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Re: How to Make an Egg Dish

Wow! You are a genius! I love how the plate looks! I have no clue how you come up with these amazing ideas!
I feel like going out and dropping 2 dozen eggs on the floor just to try! But alas, I shall collect the egg shells from my leftovers, and my kids, and go to town!
Thank you as always for your brilliant ideas!

Re: How to Make a Contemporary Creche

Wow! What an amazing idea, as always!

Re: How to Make a Garland with Punch

Wow! Everything you do is amazing! I can't wait to make the Garland! Plus your direction is so easy to follow. I love the way you write-you have a way with words. I look at your blog every week, I just love it! Thank you!

Re: Ideas for a Creepy Little Photo Book

I took a bunch of pictures of my kids the other day at their school Halloween party. I can't wait to try this out! What a brilliant idea! The work you did on your niece is truly amazing! You make it seem so easy, I hope my results are as good as yours! Thank you so much!