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How to Make a Sweater Coffee-Mug Cozy

A great, simple gift for that coffee guy in your life!

How to Sew a Button Perfectly Every Time

Since is new, I thought I would try something new in my blog as well. Every month, I will post a “series” of how-tos, and at the end, we will apply everything taught in those mini-tutorials to a fantastic project. Let us begin with the proper way to sew on a button.

Fuzzy Friends Fabric Frame

Here's a cute, quick way to restyle a picture frame with fabric and some embellishments to showcase your furry friend!

How to Make a Punk-Rock Puppy Skirt

Dress up your little pooch with this cute tulle-trimmed skirt.

How to Make a Pet Collar

Change your pet's collar with the seasons by making this quick and easy pet collar. Learn some tips on sewing with webbing along the way.

How to Make a Pet Bandana

Bandanas are a fun way to express yourself through your pet's attire. Try this bandana pattern for a pet of any size, and learn how to properly sew on rickrack.

Peek-a-Boo Pocket Valentine Holder

If you spend time making Valentine's Day cards, why not hold, collect, and carry them in style, too!

How to Use Draw-Cord Gathering to Give Your Curtains a Little Pick-Me-Up

Draw-cord gathering is a stable, easy way to create even gathers. Try this technique to recycle a floor-length curtain into a new valance!

How to Make a Pinup Apron (from Table Scraps!)

Recycling things doesn't mean compromising cute, trendy style. You can make this cute, vintage pinup apron with one place mat and two napkins!

Sewing with Knits...It CAN Be Fun!

From Polarfleece to swimsuit fabric and T-shirts to "slinky," knits can be great to sew with using these few tips!

How to Make a Flat-Fell Seam

Learn how to create a flat-fell seam for beautiful, professional-looking seams.

How to Make a One-Seam Holly-day Wine Bottle Bag

This isn't your traditional drawstring wine bottle gift bag!

How to Make a Quick Cookie Plate Cover

Delicious homemade cookies are the perfect gift for neighbors, friends, and hostesses for the holidays. Make your cookie plate stand out with this adorable plate cover!

Pleated Tree Skirt

Need a quick holiday skirt for your tree? Try this pleated tree skirt and recycle a used tablecloth while you're at it!

How to Make Poinsettia Napkin Rings

Supercute rings with minimal sewing are a quick fix for a bland table or a gift for a person who has everything!

How to Make Leaf Coasters

Just in time for the holidays! These leaf coasters have a double plus: coasters and drink tags in one!

How to Make Quilted Wall Art

Whether you use these quick wall art projects to decorate for the holidays, to give as gifts, or to deck your walls all year long, they are a hit!

How to Turn Tubes into the Tube-tastic

Ever wonder how you're going to turn those tiny tubes right side out for straps or handles? Here's a trick...or two!


The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Make It Pink: Traditional Appliqué on Knit

Here are some great tips on using a traditional appliqué technique with knit fabrics!

Make It Pink: Adding Reverse Appliqué to a Cosmetic Bag

Think Pink with this cute cosmetic bag adorned with a cool reverse appliqué.

How to Use Piping (Part 2)

How do you put in piping that is thicker than your finger? Try these tips to not only sew in large piping but also to keep it from rolling away!

How to Use Piping (Part 1)

Piping, cording, welt, double welt? Let's talk about them all and how to use them to add fantastic interest to your projects' edges.

Free Thread Drawing

Don't forget, thread is what holds things together!

How to Pink Your Edges

Find out how to pink your edges as well as three other finishing techniques to keep your edges from unraveling.

How to: Zippers (Part 3)

Let me introduce you to my favorite zipper, Miss Invisible! I'll cover how to put one in using a handy foot and also how to finish it off, top and bottom!

Quilts for Soldiers

If you feel passionate about taking care of our soldiers in harm's way while they are away from their loved ones, here is a cause for you.

Craft Supplies

Crafters are always looking for supplies.This site has it all and at a discounted price!

How to: Zippers (Part 2)

In this zipper post, we will go over a super-easy craft-style zipper I love to use!

Sewing Machine Songs

Wherever I am music is never far behind.

Losing a Best Friend

I never thought I was emotionally attached to my sewing machine. Little did I know!

Zippers (Part 1)

Zippers. They almost succeeded in ending my sewing passion. In part one of this series, let's look at a standard garment zipper and pick up some pointers on the way!

