern has a great tutorial on how to make super sweet crochet covered rocks.

Covered in Crochet

Inspired by a crochet covered tree in Toronto, crafters in Fitzroy Australia invented their own tree species: Magnolia Doilli.

Creativity 350 Contest

Crafting and being earth conscious seem to go hand in hand. Now, a new campaign to raise awareness of carbon dioxide reduction is sponsoring a crafty contest!

Spinning a Spider Web...Sort Of

Artist Nina Katchadourian started repairing spider webs as part of her art project in 1998, only to have her repairs refused by the spiders.

Craft Some Love: Crochet for Charity

Looking for a way to give back? Need that burst of inspiration that comes when you’re crocheting for someone else? Check out this crochet charity link roundup and get stitching.

The Importance of Blocking: A How To

Confession time: Until two years ago, when I made my first blanket, I rarely blocked any of my crochet creations. All of the wonky squares finally made me realize what this easy technique could do for my stitches.

Get a Handle on your Crochet Hooks

Sometimes the smallest hooks can be hard to hold. Here are a few easy ways to up-size your handles for a more comfortable grip.

Rethinking Grannies: Modern Takes On the Traditional Square

Give granny squares a chance! Colorful inspiration on Flickr makes these traditional squares glow.

Find the Perfect Bag Handles Online

The crochet makes the bag—but so does the handle! Check out some of my favorite places to find funky handles.

Meet Amazing Crochet Artist Aurelie Mathigot

Be inspired by artist Aurelie Mathigot, who creates soothing, delicate environments with crochet.

Buying Handspun Yarn on the Web

Want to treat yourself to a crafty delicacy? For fiber artists, there’s nothing more satisfying than one-of-a-kind handspun yarn. Here are some of the best shops on the Web.

Five Ways to Bust Your Yarn Stash

Does your yarn seem to be taking over your living space? If it’s time to use up some of your stash, here are five ways to get inspired.

Soothe Your Tired Hands

If you’re prone to marathon crochet sessions that sometimes leave your hands achy, try adding these stretches to your crochet routine.

Money-Saving Tip: Don’t Buy Duplicate Hooks

Are you one of those people who can never remember the sizes of hooks you already own and just buy a brand-new one for every project "just in case"? Ask yourself, do you really need 16 size-J crochet hooks? Here's a solution that keeps me from buying the same tools over and over.

Become a Part of This Year's Hottest Toy Craft

It seems like everybody’s doing it, right? Amigurimi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting cute toys in the round. These delightful little projects are quick, easy, and a little habit-forming.

Book Review: Crochet Inspiration by Sasha Kagan

I happened to be working at Soho Publishing while Sasha Kagan’s book was being produced, and I remember the sheer excitement about all of her beautiful colorwork. If you’re a crochet novice, you’ll find Kagan’s use of color to be absolutely aspirational. If you are a seasoned pro, this book offers you the opportunity to be re-inspired by every loop you make.

Crochet Blog to Watch: Crochet By Faye

If you’re looking to find the pulse of modern crochet, several of today’s crochet designers also happen to be—you guessed it!—bloggers. This interview with Robyn Chachula will be one of many featuring crochet-related blogs to watch. In my opinion, there aren’t enough crochet-related blogs, but more seem to pop up as I keep looking.

Free Crochet Basket Pattern

When I first saw this adorable free crochet pattern from the collaborative efforts of Orange Flower and Chick Pea Sewing Studio, I loved it for three reasons: easy construction, super-affordable yarn, and plenty of options for customization.

The Tool You Never Knew You Needed: Stitch Gauge

Think stitch gauges are only for knitters? Think again! Here are three ways crocheters can use this handy tool.

Crochet as Art: Joana Vasconcelos

Artist Joana Vasconcelos uses crochet to transform manufactured items into incredible works of art.

Earning Your Stripes: A Color Change Tutorial

Using stripes in your designs opens up a whole new world of opportunities- it's also a great way to combine different colors and textures for fashionable results. Follow this tutorial for a quick refresher on changing colors seamlessly.

Crochet Alongs

Here's a great way to hook-up (pardon the pun) with other like minded crochet enthusiasts for inspiration, pattern ideas, and a little splash of encouragement.

Crochet Today Contest: Design a Square

Do you like to experiment with creating your own blocks and motifs? Looking for your first design break? Get moving and enter the Crochet Today design contest-- the deadline is April 30th.

Crochet Lesson: Crocheting in the Round

It is so easy to crochet in the round and I've found that it truly is one of the most enjoyable crochet techniques. Learn the basics as you go while making these pretty coasters.

Book Review: 200 Crochet Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets

If you buy just one book this year for fabulous and indispensable crochet tips, I highly recommend Jan Eaton's “200 Crochet Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets”.

Welcome to, the Crochet Edition!

I'm so excited to be sharing crochet tips, techniques and inspiration with you! I've been crocheting for over six years and I love it. I'm excited to share some of my expertise, and learn a few things from you too!

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JuleeAn- That's the retail price for La Luz (it's a luxury, hand dyed silk yarn). Of course, you are free to substitute ANY yarn you like and I am sure you can get the effect with much cheaper options. I happened to have some and it matched my flip flops, so that's what I used.

Re: How to Crochet a Tawashi

Manfamae- Yes, you may make and sell tawashi from this pattern. I'd appreciate a link back to my website ( or this tutorial. Thanks for asking!

Re: Earning Your Stripes: A Color Change Tutorial

Connie- I weave them in afterwards (ideally, leave a long enough tail to weave the yarn in three directions so it really stays in there). Some people work over their tails as they go (which I do too), but it's still important to go back and weave them in the opposite direction later so they don't come loose over time.

