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Three digibudi's pillow cases

Last night I had so much energy, that I've made three pillow cases.I've used the zippers from my old ones, who were 9 years old, and didn't look so good anymore.So the only thing I've used from my...

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Re: Project Runway Ep. 4 Recap

It's so sad that here in Belgium we only get to watch the new season two years after it's been aired in the US. :( But in I'm quite happy that I can see some of it here! xoxo

Re: Three digibudi's pillow cases

Thank you 'theemptynest' :) I'm working on two patchwork dolls and a bag/tote in a very pretty mustard colored woven fabric. I'm trying to make a little tutorial while taking pictures of the work in progress.

Re: How to Make a Button Advent Calendar

Like I said on your blog, it's the coolest and weirdest advent calendar I've ever seen! Imagine years from now, people will look at those pictures and say: "Look, this is a genuine 2008 styled Christmas decoration, when Arts&Crafts were at it's peak, even better than those early trials of the 1960's.." How did you get that light so vintage-ish on those photographs? Do you use a oldschool camera? Or a special filter in photoshop to get that particular style, like it's really a picture from the sixties? xoxoxo

Re: Button Jewelry at the Expo!

That's one of the prettiest button/crochet necklaces I've seen in a long time! Great job, great idea too!

Re: How to Make Fringe Flower Greeting Cards

This was just what I needed for my invitations to my birthday party next month! I have so much fringe and ribbons.. super!

Re: Crafty Zines: Read Them!

What a wonderful and motivating article! I want to make my own zine now, maybe I'll just do that. Thanks for the great ideas.

Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

This is great, just great! Could use it with ice cube shapes too I presume?

Re: How to Embroider a Greeting Card

I totally love this! I think I'm gonna use this idea for my yearly summertime indoor pick-nick at my apartment. Great stuff Diane! I registered for this cool site because of you :)