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Little Girl's Pillowcase Dress

My first pillowcase dress I made for my friend's little girl.

Embroidered Cards

I've been dabbling in embroidery and using it for card making.  Embroidering cards is super easy! All you need is a good punching awl (a sharp piercing tool, I found mine near the sewing...

Men's shirt makeover

I really loved the tutorial for this project I found here on Craftstylish, so I decided to give it a go.  I also loved that the cost of the project was cheap, cheap, cheap! I paid $1.50 for a...

Floral paper lantern

My inspiration for this project came from http://www.craftynest.com/2010/01/two-paper-lanterns-flowers-and-pom-poms/   I decided to order online some silk orchid leis and colorful floral heads...

Shaker Peg Shelf

I discovered a need in one of my bathrooms for some more storage space, but I also needed an additional place to hang towels.  So I thought I'd do both by transforming an existing shelf I had...

Christmas Bows

I wanted to make some bows for my Christmas tree.  I had many different styles of ribbon and I had a lot of fun mixing different colors of ribbon to create fun bows for the tree.  Very fun!

Hawaiian ornaments

My mom and I have a special love for all things Hawaiian, so we decided to make some Hawaiian/tropical ornaments for Christmas. We used simple stencils (and/or free hand) to draw the designs on the...

Paper Flowers

My attempt at Jeffery Rudell's Simple White Paper Flowers. I decided to add a few Fall colored flowers in the mix. I would have preferred to use the light green floral tape, but the craft store...

Punch Needle Fern

This was my first attempt at punch needle craft.  I traced around a Laua'e Hawaiian Fern (that I picked from my fern) on the punch needle cloth and then punched away! I still have...

Recycled Wool Dog Sweater

This was my attempt at the Recycled Dog Sweater.  I had a plain, old wool sweater that had been sitting in garage for years, waiting to be reused for something.  I found the...