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

brymj- yes, so long as it's something the needle can pierce (ie. still rope-y, but not actual plastic). it all depends what you're willing to put through your machine. :)

Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

Kevynmadison- this means that the first ch-5 (chain 5) counts as a hdc (half double crochet) and ch-2 (chain 2). Then you are to (hdc, ch 2) five times into the ring. That will give you a total of 6 hdc (including that first chain that counted) and 6 ch-2 spaces. hope that helps!

Re: How to Make a Floral Fascinator

thanks sqeetqueen55! I'm glad you like it. And congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Bib

French pea- I'm sorry the sizing was off, and not sure how to fix that. You could trace a bib you have to use as the pattern, or, draw a curve that takes up about 3/4 of a 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, then place 1/2 of a CD about 3" down from the top of your curve and use that as a neck opening. That should give you a "close enough" bib. Or, you could enlarge the one you printed till it looks about right.

Re: taWASHi!

hah! that's ok- you can always decrease the number of stitches to start off with too (I've been making more- with an H hook but only 19 sts to start- could probably even go to 17). I like the bigger size for scrubbing the counters, though!

Re: How to Make a Super-Quick Dog Toy

brownbabe96- you should be able to get fleece at any major chain fabric store (joann's, hancock fabrics, maybe hobby lobby). good luck!

Re: The Importance of Blocking: A How To

chips48- I recommend you actually get a blocking board then, it should be big enough for doilies. They have small ones at Joann's and the like (they are in the quilting section at mine-- not the same as the notions aisle, but over by the fabric). You could also get a big one like this: pricey, but if you are going to use it over and over then it's worth it.

I've also been known to use my ironing board, or a towel on top of the carpet (if carpet can be pinned into-- make sure the towel is clean). There are more suggestions here: (be sure to read through comments).

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

Hi All-
Thanks so much for your nice comments- I'm glad you're having fun with this pattern. I need to crochet a second one myself!

Re: How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

Hi Nancy-
Yes, it's completely fine to link to this tutorial.

Re: How to Make a Fun Place Card Holder

Sure- as I mentioned, I got it at Bake it Pretty (here's the set: Have fun!

Re: How to Make a One-Piece Reversible Sun Hat

Very cool Cal! I'm looking forward to your book, and I'll probably whip up this hat in the meantime.

Re: Prudence Mapstone Is Now Scrumbling Weekly

Maureclaire- thank you. You can always find me on my personal blog:

Re: How to Crochet a Doggy-shaped Bag

Valady- make as many as you like! I'd love to see a picture if you end up making one (or several). Have fun training your pup!

Re: Roundup: Swiffer Cover

Thanks Vicky- it's nice to see all of these! There are a couple more on Ravelry here: for those of you who are on the site. I'd love to see more!

Re: How to Crochet Bridal Jewelry

thanks kayte-- that is a great idea too. i didn't want to cut up the doily that was inspiration b/c my grandma made it, but would do so with non sentimental doilies for sure. you could even dye them different colors for fun.

Re: Woven Button Basket

what a great idea!

Re: Personalize Your Gifts with Fabric Labels

literarytrvlr- I just clicked the link and it works. I'm not sure what the problem could be, but the link is still valid.

Re: How to Make Mollie Flowers

Haha akaRosella, trust me, I know the feeling!!

Re: Swiffer Duster


Re: Make a Recycled Clothespin Bag

thanks everyone. I love sharing our neighbors' clothesline!

Re: How to Make an Artful Scarf from Scraps

i have always wanted to try this and have yet to do so. Thanks for reminding me!

Re: Swiffer cover

nice!! the loops help to grab things, so I wouldn't worry too much about tightening it.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Bib

The template has been fixed! Thanks for making me aware of the problem.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Bib

MeredithP-- shoot-- I'm sorry about the template. I'm going to make it a pdf and get a better link up there. The actual template should take up the better part of the length of a regular 8.5" x 11" piece of paper (and then you still need to add 2" in the middle. I like my bibs nice and big so the kid can wear them for a while! I'll post again when the template is updated.

Re: How to Make a Creamsicle Body Polish

My friend made me this for my bday this year- and it really does make my skin soft! (Also, it really does leave an oil slick, so take Jenn's advice about cleaning the tub).

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

KnitPicker: here's a knit swiffer patter you can try:
You can also do a google search to turn up more patterns (sewn, knit, or whatever your craft). Or you could learn to crochet!

Re: How to Crochet a Tawashi

thanks rainbowridgegrma! i'm glad you like them!

Re: tawashi

cute- it reminds me of a peppermint swirl! i like the added loop for hanging, too.

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

JennCarney- I'd love to see a pic of the finished sock when you have time.

For the mitt, why not just make a foundation chain the same length (or slightly longer) than your hand, then crochet the piece to be slightly wider than your hand. Make 2 of those pieces, sew or crochet them together around 2 long and one short side, and add a sc cuff around the open side (by making a sc in each stitch around, then working even until it's an inch or two long). It shouldn't be too hard. Let us know if you give it a try.

Re: Making a Great Blog!

MaeveQ- the he download is available right here:

congrats Diane!

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

Jen1964- If you are really concerned about washing it with your things, you can save it for your load of rags/bathmats/etc. I've replaced paper towels with rags in our house and they add up at a decent rate. You can also get a really good amount of the dirt off by just brushing it off over the trashcan so that you don't have to wash it *every* time (you can wear a dust mask and use gloves if you have allergies).

Re: Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

SewHappy56- There are no instructions online, but if you look through these comments and play around with it you should be able to figure out a pretty good technique. I bet kids would love this project.

Re: I made a swiffer sock

thanks for sharing! i like the way the variegated yarn makes it's own color pattern so you didn't even need to switch colors. nice work.

