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Re: The Winner of the the SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge is...

I too would like to congratulate the winner. Your dress is very lovely - it was hard to choose though, as all three dresses were very nice!

I have had the Wild Ginger software for years, and you will love it. I have the Boutique program for women, and Child's Play for children (my home-based business is children's apparel and accessories). I also have Wild Things, which is a free accessories program anyone can download if you go to It generates simple patterns for bags, hats, etc and gives you a little sample of how easy the programs are to use.

Gertie T., by all means get the program as soon as you are able to afford it - I am so impressed by your workmanship on your dress for the short period of time you've been sewing garments! I think you would do fabulous things with the program. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the program, as a long-time user (you too, LittleRachel and AthenaWaves!)

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

Although tattoos are not my cup of tea, I cannot believe some of the comments made about GertieT's choice to decorate her body as she wants. Both of my parents have tattoos - my mother is Japanese, and in Japan it is viewed as an art form. (She is not a young woman, either - almost 80 yrs old!) This contest should be about the dresses, not the people wearing them! All three dresses are very attractive, by the way!