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Re: Who first taught you to sew?

I never remember "learning" how to sew...but thanks to my Mother it just happened by osmosis! I cannot rememeber any great or grand FIRST project but doll clothes became Barbie clothes and small bits and pieces that were practical and usefull (aprons, kitchen gear, simple skirts etc.) But when I arrived in middle school at the age of 11 - time for the first 'home economics' classes - I was the only one in the class who was on a first-name basis with a needle and thread AND a sewing machine! The chosen class project was a clown which involoved sewing a stretch material to make the 'sock' that held a block of wood and a styrofoam ball (base for the body & head - a Simplicity pattern that still sleeps quietly in my pattern boxes!) then the body was formed by simple rectangles sewn together for arms and legs gathered in to hold felt feet and hands mounted onto clothes pegs....so simple, but to great effect. I worked away quietly in my corner churning out clown after clown, harlequins, jesters... while the teacher tried to show the others how to thread a sewing machine....and calling the ambulance when one boy managed to sew over his finger (about the only excitement there was that year for me!!) The year came to an end with a large inventory of these clowns; multiple batches of muffins, cakes and various other baking projects, and a growing realisation that I was extremely fortunate to have a Mother and Grandmother who had taken the time and energy to help me learn at a very early age these 'mundane' but extremely usefull skills. Time rolled on and simple skirts became more complex ones, blouses, shirts evening dresses, 17th century costumes....my wonderful 'heavy as a boat- anchor' second-hand Elna that my Mom could barely afford but scrimped and saved to buy for me hummed away quietly through winter coats and more projects than I could probably count now. Almost 30 years later and half-way around the world - the old Elna traded on for a wonderful Bernina bought where we now live in Switzerland...curtains, bed sheets...and on and on.
My now 82 year-old mother came for a visit at Christmas and while I was altering a blouse for her, she reminded of something I had completely forgotten about that year in middle school. The teacher got wind that there was going to be a 'surprise' inspection by the school board...and horrer of horrers there was nothing in the glass display case outside the classroom to show what had been achieved that year to date...Only one of the other students had completed their 'clown' project...what to do? She called my Mom at home (without me knowing!) and asked her how many clowns had I completed....requested them all (I think there ten) and the display cabinet was magically filled in time for the inspection! THANKS MOM!