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

awesome- I'm glad some of you have already had the chance to make one. I'd love to see photos if you have the means to upload them. :)

Re: How to Make a Magazine Reed Box

whoa, this is amazing Diane! especially when you keep color in mind as you place them!

Re: How to Turn Your Glass Bottles into Modern Bud Vases

I bet these would look pretty with colored water (to show off the etching)-- simple and cute idea, Kayte!

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

thanks all! i was dorkily excited about this one too! if you make one, i'd love to see it.

Re: Get a Handle on your Crochet Hooks

Annie- you might try your local yarn shop (if you have one)-- mine sells the blue cushion handles. They do seem to be a hard to find item!

Re: How to Crochet a Tawashi

craftybear- you can try the link i listed for other free tawashi patterns, or check I hope you'll share your results with us!

Re: How to Weave an Easter Basket from Recycled Boxes

this is really cute- i especially love the little rounded tabs on the border.

Re: How to Make an Apple-Print Tote Bag


Re: How to Crochet a Tawashi

thanks! and Joannie_N- I'm glad you already had a chance to use it. And yes, for anyone who wants to make a smaller version, just subtract some of the double crochets on each row (for instance, do only 6 dc/row).

Re: My New Favorite Yarn Store

cicilylaneknits- wow, that's great! You can also tell her that people rave about HCW as far north as Bozeman MT (in my local yarn shop). I really do love the selection at her store!

Re: How to Crochet a Button-Bedecked Headband

thanks ladies! i'd love to see yours if you do end up making one. :)

and vicki- i love the craft yarn!

Re: Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

I agree, you need to make the holes first. You can find teensy hole punches at most craft stores, which would probably be the easiest or you could also use a needle to pre-pierce the holes. I even think you could glue the zipper to the bottle, although you might want to add a trim on the outside to hide whatever the glue looks like through the bottle.

Re: Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face

how about friends who don't want to take a craft class you're teaching because you could just teach them for free? sigh.

Re: How to Make Button Embellishments for Shoes!

these are really cute!

Re: How to Make a Pretty Pincushion with a Button Center

thanks ladies!

Re: Wait 'til You Hear This...

i finally had a chance to listen--great job, michaela! can't wait to read your memoirs :)

Re: How to Knit a Cool and Breezy Button Curtain

this is great! plus i was just wondering what the heck to make out of euroflax, and this is quite a nifty idea!

Re: How to Embroider Your Own Buttons

lovely and amazing! the idea of using the design on the fabric is brilliant, and that flower---WOW! you have such excellent craftsmanship, go erika!

Re: Woven Button Coaster

as i noted on your blog, amazing! yay, and thanks for posting it here.

Re: How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

avocadooo-- I don't mind at all if you want to make and sell these. It would be nice if you credit the design on the tag or in the listing, but other than that, have at it!

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

5andDime- I'd say no to the wax paper- I think the clay might stick (and definitely don't use it in the oven).

As far as shank buttons go, I think you could easily make a little shank and attach it to the back. Any poked holes should stay open during baking.

Re: How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

redheadforpeace- i bought a bunch (BUNCH!) of buttons from a woman on etsy and these were tossed in the mix- they were actually the ones i was least excited about! you can try joanns or michaels- they usually have colorful plastic buttons in very similar sizes sold in small bags for $2 or so. you can also try ebay, etsy, or go scouting at garage sales. I think mine were basically a bunch of shirt buttons saved up over the years.

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

shellyc- i totally understand-- they are so addictive! i was just thinking about going to stock up on more clothesline this week.... not that i need any more bowls.

Re: My Shrink Plastic Buttons

very cute! i love both the plaid and the polka dots.

Re: How to Make a Beautiful Button Pillow

Wow Erika, you are insane! (In a good way!) The pillow is beautiful and I'm so glad you took the time to make it.

Jennifer- that is a great tip! Thanks for sharing it.

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

Thanks ladies! There are sooooo many possibilities and I have barely scratched the surface here, so I hope you'll have fun experimenting. If you want to get some more ideas for shapes and methods of working, check out your local library- mine was stocked with books on polymer clay.

Re: Purple Moons

they are so addictive! this came out really well for a first try--it only gets easier from here.

Re: JunieMoon

it looks great! thanks for posting it!

Re: Join the National Crochet Month Crochet-Along

exactly! give it a shot- the only way to get started is to, well, get started. i think it's a great way to use up scraps in an artful manner.

Re: How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

thanks again everyone!
phreec- you could certainly try felt or cork, although then (at least with felt) you could just sew the buttons directly to it. I guess I am thinking more decoratively (a glass of wine, for instance, usually does not sweat). but go for it!

as for the bowl- it was made with a sturdy thread (I think the buttons were larger and therefore had larger holes), you could also try elastic. Wire might be too pesky to work with, but it's worth a shot.

Re: How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

reliker- well, i figured someone was bound to comment either way on whether or not hot drinks would melt the buttons (and i can't be sure what kind of buttons everyone will use), so I just wanted to cover my bases. Feel free to experiment with your next cup of tea.

Jeffrey- thanks for the comment- a huge compliment coming from you! I do have an itch to make a complete set now, if only for the fun of connecting all of the buttons.

Re: How to Make a Woven Button Coaster

thanks y'all. thelongthread- i want to see your button tablecloth/rug/house if you end up making it :)

Re: How to Embellish a Frame: Starring Kayte Terry on Etsy

cute! kayte, seeing this makes me miss seeing you in person!

Re: Make a Pretty Swirls Cap with This Crochet Pattern

You really need to try asking the person who posted the pattern on ravelry-- it's not my pattern, I just posted alerting to the free and cool nature of it. Hope she can assist you!

