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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

Our group makes pet beds for the animal shelters. We save all of our cuttings from seams, thread snips, fabric we have left after we cut out patterns, batting. We scour garage sales and rummage sales for old quilts which we then cut up and all is recycled into making pet beds and stuffing them. Nothing goes to waste. If we don't have enough fabric to make a bed, we sew several small pieces of fabric together and then make a bed out of it. The dogs and cats are not fussy about what the bed looks like, but are very happy to have a bed to help them stay off the hard floor. But best of all, the friendship that develops as we make these beds is priceless.

Re: What machine are you sewing on now?

I absolutely love my Babylock Ellegante for embroidery. I also sew on a Babylock Quilter's Choice for doing quilting and other projects, but I also have a Babylock Imagine Serger which threads itself. These are a far cry from the Pfaff 1470 and Pfaff Serger I used to have. All of my machines are relatively new and I never thought that I would enjoy sewing so much until I did get these machines. The first year that I had them, I made 150 garments--and I am not in business. I use all of them at the same time and they are so delightfully easy to use and if I do have a question, I can find the answer either on the machine itself or in the wonderful manuals that come with the machines. I also purchased their machine specific workbooks and have completed every project. In my mind, Babylock technology leaves all other brands of machines in the dust.