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Re: How to Turn an Item for Recycling into a Beautiful Vase

I love this idea! I still have some boxes hanging around from our move over a year ago and this is a great way to use them! Thanks!

Re: Crafting with VHS Tapes

I LOVE these ideas! I have three boxes full of video cassettes that I've been trying to give away and nobody wants them. It breaks my heart to just throw them in the trash. These ideas are fabulous, thanks so much!

Re: How to Make Your Own Undies

I'd heard of making t-shirt undies and am really glad to have this to go by to make mine! Thanks!

Re: Make a Pretty Summer Top from a Pillowcase

This is so cute and looks so simple! I just wish I had a cute pillowcase! ;)

Re: How to Make Twirly Butterfly Cards for Spring

What a great, but easy, idea! I refuse to buy greeting cards, but I was running out of ideas for homemade ones. Thanks so much!