Re: How to Make an Embossed Photo Frame for Your Pet

Diane, you are a genius! I would never have guessed this was made from a cake pan and sharpies. Bravo!

Re: Sorting my Stash

i love your shelves! isn't it so nice to see what you have at a glance? I'm still digging in bins over here, but one day I'll have the shelf space.

Re: Crochet Scarves to Carry You Through Winter

yes, you can learn! i highly suggest taking a class-- it is so much easier to learn from a person (at least to get the basics down). just remember that it's a skill that requires practice--anyone can do it!

Re: How to Make a Stylish Sofa Cover

This is amazing. And I don't even have a pet.

Re: Ceramist Combines Crochet with Clay

I'm not exactly sure, but from looking at them, I think she must drill the holes before she fires the piece, and then sew the doily into the jar (via the holes) once it's fired. That's my guess... it makes me want to get into ceramics again!

Re: How to Crochet a Chunky Last-Minute Scarflet

blubrymfn- i'm glad you made it successfully and hope you have fun making more. it can be frustrating to make sure you hook all of the strands, but i'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

Re: How to Make a Button-Embellished Notebook Cover

so cute! it's ingenious to glue the buttons down before sewing them-- i can't tell you how many times i've tried to either magically remember the position or hold it all together while i tried to sew them in place.

Re: How to Make a Mosaic Tile Portrait of Your Pet

this came out cute. do you have a recommendation (as far as brands, etc go) for the printable fabric sheets? i have been curious to try them, but the last ones i bought were not washable. thanks!

Re: How to Make a Super-Quick Dog Toy

Jen- I really think fleece is best suited for this one, but I'd say that knits would work well too (since they're stretchy, they are harder to tear than cotton). I think the key here is to supervise your dog and if the toy gets to the point where anything can be swallowed, toss it and make a new one.

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

thanks all- i'm glad you're enjoying the tutorial!

Re: Upcycle Ugly Buttons into Pretty Coasters

Yep, I'd definitely skip this for a hot pad just since the buttons might melt. But for a table mat/centerpiece or anything else that's not hot, this would work great. Or just call the hot pad "decorative" and go for it.

Re: Special Delivery: Share Your Love

thanks for posting this, Susan! I am going to send them some Valentines!

Re: Combine Crochet with Sewing for an Adorable Dress

buttercup68- You might want to ask the person who posted the project originally (there's a link to her blog in the post). To me, it looks like a few rows of mesh (dc, ch 2, sk 2 ch, dc; repeat across) and then a scalloped edging. It shouldn't be too hard to recreate. Good luck!

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

there's always next time! i always thought the tying method was crazy until I read that tip!!

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

This is a great tutorial Diane!
One tip for next time you tie a quilt-- you can also thread the yarn through the entire width of the quilt (like a big, spaced out running stitch, inserting your needle wherever you want a tied place to be) and then cut the yarn halfway between each needle insertion and do the tying all at once. That will make it a little easier to see the "grid" while you are making your running stitch, and there will be less stopping, starting, wondering where the scissors went, etc.

Re: How to Make a Granny Square

Maryselan- Yes, you should cut the yarn and weave in the ends. What I do is actually crochet over the ends as I go-- hold the yarn end close to the top of the stitches and encase it when you do your yarn over/draw up a loop/yarn over and draw through both loops. Then I leave a little bit sticking out and weave it back through the same stitches in the other direction. Since there are lots of spaces in the square I usually only weave it through one grouping of DC stitches- back and forth a few times.

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

elle1- the cord is round. think of a round shoelace- it's basically that, but slightly larger. It's called clothesline at the hardware or big box stores, but if you can't find it, you can also buy cording in the home dec section at joanns (it's $.29/yard or you can get it in a package). i think the nylon cord would work fine too (in fact, i'm pretty sure i tried some of that with good results, because i started experimenting with everything!).

Good luck with your bowls, cat beds, and placemats everyone!

Re: Crochet-a-long Baby Hoodie

it looks great! I love the heart buttons you used, too.

Re: This Week on CraftStylish

thanks! I always feel guilty about those less-than-desirable buttons. But I have so, so many of them! I figure I can add to the coaster slowly and eventually make a table mat....

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

quiltertq- awesome! post 'em up in the gallery if you have a chance!

Re: How to Make a Woven Scrap Journal

this is amazing!! i love the woven texture, and the reusing. nice job diane!

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

thanks everyone! it's really fun and addictive-- just took me a while to get around to the instructions. i hope you have fun with it.

and kayte- i love that pincushion. this probably isn't the only time it will show up in my posts. :)

Re: Crafting through Grief

I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. Losing a pet is so hard, especially if he was your crafty cheerleader.

I'm trying to craft through some prolonged personal grief right now, and experiencing the same things as you (writer's block, fog, unable to do projects which require thinking). I have been turning to simple-to-memorize crochet patterns that I can do kind of mindlessly, so that I can get to that place of just being and thinking. I think sewing is too much for me right now (too much measuring, and i don't think i could deal with having to seam rip anything) but crocheting and knitting are nice and repetitive, and lend themselves to a quiet evening on the couch.

i hope your salty eyelashes clear up soon. but i think it is important to take the time to mourn, so make as many hats as you need to!

Re: Freeform Crochet Inspiration from Myra Wood

LornaD- I assume so since it is mentioned on the page describing the book- but I recommend checking out the book in person if you want to be sure before you buy.

Re: Free Visor Beanie Crochet Pattern

Hi All-
The link is correct, but it seems that there's a problem with her site. If you're on ravelry, you can download the pattern here:, otherwise you'll have to wait for the site to be working again. Sorry!

