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Re: Book Giveaway: Quilting With a Modern Slant

I just want to add that it will be my quilting skills, not my "quoting" skills!!!

Re: Book Giveaway: Quilting With a Modern Slant

Hi there! Thanks for this opportunity to win this wonderful quilt book, with so much inspiration in it, and beautiful quilts. I first saw this book on Thomas Knauer's blog site, when he talked about it with lots of admiration. Both of these quilters intrigue me, and inspire me, and have such good ideas, I know if I use this book it will be very exciting, and will really up my quoting skills.

Re: What are some of your odd sewing habits?

I always have to tidy up my sewing space a little bit, just to feel slightly organized and get into the focused state of mind I have to be in to start my next project. Move my stack of tagged Threads magazines off of my small sewing table, all opened to a new idea I have to try. I have the radio turned on to the local NPR station and there are good talk shows during the morning I listen to, and just lately I have been haunting the library for books on tape to listen to, and came across some good mysteries set at the turn of the century England, and the author is really great with the details of the clothing of the era. She describes the clothing of the characters, especially the women's dresses so well, it is fun. And she also does such a good job of describing the meals it makes me hungry! I also have to make time to pet the cat when he comes in for a visit, and to reassure him that that the iron is not a bigger cat hissing at him!

Re: What are your sewing resolutions?

In the coming New Year, I am going to have fun with my new Bernina sewing machine. I haven't had a new machine since 1980, and having this new one is a little like science fiction!!! I didn't think I had much interest or imagination to use all the special stitches that are built in, but as I make a little sample of each of them to see what they are like, I think I can incorporate them into my garments and quilting projects! It is exciting. I have also made it my goal to work on and improve fitting problems-then I will be able to wear more of my garments, and use some of the nice fabric I have in my stash, that I have been afraid to cut into. There are so many good articles in Threads magazine all the time, so now I am going to make the time, and effort to use them. Happy New Year to you all. And good luck with all your projects!