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craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, home decorating, jewelry making, paper crafts, restyle, sewing

Birthday: 11/30/1951

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Vintage Camera Lense Pendant Necklace

     Moved into a 19th century house; and found several vintage camera lenses, each in its own little tin, in the attic... so, I made this pendant necklace from one of them  !

Restyled Anti- Snoring Chin Strap

     Bought this anti- snoring chin- strap on-line; but, was scratchy synthetic material, all white... tooo clinical looking for me  ! Sooo, covered it in a cotton floral and...

My Kitchen Cabinet Beauty !

  Added a couple doo dads to Jeffery's design, at the top and bottom... and put it on my kitchen cabinet... only spot left to put anything !

recent comments

Re: Recycling Fun

Love them !

Re: Double Stitch: It's Not Your Grandma's Crochet - 3 Panel Scarf

Love it ! They're so cute, too... identical twins !

Re: Fiber-Covered Tree Debuts in Alabama

Wow ! Amazing !

Re: How to Make Elegant Parchment Flowers with Jeffrey Rudell

Ooohhh ! sooo perfect ! I miss Jeff !!!

Re: Book Giveaway - Dorm Decor: Remake Your Space with More Than 35 Projects

My apartment is as small as a dorm ! I NEED that book !!! LOL

Re: Continuing the Conversation

Gonna really miss you guys !!!

Re: How to Post a Great How-To on Craftstylish

Thanks so much for this, Jen... you will be missed !

Re: How to Create a Community (a final tutorial)

No, it won't be the same without you, Jeff... but, will defintely looking for you elsewhere ! I recently sent all my crafty friends a link to you here... sigh...

Re: Create an Art Nouveau-Inspired Shrink-Art Pendant!

Absolutely gorgeous !!!

Re: Make Your Own Bag Handles

Clever !!!

Re: Prudence Mapstone Is Now Scrumbling Weekly

Fabulous work ! Will definitely be following her ! On a definitely sadder note; however, I just received Jeffery's letter...; sooo bummed all of you wonderful artists' contracts are being terminated ! My heartfelt regrets ! Will be watching for you elsewhere, tho, for sure.

Re: The Relentless Urge to Create: the Work of Earl Joseph Martell

Yup ! I can relate ! If I worked at Home Depot, I would HAVE to be taking those pictures too !

Re: The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

Jeffery has DONE it again ! Amazing !

Re: Make a Revamped Sparkle Necklace and Earrings Set

Wow ! Gorgeous ! And, sooo creative !

Re: How to Brighten a Rainy Day Brunch

Jeffery, you are the God of Paper ! I've been telling ALL my friends that, too !!!

Re: Papercut Thistle Note

Sooooo lovely !!!

Re: How to Turn a Soda Can into a Spring Flower Brooch

Soooo cute; and, beyond creative... but, isn't it a bit dangerous as a brooch ? Maybe better on a frame that's just going to be up on a the wall where no one is going to touch it.. know what I mean ? Or does the steel wool take care of that ?

Re: Floral Bangle Bracelet With Matching Box

VERY pretty ! GREAT idea !

Re: Beautiful Disasters

I didn't think it looked like Spam til I read that... looked like strawberry, rose...

Re: More What's Old Is New

Absolutely charming !!!

Re: How to Make a "Bloomin' Box" for Spring

Lovely !!!

Re: Custom Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes

Beautiful ! Pen & ink ?

Re: Handmade Crochet Hook

Truly beautiful ! How do you make them ?

Re: "x and o" messenger bag from sweater

Awesome !!!

Re: Paper Silhouettes

Wonderful !

Re: Embroidered Linen Purse

Beautiful !

Re: Making Naturally Colored Eggs with Leaf and Flower Imprints and Transfers

Thanksgiving ?

Re: Book Giveaway: Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

OMG ! I need this book more than life itself !!!

Re: How to Upcycle a T-Shirt into a Cardigan

Did you turn it inside- out because there was an unwanted graphic on it ?

Re: How to Upcycle a T-Shirt into a Cardigan

Adorable !!!

Re: How to "Scrapbook" a Box

You are so incredibly inspiring , Jeffery !!!

Re: How to Weave an Easter Basket from Recycled Boxes

Charming ! Love'em !!!

Re: Vintage Buttons and Present Day Beads Bracelet

Fabulous ! LOVE it !

Re: Check Out This Butterfly!

Absolutely ethereal !!!

Re: Econo Beaded Zipper Pull

Kewt !!!

Re: Dodecahedron: "Baby, You're A Star"

I WILL be attempting it ! Will NOT be attempting to pronounce it tho ! LOL ! You're amazing Jeffery !

Re: Make Beach Glass Earrings

Fabulous ! And, I have a whole big jar of beach glass from Cap Cod !

Re: How to Make Scrap-Paper Mosaics

You are the first Jeff who spells his name the way my son's is spelled.... with ery instead of rey ! His Dad's was the same... not sure why his Mom spelled it that way... just never see it spelled that way ! You are also an incredible artist ! Wow !!!

Re: How to Make Simple White Paper Flowers

YOU are amazing ! Will you marry me ? !

Re: Crafting with VHS Tapes

Totally awesome ! I'm starting tonight.... OMG... I'll be making room for things I actually use !

Re: How to Use Buttons on Belts

Fabulous !!! Sooo exciting !

Re: How to Make Scrap-Paper Mosaics

YOU are a genius !!!

Re: How to Embroider Your Own Buttons

Fabulous ! Love it ! but, OMG, when I first looked at the picture of the poppy being embroidered, it looked like you were doing it on wood; and, I was like... HOW in the WORLD..... LOL

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

But, I need this book even more than her, cuz I'm a hard- core craftaholic, who's substance of choice just so happens to be BUTTONS !!!