Re: Lighthouse Manly Catch-All

I love the addition of the buttons, nice work!

Re: Plaid Manly Catch-all

It looks great! I think the interfacing is a great idea for making it sturdy, too!

Re: More Crochet Art: Allyson Mitchell's Granny Square Wreck Room

Jen- I think granny squares would hold up, at least for a while, in upholstery usage (it depends how many kids/dogs/ prying figers you have!). If you use a washable yarn you could even add a zipper if you're thinking of a pillow cover, or something like that. The way I see it, by the time it wears out, you'll probably be ready for a new look anyway.

Re: Coats and Clark Introduces

Hi Jen- I agree with you, Coats and Clark really has kept an affordable line, and I love Lion Brand too. I think pretty much anything available at large craft chains (bernat, red heart, lion brand, Caron, patons) are pretty affordable, a nd if you take buy one skein at a time w/the Joann's 40% off coupon, then you can really get a deal! When I want stunning colors at an affordable (but slightly more expensive) price I love Brown Sheep (Lamb's Pride wool in all of the weights, and cotton, too). Crocheters definitely have to keep cost in mind because generally, we use more yarn! :)

Re: How to Make Hand-Warming Gloves

great idea!

Re: How to Crochet Cute Christmas Ornaments

Hi Palady, I added a link to the magic ring. You can always just crochet into the slipknot if the technique confuses you. Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: How to Cross-Stitch on Single Crochet

eeyores dragon- do you mean a cross stitch on crochet blanket? I think trying to keep the back side nice might lead to insanity, my only suggestion is to line it with something (but if it is indeed a crochet blanket, that may well defeat the purpose). as long as you weave in your ends well and don't make any one stitch too far from the last (so there aren't long bits of yarn between pieces) i think most people will understand that that's the back and it's not going to look the same as the front. good luck!

Re: How to Crochet Cute Christmas Ornaments

Thanks Lolos! I hope you'll post pics if you make them-- they are super duper easy!

Re: If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Stitched a Cake: How to Make Felt Food

gavin and lily are lucky ducks- this is an adorable gift!

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting for Christmas, a Lie in the Making

SarahSaturday- Yes, you can still donate items to the shop-just convo me through etsy ( or send me a note at lindapermann[AT]hotmail. It will only be open till Monday (but if you have something already made I can list it now), or I can add it in the new year.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting for Christmas, a Lie in the Making

oh my gosh, Michaela, don't ever lock yourself in a room to knit again! I have a friend who just giftwraps the half-completed project and a ball of yarn with a note that says "this will be X". hah!

Re: How to Make a Men's Fleece Hoodie


Re: Where to Find Free Super Stitch Inspiration

thanks Pearl- I try to keep things simple and doable, so I'm flattered. :) If you do end up making things, I'd love to see them in the gallery sometime (if it's a how-to post, usually you can post at the bottom of the post). Happy crocheting!

Re: How to Make an Easy Crocheted Holiday Garland

SecretSugar- you can definitely do it without crocheting- just tie knots in between each bauble instead.

Re: How to Embellish a Basic Sweater with Two Stitches

I made it! (If you enable the "patterns and designs" tag I'll post in the gallery-- for now here's a link: Very fun!

Re: Free Julie Cuff Pattern from Blueprint Crochet

KellyHart- I suggest emailing the webmaster at Crochet Today to find out what's up with the printing. Sorry it's giving you trouble.

Re: How to Make a Cable-Knit Scarf in a Weekend

neat! i am just getting into knitting more complicated stuff-for the 2nd scarf-- are you saying to repeat the whole pattern (rows 1-5) for as long as you like? I assume so, but just wanted to make sure. I might have to try this!

Re: How to Make Hats from Recycled Sweaters

I'm going to try this one of these days. I have the sweater ready to go...

Re: How to Make an Easy Crocheted Holiday Garland

It's great for year round use! You could just make strands to dangle from your window (um, kind of like a beaded curtain) or use strings of it to tie up your gift packages. Lots of possibilities, plus you get to use some of that beady fabricy clutter that inevitably builds up.

Re: How to Monogram a Sweater

I love this! I went to Target and found a sweater, now I just have to go find the time. :)

Re: How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table

Ok- I've just been told that the issue should be resolved now! Try printing again. :)

Re: How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table

Hi- I'm sorry that there seems to be trouble with printing the pattern. I have an email in to the tech half of the website to see if we can fix it.

In the meantime, you can try selecting the text of the post (or just the part you want) and pasting it into a Word document. Then you should be able to print it. I'm sorry it's not working directly off of the site! Thanks for letting us know.

Re: How to Edge a Napkin (or Anything Else) with Crochet

I think it's perfectly fine- and probably a good idea- to use heavier thread while making the item. I wanted to go fast and do it on the machine for the tutorial, but anything you can work with a blanket stitch and and embroidery needle would be fine- I think that's the traditional way to do it.

Re: This Month on CraftStylish

Erika- that L sweater better be for me!
Just kidding (or am I? It's adorable!)

Re: How to Embellish a Basic Sweater with Two Stitches

oooh, i love it!

Re: How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table

Vernajean- I'd love to help but I'm not sure what you mean. The pattern is located in the text of this post just below the introduction (and before the pictures begin). Were you having trouble finding it or was there something in the pattern that didn't make sense?

Re: Felt Ornament

I did that because wasn't sure how to work the blanket stitching since I felt like there was enough going on...and it all turned out okay. :)

Re: How to Make Crafty Photo Ornaments

Great tutorial Diane! I made one last night (in the gallery). Since I didn't have any templates, I used a cup for the inner circle, then a clear plastic container for the outer circle (so I could see through it as I traced it to line it up). Now at least I know our hodge podge set of dishes are good for something!

