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Re: What accessories do you like to sew?

purses, purses, and more purses. I cant pass a purse pattern, or tote pattern. Just need all the occasions to use them, as I live in a very rural setting, and work from home sewing. But they are a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Fitting Trouble

Broad back, and a bit of a dowagers hump. makes it hard to fit oneself. Being a seamstress and fitting everyone else, I use wild ginger pattern drafting program for me and voila...............the back problems and forward thrusting shoulder problems are solved.
As for LivingBeauty's problem. I have the same thing. When making pants, I add about 4 inches extra at the top of the pants, tie elastic at the waist, where MY BODY WAIST IS, over the pants, adjusting them so the side seams fall straight, and mark all around. The pants look funny when held up, but they sit nicely with the front and back crotch lengths where they should be.
The joys of sewing for an irregular body!

Re: Who first taught you to sew?

When I was a young girl, my mother would buy me clothes. If the pants fit the waist, the legs were enormous. If the pants fit the legs, I couldn't zip up if I tried! Nothing fir across the back, as I am broad in the back.
Finally my mother gave up in desperation, and said if I didn't learn how to sew, I would go naked the rest of my life.
My mother made beautiful tailored suits for herself, and took the time to teach me to sew.
50 years later, I am a seamstress. I make all my own clothes, as my body is still..........different, shall we say!
I will admit to having bought a computer drafting program, for myself, as I have very little time to fool with fitting myself.
THANKS MOM!!!!!!!!