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How to Make Flowers Using a Vintage Flower Loom

Once you discover how much fun it is to make a flower using a vintage 1970s flower loom you are going to want one for your self.

Never Stop Learning: Take a Craft Class

If you're interested in taking a craft class, there are a host of offerings out there. You can learn how to embroider, make loom flowers, learn to use power tools, even how to make a moss terrarium, just to name a few possibilities.

Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas Using a Flower Loom

The recipient of this present will actually get two gifts: what's inside the box and the box itself.

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Re: How to Make Flowers Using a Vintage Flower Loom

thanks for all of the tips of where to purchase.

looks like that there is now a much cheaper source for the looms - which are in fact still old stock and not a new production. the fact of the matter is that i have been severely undercut by someone selling the looms at a lower price than even my cost. as i have said i do provide a little more in my kits but it's difficult to compete.

i just want to say that it has always been my sincere intention to provide a source for a very cool vintage craft tool - i'm not making a million dollars - i cover my costs and time. i want to thank everyone in the craft community for their ongoing support.


Re: How to Make Flowers Using a Vintage Flower Loom

Thanks for checking out my tutorial I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! The things in my kits are vintage and no longer being made. Just like with everything else that's vintage, they can be found in many places and for various prices. My kits contain looms and an original instruction book as well as a resource sheet (sources for supplies, links for additional information, etc.) as well as a close up photo of some original vintage flowers so you can be inspired by vintage flowers!

Re: Crafting with VHS Tapes

so cool diane!!

Re: An Alarming Day of Celebration at CHA

was so fun to hang out with you guys!

Re: Fantastic Craft Classes at Home Ec in Los Angeles!

thanks for the shout out susan!

Re: If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Stitched a Cake: How to Make Felt Food

golly erika these are so freakin' cute. i should take a cue from this post and have more felt treats around my house
instead of the real ones that i've been eating way too many of this holiday season.

Re: Felt Club Recap: So Much Fun! So Many Crafts!

thanks for the mention erika! i loved that they featured you so predominantly in the LA times article. you looked so cute in that photo.

felt club was a blast. and considering the bad economy and wildfires it turned out to be my best show ever! i too was stuck at my table all day and never had a chance to really get a good look around.

can't wait for the next one!

Re: Make It Pink! How to Embroider Your T-shirt


Re: How to Make a Patchwork Cozy for Your French Press

love it! especially the buttons!

Re: How to Make Flowers Using a Vintage Flower Loom

thanks everybody!

i had so much fun doing this post. am so thrilled that you all are wearing clips and brooches made with the looms.