Re: Make It: Crafty Mini-Wreaths

these are super cute! I love the addition of fabric!

Re: How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table

Planetjune--Good catch! (oops!)- It's actually chain 4, then 11 dc in 4th ch from hook. I'll change above.

Re: Baby Hoodie Week 5 - Finished Product!

Oh, it came out so cute! I really like the way you rationed the yarn-- I think it's fun how the sleeves have wider blue stripes. Adorable!

Re: Baby Hoodie Week 1 - Back

Ooh, I like the stripes! I hope you have enough to make the hoodie, too!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

sweetnightmare-- You should choose something with the CYCA 3 on the label to be on the safe side (you will probably have an easier time making gauge that way). The term 'worsted' actually falls into both categories 3 and 4 so I should have specified "light worsted". Make sure to work up a gauge swatch and change your hook size if you need to so that the end product will end up the correct size.

Re: Personalize Your Gifts with Fabric Labels

NjChris- The link works for me, so I would try again. Here's the direct link:

Re: Personalize Your Gifts with Fabric Labels

Bonniedoo-I'm glad to help. I really like this method-- so m uch that I'm not sure I'll do professional printing again after this.

Re: Sweet Baby Hoodie Crochet-Along: Week 5

Wow, it looks great! I'm so excited that you finished and I bet baby and parents will love it!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Finale

GeleneBL- Thanks so much for the compliment, I am excited that you were able to make the sweater twice. I found the hardest part was just putting it all together but once I zapped the button band on the corners it was great. Thanks for following along, and I'd love to see your finished sweaters- post them in the gallery if you have a chance!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 4

Well, after crocheting the button bands and trying to put things together, I realized that the quick corners on the collar actually shouldn't be crocheted over for the button band (i.e. just work the stitches over the straight part of the center of each front, not the diagonal, then the hood fits right in to the diagonals and will make up for the extra width of the bands). Is that what you're asking? I also added the edging after I sewed everything together, because yes- the pattern left a little something to be desired in the explanation. I will go through it step by step next week if you can wait- but let me know if you have more questions.

Re: Baby Hoodie - Week 3

it's looking good!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Thanks Bernie- Just 2 more days and it will be up (Wednesday)!

Re: How to Make Finger-Wrapped Yarn Pom Poms

Hi Nancy,
Yes, it is fine to link here- thanks!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 3

5anddime- Do you mean the ones here on Craftstylish? Did you try the "print" link in the icon in the box at the top right of the post?

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 2

cirone- just saw your question-- i answered it on the other post:

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 3

Cirone, that should be fine (it's really a decorative thing)-- but, try this video-- it is pretty detailed and may help you to understand it. The only real difference is that it's worked from left to right (not right to left):

To figure out the "right side", if you haven't woven in the ends, just place the work so that the beginning yarn tail is at the bottom left corner. The right side will be facing you, and you can mark it with a stitch marker. If you already finished the ends, don't worry too much -- no one will notice.

Re: Pink Sewing Machine Cover

it's really cute!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 2

AZwanKenobi- I see it on the page-- I think it might just take a while to show up. It looks great so far!

Re: Warm and Comfy Afghan

I love it- it's so pretty and classic!

Re: Just in Time for Halloween: Yarn that Glows!

MsIrene- that is great! I still haven't gotten around to using it, but I still go in the closet to look at it sometimes (hahah!). Stocking up while it's on clearance is a good idea since one never knows if they yarn company will bring it back next year- thanks for the heads up!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Hi Bernie-
I am posting a step by step on the hood next week-- can you wait until then? I think/hope that it will help you along. The hood was a bit confusing (but sewing everything together was definitely the most challenging).

Or if you can tell me where you are stuck (what row, etc) I can try to help now.

Re: Crochet-Along: Sweet Baby Hoodie

looking good!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Glad to have all of you joining in!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 2

don't worry too much about the right and wrong sides, there's barely a difference for this pattern (just something to keep in mind when working on garments later).

And yes- worry about the shaping when you get there. I am sure you will figure it out! And if not- I'll help!

Re: How to Craft with Gourds

duh, i totally missed those links! i secretly dream of making a gourd birdhouse...

Re: How to Craft with Gourds

it's gourdgeous! sorry, couldn't help myself. i may not get around to this till next year, but where does one purchase the dried out gourds?

Re: Crochet-Along: Sweet Baby Hoodie

Yay! It looks great so far!

Re: Accent Your Home Decor with Ribbons!

this is really cute kayte!

Re: How to Make a Granny Square

thanks everyone, it's the highest compliment to me that these instructions were useful and I'm so glad that you all made granny squares successfully!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 2

SharonWinPA- Don't worry, it's not too late to start and I would love to have you join in. These pieces actually work up pretty quickly so you should be able to catch up without stressing. Good luck!

Re: Recycle Your Plastic Bags into a Dish Scrubber

Yachtchick, I think it depends on a lot of things, one of the major ones being how thick the plastic bag is. You will probably just have to experiment to see what works- I'd try different bags from different stores, some are kind of stretchy and some just fall apart. Good luck!

Re: Shopping for Fuzzy Bear Hats with My New Friend Bill Murray

wow! that's pretty awesome. and i love the bear hats.

Re: Amugurimi Finger Puppets

I wish there was a Sarah Palin one, but alas... I bet you could easily change John Mccain by using a different color and adding some lot hair and glasses, though!

Re: Just in Time for Halloween: Yarn that Glows!

Dzismazi- Thanks for pointing out the bad link- I will replace it right away!

Re: Crochet adventure - Baby hoodie progress - Week 1

it looks great! and it is totally fine to drop a stitch or two if you feel it looks too wide-- just remember next week to drop 1 stitch out of each front side so they are all even(even if you don't, it won't be a big deal). I'm so excited that you are playing along!

