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Re: How to Monogram with Buttons

Beautiful! I love all the different buttons you used!

Re: How to Hand-Sew a Buttonhole

Thanks for the tutorial, Cal!

And, regarding the negative comments - what a hoot! One thing I have always noticed about negative commenters is that log on just to say something negative and then promptly disappear. I like how none of these ladies have made any previous comments or share any info about themselves on their profile. Which even leads me to believe it could all be the same person.

I'd just re-iterate what other people have said and that is that there are all levels of experience and expertise. We crafters aren't making buttonholes for the Buckingham Palace, and we won't be flogged if we don't get them perfect. To me, the most important thing is inspiring people to create - not demoralizing them by disparaging their efforts.