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Re: How to Make a Candy-Tin Sewing Kit

very cute, very cute, i plan to make some. right now i am making little felt books that are sewing kits, differnt kinds of needles, little pockets to put a tiny pair of those "bird-handled scissors, even though they're not the greatest, they work & are such a swell touch. so there. my sewing kit making for gifts. even my first praactice one coming out so well, the friend who its for loves it!! it still not done, taking me a long time as i am making it gorgeous & lots of hand sewing. the tin. maybe i find a tin & try that...anyways. i really like it.....

Re: my sewn "bib" necklace

really nice, oceanhouse!! i'm collecting pieces to put together to make something like it, only longer, wanting a sort of Armor. hah. some good voodoo. i really like yr piece.

Re: What's on your sewing plate for spring?

hey jag256. have fun, good luck, i'm off in that direction too. dolls. i didnt have them as a child really, but now i love them. all these broken weird old dolls, some without limbs. etc. but i love figures of all kinds, have tribal pieces, figures, "dolls" in a way....& then i look at the dolls as Figures, like the tribal pieces. i want to mend them in strange ways i guess. again, good luck & have fun wi. the project. i no longer have any little girls to make for....
they've all grown up.

Re: What's on your sewing plate for spring?

aprons, aprons, aprons.
making pockets for garments that dont have them. i need pockets! havent started yet, but bought sweaters at the salvation army store for $1 each! some just for the lovely buttons, but i want to practice now [but some are great, so i start wi. somethhing else] making pockets cut from the sweater. it seems to me that i can cut a pocket from other fabric, sew it First to the sweater. then cut it out. i dont know. anybody know>?
but aprons aprons aprons~am having small exhibit/sale of them in may at a nice gallery, can have my other drawings on the wall behind them, am working like crazy on them, & now starting to work on/with dolls. veering over there too, since i mean to include just a few child's & dolls aprons in this exhibit/sale. so now off on another tangent:: making dolls, repairing old weird broken dolls. etc.
thanks, hello, i dont belong to any sites or ever comment on site like this..i hope i like it.