Re: How to Sew a Machine Blindstitch Hem

hey cal- here's a question for you-- whenever i try this, the blind stitch seems to pucker a bit (between stitches... so it almost still wants to be foldy on the right side). any tips on preventing that?

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Cirone, that is great! Luckily most clothing designs are really just a bunch of different rectangles put together--once you realize that there's nothing you can't make!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Cirone- If you get started now, you can make the 12 months size which should be perfect for winter (he can always grow into it!).

DIY Maven- Thanks for posting and joining. It would be great if you could post to the gallery too, as we go!

Re: Make It Pink! How to Embroider Your T-shirt

Erika, this is gorgeous!! I love the way the pink ribbon is incorporated in a not-so-blatant fashion. Very cute!

Re: Make It Pink: How to Make a 'Millie Box'

What a touching story, and a great little project!

Re: Quilt the Vote!

I love this-- and you beat me to the posting punch. I ordered some spoke cards for the election here: for those of us who bike instead of drive. I haven't made anything yet, but hopefully I will have 4 more years to show my support. :)

Re: Crafting in the Current Economy

the way i see it, even if it does take me a long time to make something (for myself), then the $ i spent on supplies counts not only as "useful thing I am making (ie scarf)" but also as entertainment. I've gotten to the point where I really just don't like mass produced things the way I once did- I know I will hang onto something longer if I had a step in making it, so it's worth it to me, even if it costs more.

the one thing i really try to be good about is not being a consumeristic crafter. if you're buying yards and yards of fabric and not sewing anything, i see that as basically the same thing as going on a shopping spree at the department store. it helps keep my hobby spending in check.

Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

Thanks for posting your results, HoneyandDaisy--your flower looks great!

Re: How to Create Textured Textiles with Felting

LaughingPG--It definitely adds a new layer of excitement when you open the washing machine! Now I just have to be careful not to buy a bunch of old sweaters that clog up my craft room....too late.

Re: Recycling Just Got Easier

Jen1964- I am relatively certain that any store that already carries Coats products will be carrying the new lines (it's up to the individual stores...but it is worth checking!). Both yarns were soft- especially the cotton. The acrylic is definitely- acrylic- but I could see uses for it (just maybe not something to wear...but I am picky!).

Re: How to Make a Doily Bowl

Thanks ladies! I got my doilies from e-bay (check etsy too), but I know that Joann's also sells plain doilies for a buck or two a piece. You can also check thrift stores for some great finds- some of the more colorful doilies would look great all on their own!

Re: How to Make Scrappy Chrysanthemums

Cute! I never thought about washing them to fluff them up--that's smart!

Re: How to Make Your Own Newspaper Yarn

Jen1964- These are great questions for the original poster (I am linking to her tutorial, I didn't put it together myself). Of course you would likely not want to make anything to be worn or to be placed outside, but it would make for an interesting vase, rug, or other decorative item.

Re: How to Cross-Stitch on Single Crochet

Craftaholic- I didn't write up a pattern for the pouch, but here's how you do it. Make a rectangle from single crochets that's slightly bigger than the side of your camera. Single crochet around the edge of the rectangle, and keep adding rounds of single crochet (just 1 single crochet into each stitch from the previous round) until the pouch is as tall as your camera (keep placing it inside as you go so you can tell how much it stretches, etc). Once the pouch reaches the desired height, work single crochets in rows back and forth on one of the long sides of the rectangle to get the flap. When the flap is about as long as you want, do a row of sc, but ch 2 or 3 stitches in the middle of the row and skip the sc stitches below to make the buttonhole, then continue to single crochet across. Add 1 or 2 more rows of sc, then sc around the flap and opening with an alternating color to finish. I hope that gives you an idea of how to make it- perhaps I will post a tutorial in the coming weeks.

Re: How to Dress Up Your Curtain with a Crochet Tieback

I think the bird fabric is called Bird Seed and I know that it's by Alexander Henry. The polka dots are from the Wee Play collection by Sandy Klop. I got them both last year but I bet you could still find them online somewhere.

I can't wait to see your finished tie back, please share if you have a chance. :)

Re: Buttons to Cover Flowers

these are darling! i second the idea to enter them in the flower power challenge.

Re: A Gorgeous Collection of Free Crochet Stitches Online

The MyPicot site appears to be down right now -- I suggest waiting a day or so and checking back.

Re: How to Make Flowers Using a Vintage Flower Loom

these are so cute. i love to make them with my yarn scraps.

and if anyone has a hard time finding a vintage one, most craft stores still sell these under the name of "bloom loom".

Re: Make It: Quilted Flowers

these are pretty Mary! I am adding them to my to make/gift list.

Re: Ornamentea!

neato! I love how it is arranged in jars! i've ordered from them before but never seen the inside of the store- thanks for sharing!

Re: How to Dress Up Your Curtain with a Crochet Tieback

Thanks all! Erika- that's the idea (to get you crocheting!).
This really is easy, and it makes my happy curtains even happier.

Re: Make It: Painted Shoes

these look amazing! nice work.

Re: How to Make a Belt Inspired by Quilting

this is really cute, and i love the color combinations!

Re: Organize Your Embroidery Floss

This is a great idea, because I am so not about wrapping my floss around little cardboard thingies. And also because then you can remember what the color number is if you happen to need more (the first thing to get lost for me is that little band with the number).

Re: How-to: English Paper Piecing Project

I love how this turned out- it's on my "to try" list now!

Re: How to Embellish Flip-Flops with Crochet

eveh- I think you can do it too! If you can't figure out the crocheting, you could probably get away with just wrapping the flip flops in a similar manner. Good luck!

