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Re: How to Make a Snowstorm

Great idea, just Grannys like it too, even before sharing with the little ones. It's amazing how the ideas keep growing as it catches on. I'll be trying it, and probably not want to take them down for a long time.

Re: What tricks have you found for fitting sleeves?

Fitting sleeves is what I dread most. I don't think it's ever worked for me without a struggle. I'll look forward to reading more tips on how to make it easier.

Re: What is your greatest fitting challenge?

Certainly no big deal, compared to what I have already read, but a problem for me. I do have narrow shoulders also,(unfortunately not narrow anywhere else) but my problem is with ease. Sleeves in particular, and anywhere where ease is indicated. I have tried some of the recommented techniques, but it's an ongoing problem. It's certainly a mindset, as I expect problems before I even start to set in a sleeve, and start off so tense I'm bound to make mistakes and have to rip out again and again. I keep trying, but sure wish I could be a lot better.

Re: How do you spring clean your sewing space?

I didn't think I had anything to add until I reread the column just today.

Right after the start of the New Year, there was a really great sale on supplies for organizing your home. I picked up a 3 drawer stand made of canvas which is on wheels. I lined the drawers with heavy cardboard to give extra stability.

I didn't have a specific use in mind when I bought it, but it didn't take long to realize it was perfect for sewing notions. Living in an apartment I don't have a lot of extra space, and this is just perfect. I keep it in my bedroom but can roll it out right next to my sewing machine when I need it. (It was a real deal at $10.)

One of the reasons I started sewing in the first place was to learn how to get organized (no, I am not kidding, that gene was not in my make-up by any means.) So I am extra proud of myself for thinking of this.

Re: What are some of your odd sewing habits?

This is for Edger; what a great idea to cut patterns ahead of next time! Who enjoys cutting out, especially when looking forward to sewing a new project, and for many with bad backs (me included)I'd be more inclined to pick up again the next time.