Fall Fashion Hook-up

If you're looking for a guide to fall fashion, check this out!

How to Make a Cheater's Hong Kong Finish

This is a great technique for giving your garments a professional finish without lining...and in a jiffy!

Hip Hoodie Free Download

If you're looking for a way to prepare for the cold weather season check out this cool project!

How to Create a Rolled Hem

Nearly every area of sewing requires you to know how to create a rolled hem at some point. Here are some tricks to help you consistently sew the best rolled hem on your project.

Buying Fabric on Ebay

I'm may not be a seasoned fabric stasher but I am a decent shopper! Here are somethings I think about before buying fabric on eBay.

Make a French Seam Organza Gift Bag

If you're having trouble working with a sheer fabric, a French seam is a great way to create a professional finish for your projects. And if you're going to learn a French seam, then why not make a little gift bag on the way?!

Wedding Dress Patterns

If you're thinking of making your own wedding dress check this out!

De-glam an evening gown

I found this dress for cheap but hated the glittery gob on the neckline. Here is what I did to make it fit my style!

Quick and Hardy Straps and Tabs

If you've ever carried a purse or bag and had the strap break, you know how annoying it can be. With these quick steps, you'll have a strap, tab, or handle loop that will last.

Embroidered Onesie Wonders

Here are the onesies I promised from the Urban Threads Embroidery post!

Make a Ladybug Party Card with Your Sewing Machine

In the days of electronic invitations, use these techniques of sewing on paper to personalize your party!

Urban Awesome Embroidery Designs

If you're looking for fun, trendy embroidery designs this is your site!

Free Thread Drawing

Everyone loves free...especially with no strings attached.

How to buy a sewing machine

If you're looking for a sewing machine, here are some tips and hints on things to consider in the process!

T-Shirt Redesign with a Twin Needle Hem

Change the complete look and style of a T-shirt with one simple technique...and a handy needle!

Quick-to-Make Linen Wedding Hankie

Weddings are all around me these days! Here is a beautiful, quick little gift I came up with to give a newly engaged friend or bride-to-be at her shower. With a classic, heirloom hem technique, this hankie also covers the something new and something blue!

Heather Bailey's New Releases

Heads up, creative peeps! Heather Bailey has some new releases that will cover any type of craft you can think of!

Restyling PJ Pants with a Blind Hem

Turn a pair of ready-made pajama pants into a cute pair of capri pants. All you need is a few minutes and these blind-hem techniques!

Quick Tips for Cutting and Sewing on the Bias

Cutting and sewing on the bias is easy with some how-to pointers and helpful hints!

How to Find the Bias

What is a bias? How do I find it? Does any of this really have to do with sewing?! Here we'll walk through the grains of fabric, how to find the bias, and what you can do with it!

Online Fabric Shops

If your local fabric retailer doesn’t carry just what you need, there are a plethora of little “shops” online. Here are a few I have used and love. I would love to learn about yours!

Tips and Tricks for Sewing with Leather

Leather is a beautiful, natural “fabric” that can present some tricky sewing issues. Here, I'll help you set up for success as well as teach you a few tricks to make your leather project simply perfect.

Why I Love to Sew

Sometimes I get so busy with my life that I forget how lucky I am to be able to do the things that I love. Just last week someone asked me how I started sewing, and it made me think about what really is one of the great joys of my life. This, my friends, is why I sew.

Find a Place to Sew Away from Home

I have some favorite places to sew away from my own sewing room. Places that feel like a second home, where I can nestle right in and be creative. In this post, I will share my favorite places to sew away from home and help you find a sew-away-from-home place for yourself.

How to Choose the Perfect Needle Type for Your Sewing Project

Need the 411 on needles? A little needle knowledge goes a long way in helping you make the best choice for your sewing. Read on and learn the difference between a ballpoint, a microtex, a wing, a twin, and everything in between!

Save a Tree: Make a Reusable Grocery Bag

My local quilt shop celebrated Arbor Day with "Think Green" grocery-bag kits. Here’s how you can make one, too.

Click Away for Cool Patterns

Having trouble finding trendy garment patterns? In this post, I’ll give you a place to start exploring some of my favorite fashion stops online!

