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Love this bag!!

This was my first attempt at sewing since home-ec class in 7th grade! I love how it turned out and it was really easy to make (my mom gave me direction but I did all the rest). I can see many more of...

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Re: How to Make a Contemporary Creche

This is amazing!!

Re: The Name Game

Glad I logged on this morning - I'm getting ready to open a shop on etsy.com and have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a good name for it. It's funny what you said about your family not really "getting" what you were going for in a name - mine has been the same way! I know the perfect name is out there, but it's looking like I have to figure it out for myself. GAH!

Wish me luck!

Re: How to Make a Surprisingly Simple Paper Wreath

i love this!! i just might go home and whip one up tonight!


Re: Rocktober Sale at Michelle Brusegaard

wow - her stuff is fabulous!! i want one of everything :)

Re: paper mosaic/collages

That's a really cool idea! I especially like the three-color one...so simple but it looks fabulous!

Re: Boutique Creations Crochet Rose Brooch

i love this flower - it's so adorable and...perfect! great job :)

Re: How to Make Paper Ornaments

i love this project! maybe this year i'll be smart and start on some holiday crafts early...i think i'll head to the paper store today!!

Re: Thrift store sweater becomes a cell phone cozy

these are adorable!!

Re: Classy Comic Pumps

love these!!

Re: Traveling Sandals

you are the decoupage queen!

Re: Rock Star Janes

those are so cool!!

Re: Four Crows Art

ooooh!! i love the prints you chose, and the other crow prints on her etsy shop are fab, too! might have to purchase...

Re: How to buy a sewing machine

This is great info & just what I was looking for - thanks Shannon!!

Re: Hi! Welcome to my Sewing Blog on CraftStylish!

I didn't see a post on this, so if you already wrote one, please forgive me! I'm very new to sewing and am considering saving up to buy my own machine (currently using my mom's), but I have no idea where to start in the research/purchase process! It looks like there are a million options on every machine...GAH! Do you have any recommendations on where to start, what to look for, how to decide, or even if you recommend a particular brand or type of machine? Any direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Make a Tyvek Shopper Tutorial

I love the look of this bag! Where can you buy Tyvek??


Re: Use these Tricks for Embroidering with Metallic Threads

show us the finished product!! i'd love to see the whole skirt.