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Embroidered Chicken Card

This is a hand embroidered card, on cardstock, using DMC cordonnet in various sizes. The shape of the chicken itself comes from Christine Bishop's book on Schwalm embroidery. The border and...

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Re: How to Make a Contemporary Creche

Very nice!

I like the simplicity and the "sendability" of it...

Re: YOU Be the Client: An Open Call for Paper Projects

Create, in paper, in miniature, the inside of the Metropolitan Opera House, complete with a Franco Zeffirelli set (say, the party scene of La Traviata or something similar...) (or you could use any intriguing set, I suppose) and retractable chandeliers.

If you wanted to scale the project down, you could go for just the stage set.

Or just the opera house.

Or a different opera house - for example, the Royal Opera House in London...

Whatever the case, my suggestion is a reproduction of an opera house, in miniature, in paper.