Demystify the Machine Sewing Needle with Some Facts

Ever wonder what a needle scarf is? Or why there are a million numbers on a needle case? In this first installment of my needle series, I'll break it all down and explore the mysterious parts of a sewing-machine needle.

Button Tricks to Make Brilliant Buttonholes

If you ever feel like you don’t have enough fingers or pins to get your button sewn on correctly, this is the post for you! A little tip goes a long way. In fact, I can't imagine creating a buttonhole without these handy helpers.

Specialty Feet Make Sewing Easier

If you’re anything like me, I prefer the most professional way to do something in the least amount of time. Specialty feet designed specifically for your sewing machine are one of the fastest ways to do both.

It's so Easy To Sew Buttons by Machine

Guess what? I am going to build on the foundation of knowing how to properly hand-sew a button by making it a whole lot easier. Here, I'll introduce you to the basics of machine-sewing buttons. This bit of sewing know-how will make button-sewing easier and less tedious, leaving you with more time and a very secure button.

Notes from My First Pattern-Making Class

The absolute highlight of my week was my first pattern-making class. In the past, I’ve made many patterns on my own for accessories and home-decorating projects, but I’ve always been too intimidated to attempt to make a pattern by myself for a garment. But I love learning new things, and I'm especially excited to be learning something that I have always wanted to know how to do correctly, such as draft my own garment pattern.

Quick Fabric Wrapping for Gifts

I'm in a pinch. My sister’s birthday present has to go out today, and I don’t have any wrapping paper! As I looked around the clutter of fabric in my sewing room, inspiration struck ...!

My Trip to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Cleveland, Ohio

I used to be a teacher with this traveling sewing expo ... But this time, I went for the pure pleasure of being surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics, exciting innovations and thousands of people who love sewing just as much as I do.

Hi! Welcome to my Sewing Blog on CraftStylish!

This has been a year full of new beginnings: I am recently married, recently thinking about moving into a new house, and recently beginning my blog for the new CraftStylish site. Here's little about me and what I hope to bring to the site.

recent comments

Re: Sewing with Knits...It CAN Be Fun!

For skipping stitches there are a few things you can try. 1) Change the direction of the thread coming off the spool. 2) Sew a little more slowly, sometimes we have an inclination to move faster than the machine can process. 3) Try a microtex needle or a stretch needle with a sharp point instead of the ballpoint. 4) If all else fails, take your machine apart according to the handbook for a light cleaning and completely re-thread your machine.

Re: How to Make a Pet Collar

I'm glad you guys liked this! You can place a D-ring in there easily! After you fold over the 3" from your snap, stitch across the webbing (through all 4 layers). Slid the D-ring in place and stitch across the webbing again close to the ring to secure it in place. Then move onto the "X" box step!

Re: How to Make a One-Seam Holly-day Wine Bottle Bag

You could incorporate this for any event or season. Felt a cute gift for a birthday, flower for spring, clover for St. Patty's goes with anything!

Re: Zippers (Part 1)

dear newcomer - I always prefer to start at the top. Althought I am sure most people would agree the more important part is that you are sewing both sides of your zipper in the same direction (both sides from top to bottom or both sides from bottom to top). Let me know if you have more questions...and welcome to Craftstylish!

Re: Fall Fashion Hook-up

candice66 - if you are referring to the bracelet it is Amanda's creation. She sells them as a business and any directions would have to come from her. I'm sorry! Maybe talk to her about a tutorial you could do with your students!

Re: How to: Zippers (Part 3)

wildenfunky - Invisible zipper feet are somewhat of a new addition to specialty feet. I would contact a local Elna dealer in your area and see if they have one for your machine. Check out to locate a dealer.

Re: Losing a Best Friend

Jen1964 - THAT is so true! Even without a sewing machine I got super creative and tried my hand at a craft that was new to me, board books.

Re: How to Find the Bias

ChildfreeTrophyWife - You are totally right!! The description is correct...the selvage is on the wrong side of the image! Thanks for catching that!

Re: How to Make a Cheater's Hong Kong Finish

In couture sewing when you do a hong-kong finish you turn under the other raw edge of the bias and hand stitch in place. Exactly like binding a quilt.

Re: Why You Should Have a Sketchbook

I am so glad you posted this! Especially the part about not worrying if you're not a great artist. I have started doing this sketch book deal for each of the "projects" I am working on and it has help immensely this year. I also use it as a story board of sorts to remember where I gathered the inspiration so if I need a little pick-me-up during the design to product journey I can just glance through! What a great post!

