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Re: How to Quilt a Textured Vest

Love, love, love this idea! Personally, I'd do two things differently:

-pre-shrink both fabrics first.

-use KK200 to temporarily 'glue' the two fabrics together. This will help while you're quilting.

- Sew the two fabrics as one before cutting out the pattern pieces, toss in the wash, dry, then cut to your heart's content. You're more to get an accurate fit this way.

Finally, you could make different types of vests this way...Wool would work for fall/winter, cotton, linens for summer. Great wardrobe enhancer!

(As an aside, you could knit fabric with natural yarns and do the same thing, but that's just too much work in my mind).

Re: How to Finish the Trendy Tunic

I like it too, but I'm a little lost here. Where's the original garment? I feel like there's a Part 1 that's not mentioned or linked....

Re: DIY Embroidery Hoop Corkboard

There are often inexpensive, unused hoops at thrift stores.