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Re: Don't Miss Project Runway Tonight

Project Runway again? This makes me miss the former contributing bloggers even more than I already had.

Re: Book Giveaway - Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps

Holy Moley! This may be the coolest giveaway yet!! I would LOVE this!

Re: Book Giveaway: Kanzashi In Bloom

I would love to try this!

Re: Book Giveaway - Dorm Decor: Remake Your Space with More Than 35 Projects

Oh, I would be all over that cool-looking bean bag!

Re: Restyling CraftStylish.com

I'm with Burningkarma . . . that might have been a workable option.

Re: How to Make a Butterfly Mobile

You will be missed.

Thanks for all of your past contributions. I'll be sure to check in on your personal site more often :)

Re: How to Make a Fun Place Card Holder

Oh No!! I'm going to end up spending GAZILLIONS of $$$ at BakeItPretty! LOL

Re: How to Brighten a Rainy Day Brunch

Fabulous. Just Fabulous!

Sometimes "happy accidents" far outpace planned designs . . . and this is a classic example! Bravo!

Re: Book Giveaway: Backcountry Betty Crafting with Style

I love the cover illustration : )

Re: upcycled tee bag

Great job! I love this!!

Re: How to Make a Light out of a CD Spindle

What is the wattage of the bulb that you used? I'm afraid I'll melt the top withthe chandelier bulbs that I have (they are spares for my dining room light)

Re: How to Make an Out-of-the-Ordinary T-Shirt Quilt: Part Two

Ok, that is just too totally awesome for words!

I'm still scared to bind a quilt the regular way . . . and you go and have the guts to do it with the jersey material.

my rating:
Two "Jazz Hands" up!

BTW, I have that Decemberists t-shirt too!

Re: Book Giveaway - Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

I can't wait to see this book in person. The illustrations look like they'll be super-cool too!

Re: How to Make an Out-of-the-Ordinary T-Shirt Quilt: Part One

Wow . . . this is positively bursting with awesomeness! : )

Like you, I loved the "idea" of a t-shirt quilt but I have yet to see one whose "look" I appreciated. Until now! Kudos!

Re: Natural Egg Dyes

I've used blueberries and coffee before (with great results) but this list provides even more hues to work with!

Thanks for the story/link!

Re: How to "Scrapbook" a Box

These are wonderful and I really admire your work.

However, isn't this more of a showcase of your work rather than a "How to" (as the title suggests)?

Re: Crafting with VHS Tapes

Crazy-cool ideas ; )

Just wanted to add a word of caution on using tapes for jewelry. A friend of mine crocheted some great bracelets from cassette tapes a few years ago . . . they looked awesome, but they caused rashes on nearly everyone whom she gave one to (including me).

I'm guessing it was from the chemicals that coat the tape during manufacturing. I don't know if the same, or similar, chemicals are used on vhs tape, but I would be careful.

Thanks for the inspiration . . . I may just have to make some bookends this weekend!

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

Took a peek at the book on Amazon . . . I am SO LOVING the tanks on the back cover . . . how cool are they!!

Re: CraftStylish-at-CHA Podcast #1: What's New?

Enjoyed the podcast. I'm looking forward to checking out the new Clover clips!

Re: oh pretty purple bag

That is a great shade! I'm off to check out your shop Etsy shop : )

Re: Make a Good Luck Rabbit Key Chain That Even a Rabbit Can Love

Just adorable . . . I might make some for my niece's Easter basket this year.

Re: Making It Pretty at CHA

Wow . . . that cardboard dress is beyond cool!

Re: Make Valentine's Day Gift Tags and Treat Bags

The bag is simply adorable! I can think of some great uses in addition to the cookies : )

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

How cool that you posted this idea today!

Last night,while beginning my first "practice" quilt, I wondered to myself if I could replace batting with a perfectly good fleece quilt that I have (one that is also perfectly UGLY). Now I know it's worth trying. Thanks much for the inspiration!