Re: How to Create a Rolled Hem

trusk4u - I am so glad these were helpful to you. For me it just took a bit of practice with different fabrics. If you don't get it the first time, continue to pull your fabric slightly to the left as shown in the 3rd picture and most important keep trying!

Re: How to Create a Rolled Hem

luvin2craft - The foot will make all the difference in the world!

Re: Save a Tree: Make a Reusable Grocery Bag

ChildfreeTrophyWife - I would say that if you can use this pattern but instead of using a batting, use a canvas material you'll be in better shape for your heavy items. You also may want to consider either a thicker cotton thread (30 weight) or a polyester thread. These will be more helpful in the construction of a bag that you know will be used for heavy things.

Re: How to Create a Rolled Hem

Awesome! You'll have a blast with it!

Re: Make a French Seam Organza Gift Bag

That is such a great idea! Do you store them in the organza bags as well or just for the shopping process?

Re: Buying Fabric on Ebay

prettymonkey - haha! I almost did it the other day which prompted the post. I'm glad not to be the only one!

Re: Buying Fabric on Ebay

merrmerr - I really do like purchasing from as they have great service and good prices. They have the new collections in stock quickly after their release so if you're into having the latest it is a perk. If you get on their email list you will get a weekly newsletter from them that always has a collection or group of collections on sale. Amy Butler's fabric has been a part of a few e-sales this year. I do keep a close tab on eBay though, for Amy's fabrics as you can get a good price there sometimes.

Re: How to buy a sewing machine

I think that is a great idea!

Re: Quick and Hardy Straps and Tabs

I actually had it written out completely wrong! Thanks for catching that! I meant 4x which would equal 12.

Re: How to Machine Embroider Your Own Paper Right at Home

p.s. where did you get that beautiful design?!

Re: How to Machine Embroider Your Own Paper Right at Home

I love doing this Jennifer! I have a few fun art pieces I've embroidered on paper (especially rice paper) and given as gifts. It is a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone.

Re: Urban Awesome Embroidery Designs

You're welcome Jennifer!

Re: How to buy a sewing machine

The_Kids_Are_Alight - I think if you follow the steps and get in touch with your local retailer you could work something like that out. Maybe take a simple class on the machine you're looking at buying or ask if you can have an hour at their store with the machine to experiment. Most independent retailers will completely understand this request and you'll feel more comfortable (and happy) with your purchase!

Re: How to buy a sewing machine

OH! I'm so happy it was helpful to you! Let me know if you run into any other questions!

Re: How to Find the Bias

londonsyl - I am so happy this was helpful to you! Never be afraid to give something a try. I love to experiment on muslin fabric. JoAnn's has it for $1 a yard every so often and it is great to explore with!

Re: Hi! Welcome to my Sewing Blog on CraftStylish!

You're so right! Finding that perfect machine can seem super overwhelming. My first suggestion is that you figure out what you want to spend. Second, find some local sewing machine retailers in your area (Bernina, Janome, Singer, Viking, Pfaff are some). Last, but not least, go try them all! Every machine will have different stitches, amazing functions, different sounds and feelings for that I've just written this I think I will post on this. There is so much more detail that I want to share with you and others may have that same issue! Stay tuned. I'll post it the next day or two.

Re: Restyling PJ Pants with a Blind Hem

Hey jodied!
I have posted a finished picture of me in my fav pj pants!!!

Re: Demystify the Machine Sewing Needle with Some Facts

We can continue the needle conversation for sure! The thread will dictate the needle size because the larger your thread the larger your needle eye needs to be to accomodate it. For example, if you are using a 12wt cotton thread on a woven fabric I would suggest a 90/14 topstitching needle. As a little secret...I don't usually use metallic needles for metallic threads. I have had the best success with topstitching needles and metallic thread!

Re: Save a Tree: Make a Reusable Grocery Bag

Awesome ideas!

Re: Online Fabric Shops

You are so welcome! Enjoy!

Re: Click Away for Cool Patterns

Is that the name of the pattern line or the company? I googled it and couldn't find it. I would love to check it out!

Re: How to Find the Bias

Awesome! I am glad this was helpful to you. I think sometimes that we overcomplicate things!