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Re: Who first taught you to sew?

One of my first memories is sitting at my Mom's feet, watching her make her Singer treadle sewing machine go. My Mom taught me to sew clothes for my dolls when I was quite young. She taught me to knit when I was around 8 years old. I remember knitting a yellow bikini for my Barbie doll. I had to figure out how to make it fit, by trial and error. I thought it was silly to make a pair of slippers, in 7th grade Home Economics, out of 2 wash cloths. I was far above that skill level by then. I made most of my own clothes in Jr. and Senior High. I continued that practice once I got to college. I never did try to make a pair of jeans, though. I've worked my way through sewing clothes for myself ( all my maternity clothes), my husband and my sons when they were younger than 4 yrs. old. I've sew a tent, sleeping bags and other camping gear, as well as down outerwear. I no longer make clothing for anyone, other than some mending, occasionally. I currently alter bridal gowns and formals as a part-time job. I sew art quilts in my spare time. I can't ever see myself without a functioning sewing machine in my home.

Re: Two Wooden Sewing Tools I Wouldn't Live Without

Where did you find a bamboo point turner? I have a plastic one, but like you mentioned ironing a plastic one isn't a good idea.

Re: How to Make a Patchwork Duvet Cover

I've made a couple duvets and have gotten around the problem of the comforter moving inside the duvet by adding loops and ties inside. Add small elastic loops at each corner and several along each side of the comforter. Topstitch close to the edge, turning under the ends of the elastic. On the inside of the duvet sew in 12" long ties (folded in half) in the same locations. The ties can be made from non - ravel ribbon or hem tape. Turn the duvet inside out, lay on the bed with the comforter on top. Tie the ribbons thru the loops in a double bow or square knot. Turn comforter right side out, close with buttons or Velcro and viola! You can shake the comforter vigorously to fluff it and it will still stay attached to it's cover.
I'm going to make a pieced two sided duvet this winter. The current duvet is wearing thin. I can't find printed cotton sheets anymore, that's what I've used in the past to make the cover.