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Re: How to Make a DIY Glittery Monogram Using Foam

Now this is just the right about of glitz to dress up a drab area. The kids will adore using so much glitter!

Re: Transform Everyday Pillows with Pompoms

Now this looks like the perfect way to dress up the pillows in my living room and give this space a boost to fight the Winter blah's. Great idea!

Re: Enter to Win a Threads and SewStylish Prize Pack on BurdaStyle

Thanks for letting us know about this one. What a nice giveaway set of prizes. Wonderful way to ring in the new year and plan some projects for the upcoming year. Think I'll just head on over and enter....

Re: How to Make a Cookie House Village

Perfect timing for this post. We may graham cracker houses each year, this gives me some new ideas for our creations. I had never thought of adding a door like that. One of our favorites is using unwrapped tootsie rolls stacked up by the side of the house to look like a wood pile. With a bit of icing dripping down, these look like snowy logs.

Re: How to Sew an Extra Layer in Your Garments For Added Warmth

i wonder if i could adapt this to not only add a layer of warmth but also to add that layered look without the bulk?

Re: How to Make Holly Holiday Cards

Great idea. I like how your selection continues the pattern in each "pane" or leaf. Visually appealing.

Re: Make a Sparkling Centerpiece

I like the mix of basic nature with glitter and glam - would look good in my living room.

Re: How to Create a Rustic Centerpiece

I like the variety they used. I have a pomegranate just that would look good in an arrangement like this. I confess I never would have thought of mushrooms, but they are perfect. After all, what is woodsier than leaves, acorns and mushrooms?

Re: Make a Reusable Lunch Sack

This is a great idea.I wonder if I can find a way to add some sort of ice pack to make it keep things (like my egg salad sandwich) cool?

Re: Glass Tile Graphic Pendant and Ring Tutorial

Helpful tutorial - thank you. I'm looking to make most of my gifts to give this holiday, and this is a great idea for some of the people on my list. Again, thanks.