Re: How To: Five Handy Embroidery Stitches

these are great erika! I don't do that much embroidery but when I do, it's good to know that I can do more than the chain stitch. :)

Re: Upcycled Yarn on Etsy

It's great to recycle your plastic however you go about it. At 20 cents a yard it would be $20 for 100 yards- while that is a little expensive, I doubt there will ever be a day when one person making something specifically for you will ever be able to match the price of a yarn manufacturer.

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Crochet Hook Caddy

thanks Susan!

Re: Free Julie Cuff Pattern from Blueprint Crochet

I believe what you're referring to is a fphdc (front post half double crochet). This page illustrates where to insert the hook for a front post double crochet- but you use the same technique for a stitch of any height. Just insert your hook from right to left around the stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop, then continue making the stitch as usual.

Hope that helps!

Re: How to Create a Rolled Hem

nice! I might have to add a rolled hem foot to my list of things to buy for my machine.

Re: How to Organize Your Yarn Stash, Part 2: Pare It Down!

Pandabearcubs-- I am sure you could try posting on a site like to find someone who has yarn to part with. Thrift stores are also good places to find lots of yarn for very little.

Re: Another Little Tool I Can't Live Without

I have been curious about this tool- looks like it would work for me! I always wish there was an easier way to mark all of the dots on clothing patterns. So far, stickers are my favorite because at least they are easy to see and remove. Sometimes I cut up old address label stickers that I get in the mail to use for that purpose (because I am cheap/crazy).

Re: How to Crochet a Button

I'm glad you like it! I think it's a great idea for exactly that- yarn so unique and pretty that it needs a pretty button to match. It's also just a nice way to camoflauge those brown buttons we all have, and use up yarn scraps at the same time! They'd be cute on a card...I could see a row of button flowers.

Re: How to Emboss a Metal Tin

oooh, so pretty! there are so many surfaces you could apply this to, too. fun!

Re: How to Organize Your Yarn Stash, Part 1: Get It Together

these are great ideas. i'd love to have it all in one displayed space, but there's no room in our apartment! I think being able to see it is a definite must!

I'm going to check around for a local group that might want the yarn, but if not, I'll donate it to goodwill where I am sure some thrifty, crafty soul will be happy to find it.

Re: Unique Stash Buster: Dryer Balls

Don't worry, I hadn't heard of dryer balls either till my mom raved about them. Basically, they are supposed to bounce around in the dryer and fluff up your towels (and apparently eliminate static cling, too). There's some debate about whether they actually work (referring to the pvc kind here), but, i think the felted ones are a fun idea for the loads where you don't want to use softener.

Re: Unique Stash Buster: Dryer Balls

I know- I want to go make some right now. We finally live in a place with our very own washer/dryer--time to celebrate!

Re: The Four Grand Prize Winners of The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge Are...

Hooray! I love the flower blooms and that pop tab bag is totally amazing!

Re: How To: Organize Your Buttons

I love snapware plastic (see through) boxes for sorting my buttons--they are basically shallow tray-like boxes that snap together to make one big box (making it easy to remove one tray at a time to assess the contents). The only problem is I keep filling them up....

Re: Depth Charge: How to Make a Splash and Get Paid for it.

wow, those paper wigs are amazing!!!

Re: Embroidery Term: Prewound Bobbin

I've also been told to stay away from them. In addition to the concerns you mentioned, I think the thread is cheaper and leaves me with a lot more lint to clean up. But- I do understand the convenience draw!

Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

Sure- hdc is a half double crochet. Ch-2 sp is the chain 2 space (from the previous round), and sl st is slip stitch.

Here is a link to standard crochet abbreviations, which I guess I should have posted sooner!:

Re: Julie Cuff

It looks great! You are fast!

Re: Precursor to the Julie Cuff. Julie Cuff to come soon!!

pretty! i like the mix of colors you chose.

Re: Beating Crafty Burnout

i definitely need to take more walks! going from working full time in an office to working at home has been a huge adjustment for me and I didn't really realize until recently how, even though it gives me creative time, it also leaves me really isolated. to get inspired, i usually have to clean everything (once the place is clean i strive to mess it up again!) and sort through some of my supplies.

Re: Free Julie Cuff Pattern from Blueprint Crochet

It's definitely worth a shot. This pattern includes stitch diagrams (basically, a map of where to make each stitch) as an alternative to written instructions so it should be really easy for beginners to follow along.

Re: How to Crochet with Fabric

Yay- it makes me feel less bad about the fabric that just hangs around. You can tear it into strips while you're watching tv and have a basket of fabric yarn ready to go.

Re: How to Felt Sweaters

oooh, we are moving to a place where we'll have our own washer in a month and i can't wait to felt it up. thanks for the tips!

Re: The Importance of Blocking: A How To

It really is simple- especially for small projects. I only started blocking a couple of years ago and once I realized what a difference it makes (especially on lacy things) I became addicted.

Re: Crochet Fun

so cute! i love how you used the bobble stitches to emulate gum drops!

Re: Get a Handle on your Crochet Hooks

wow, now I *really* can't wait till someone stocks them locally.

Re: How to Reverse Applique a Tote Bag

very well done Diane! this is one of those techniques i keep meaning to day!

Re: Soothe Your Tired Hands

that souds like a cool class! sorry you missed it.

Re: Money-Saving Tip: Don’t Buy Duplicate Hooks

JulieB17--Oh, I have multiples of everything too, and sometimes you have to try different brands to know what you like! But I found there were some hooks that I didn't have at all and every time I went to the store to buy them I'd forget which ones I was looking for. I'm not against multiple hooks--some are bound to get lost in the couch!